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Boylove is the word chosen by boylovers used to describe the strong feelings of attraction and affection that adults feel towards boys. "Boylove" was chosen to supplant the word "pedophilia" as a means of dissociating with the negative connotations of the latter and more accurately defining the exclusive focus of the attraction -- male children and adolescents.

Boylovers commonly assert that boylove is a natural phenomenon that has existed throughout human history, and is similar in nature to other accepted sexual orientations. While boylove usually includes feelings of sexual and physical attraction to boys, boylove does not require, nor imply, sexual activity with boys. Boylove can be completely platonic since the main concern of most boylovers is providing love and guidance to boys.

There is debate on the nature of boylove. There are some who believe boylove is simply a noun for adults who are emotionally and physically attracted to boys and that there are no particular guidelines or requirements to being a boylover besides having the attraction and an aversion to hurting boys. Others believe boylove, in addition to the attraction, denotes a set of beliefs and values related to the treatment of boys and that one must adhere to these expectations to be considered a boylover. These values may include ideas such as boylovers should never expose boys to alcohol and drugs, that boylovers should never initiate sexual activities with boys, or even that boylovers should refrain from sex with boys in any case due to the risks involved for both parties. Universally accepted, however, is the idea that boylovers respect boys and do not hurt them.

[edit] Terms for boylove in other languages
  • Japanese: shounen'ai (???)
  • Russian: boylav (??????) (source)
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