Putin Saves From Pedophiles

Galaburda, Cyril E.

In Russia robbers and even murderers gain journalists', people's and judges' sympathy when call their victims pedophiles.

F.i., at the New Year night between 2007 and 2008, when Russians are supposed to get drunk, a Petersburg user and former boxer Alexander Kuznetsov killed a 20-years-old Uzbek boy, stole his phone, gold-chain, camera — and called his victim a pedophile! Despite of the fact that Uzbeks have a tradition of cannabis smoking, none supposed they'd been celebrating together, and that the murder had been committed because of intoxication. Instead, the Russian society used this case to blame pedophiles, and the brigand used it to be released from custody.

In 2017 three 15- and 16-years-old boys of Tikhvin city, the Leningrad region, killed a 38-years-old man with an axe, also got into his apartment and stole his money, and said their victim had abused one of them sexually. The man's home had always been open for teens, and provoked that bloody robbery. Nevertheless, journalists and the citizens of that city call the murderers victims and demand their discharge.

There are lots of cases when minors are used to date pedophiles through the Internet for the sake of pillage. This way a former hijacker Dimitry Miasnikov from Toso city of the Leningrad region used a young girl in 2018, and journalists are angry that police opened a file for pillage, not for pedophilia. In 2014 two Penza men used an underage boy to date a 42-years-old man and beat him to death teaching the minor how to kill a man.

Journalists claim that children can be saved only by criminals, slayers are presented as the victims of pedophiles and of injust prosecution. I know from my experience that brigands and users are manipulated by police to attack sex minorities activists or get into their confidence.

Though one murder is glorified at the governmental level. A 33-years-old Vladimir Sankin from Ufa having an experience of burglary in 2014 did it again in January 2020 and was beating the 54-years-old owner to death for three hours. Of course, he said his victim had hit him first and even had been keeping two 12–14-years-old boys into his apartment.

Vladimir Zaitsev, the man killed by Sankin, used to be imprisoned in the Soviet union as a homosexual, in 2018 he was released from prison where he'd been as a child molester, and according to the Russian laws Zaitsev's migrations and life were controlled by police. That's why nobody could contact and kill Zaitsev without being known to police!

His neighbour (Valery Bochkariov) says the boys left Zaitsev's place a few of times that day and weren't his captives. They were even drinking vodka with Zaitsev! The anonymous boys were beating Zaitsev together with Sankin, and got 500 roubles from 1500 roubles stolen from his apartment. Police prevents Sanking from being interviewed, the boys are said to be unable to testify because of psychological trauma, and all the story seems to be just one illegal sting operation.

Journalists are outraged that the bloody slayer was imprisoned for his kindness, more than 90 thousands of Russians signed an electronic petition, the judge was applauded for putting Sankin under home arrest, the highest ranks… of the Yedinaya Rassiia (pro-Putin) party urged the Russian attorney general Igor Krasnov to control the investigation personally. The member of… the Russian parliament Oleg Nilov offered death penalty for pedophiles..: I think there'll be a suspended sentence for Sankin. This hero should not be prosecuted. The main Kremlin propagandist Vladimir Soloviev sent his personal lawyer Shota Gorgadze to plead for Sankin.

The Russian government has always been hostile towards Western liberalism, and struggle aganist human rights is justified now as saving children from homosexualism. The propagandist campaign around Vladimir Sankin case can be explained as distracting people's attention from the new despotic Russian constitution.