Finding Children Sexually Attractive

Goode, Sarah D.; Mar 01 2013
Type of WorkTextbook
This booklet is for anyone who finds that they are sexually attracted to children. In it, people talk in their own words about their own experiences and provide advice on how to handle this situation.
I hope you will find this booklet encouraging, helpful and inspiring! [...]

This booklet will provide you with a route-map for handling this situation, with examples of people who have been dealing competently with their sexual feelings for many years.

This booklet is based on research.
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The most important things to take away from this booklet are:

1)    Being sexually attracted to children does not make you a monster.
2)    You are not responsible for your feelings, but you are responsible for your actions.
3)    Any sexual contact with children is illegal and is harmful.
4)    Using child pornography is dangerous and harmful for you and for the children involved. Many people successfully avoid using it.
5)    Be a safe person around children.
6)    Tell people you trust and be honest with them.
7)    There is confidential and helpful support for you, for example through Stop It Now! (a specialist child protection charity). There are also some online discussion and chat forums which can be helpful and where you will find understanding, advice and encouragement to remain law-abiding.
8)    Many people are dealing competently and successfully with this situation. You haven't heard about them because they're just quietly getting on with their lives.