Everyone knows, that any revolution is

  • “an attempt to overthrow the existing form of political organization, the principles of economic production and distribution, and the allocation of social status”.
  • What happens when such attempt is not successful?
  • What power, economical and social elites do in other to prevent further revolutions?

In some cases elites use folk superstitions and try to show that revolutionaries practise child ritual abuse. In my article I give an example of demonizing pedophile movement after the Sex Revolution of the 1960s – 1970s.

Historic Parallels

Any anti-revolutionary demonization is possible on religious, national, or sexual basis. Historical examples are necessary in order to understand dynamics of demonization.

Before 13th century all religious life in Western Europe was controlled by Catholic Church. Rome had money from rituals, tithes and pardons from all groups of Europeans; it possessed many lands in Europe; Kings of England, Poland, Sweden and Denmark had sworn fealty to Rome.

Nevertheless by 13th century European cities grown economically powerful and tried to get independent from the Church. Lords of Southern France did not want to pay Rome and supported Albigensian and Peter Valdes Heresies. In 1208 the Count of Toulouse killed a Roman legate and was excommunicated by Pope Innocent III that organized a crusade. After 20 years of war Southern France was finally re-catholicized. In 1215 Innocent III initiated anti-heretic persecution “per inquisitionem”, using rumors as evidence. In the 1230s Pope Gregory IX conferred emergency powers on the Holy Inquisition. From now on Catholic Inquisitors could proclaim anyone a heretic, and no bishop, no lord, no king could help.

Here is when demonization starts.

Albigensians were against the institute of family, so they were charged with sexual perversions. Followers of Valdes Heresy were blamed for cannibalism and setting devils with natural disasters on people. According to a Pope bill of 1233, a German branch of these heresies had a Satan-worshipping cult, and for them Satan was incarnated as a frog, a black cat or a pale man. All neophytes had got a cold Satan's kiss making them forget Catholic faith, and they could blaspheme Christian God and break all Christian regulations. For the purpose of enrichment in 1307 King of France Philippe le Bel made Pope Boniface VIII charge the Templar Knights with homosexual and Cross-defiling initiation rites, with kissing Satan incarnated as a black cat under his tale, with worshipping a human head on a wooden phallus (so called “Bafometh”).

Not only heretics were blamed for witchcraft, but also contrariwise. Catholic Church apprehended new heretic revolutions, and started hunting village quacks for their weird rituals considered as new cults, as heresies. Tenths of Arras victims in 1460s blamed for Witches' Sabbaths were called Valdenses though none of them knew who Peter Valdes was.

Sabbaths were parties for witches and devils with orgies, decomposed refreshments, bloody sacrifices, worshipping Satan. In other to attend a Sabbath the witch would make cracklings from babies on a copper pan and collect the babies' fat in order to produce ointment (“De praestigiis daemonum”, 1564), spread the ointment on her body, say: “Oben auss und nirgends an”, and levitate right to the place of Sabbath (f. i., Mountain Brocken). There Satan would incarnate as a huge black goat and make witches burn him to get poisoning ashes. In 16th century Magdalene Bavane confessed to the Inquisition that she had participated in Satanic messes where witches' babies had been killed and torn to pieces. And so on.

We may see that demonizing revolutionaries supposes charging them with Satanic ritual abuse against children. Similar tendency one can observe for anti-revolutionary demonization in the Russian Empire. Some enemies of Moscow Regime (Theodor Kolychoff, Stephen Razin) were blamed for witchcraft, some Princes of Moscow were afraid of witchcraft from their circles (see Nathalie Poluektova Case, Artemes Matveev Case) or even used witches themselves (like Ivan the Terrible or Boris Godunov). It is interesting enough, that Moscow Prince Basil Shuiski's regular witches used to behearthen alive horses and commit ritual abortions upon women in order to gain magical advantages over Polish Army (Peter Petrejus, 1615 or 1620). But all this has nothing to do with anti-revolutionary demonization.

Similarly to Germans and later to the French, Russians tried to imitate the Ancient Roman Empire (Eastern one). In the second half of 15th century Prince Ivan III of Moscow incorporated Yaroslav, Rostov, Vyatka Princedoms with some Ryazan and Western Russian Lands into the Russian Empire called Third Rome. His grandson Ivan the Terrible taken a title “the Caesar of All Russia”, and only absolute power could protect the new-born Empire from Livonian and Kazan neighborhoods.

Traditions of Caesar despotism in Russia made it possible to seize Lithuanian, Polish, Tatarian, Caucasian States, Wild East and Alaska. According to Alexander II of Russia, if the Caesar's power had ever been restricted with a constitution then the Russian Empire would have come apart (1865).

In order to keep hundreds of millions of Siberian Savages, Nomadic & Mountain-Dwelling Barbarians, European Nationalists in one Empire, the Caesardom had to prevent any circulation of French revolutionary ideas (see internal policies of Caesars Paul I and Nicolas I Romanovs) and demonize those groups of citizens who did not consider themselves Russians (f. i., rumors that Caesar Alexander II Romanov had been killed by Jews provoked Elisabethgrad anti-Jewish Pogrom in 1881).

It explains why Russians believe that all “liberastic” ideas have been invented by the West against Russia, that all “liberasts” are Western spies. We know what happened when Catholic Rome tried to get money from European cities for its crusades. Similarly in 1904 – 1905 Third Rome needed money for the newest technologies in anti-Japan war.

The rural crisis was supplemented with an urban crisis. Salary grown lower than utilities price, people were losing their jobs. Batumi, Kiev, Riga, Lodz, Vasrsaw and another cities marched against the war. Caesar Nicolas II commanded to fire at a Petersburg march. In Moscow bakers were fighting with police. By that time Secretary of the Interior Vyacheslav Pleve was killed. Moscow, Petersburg, Finish, Baltic, Polish, Ukrainian, Transcaucasian factories gone to strike. All railways in the Russian Empire stopped working. Estates were seized by peasants, ironclads were seized by seamen, in Moscow people rose against Caesardom.

In order to prevent and stop this Caesardom had always been accusing different national minorities of ritual abuse. After 1905 Petersburg Police were printing thousands of anti-Armenian leaflets, newspapers published a story by a certain Metropolitan Ignatius of Siberia and Tobolsk about some monastic “Armenian Imitator” which had ordered his people:

  • “Remove the baby's chest and take his heart,.. dry it out in the oven and mill it” for magic rituals.

In the 1890s the Caesardom tried to demonize Udmurt People. Ten peasants of Stary Multan Village in Vyatka Region were charged with a ritual decapitation as a part of human sacrifice to their gods. Only appeals of author Walt Korolenko and famous lawyer Anatole Kony saved them from penal servitude in 1896.

In 1823 a little boy Thedy Ivanoff was found dead in City Velizh of Vitebsk Region. The government used its Church “experts” to prove it had been done for Jewish rituals. 42 local Jews were imprisoned, inquest was hold in illegal ways and proved nothing, the Velizh Synagogue was closed. Finally in 1835 Count Nicolas Mordvinoff from the State Soviet made it possible to release the Jews from the custody after eight years of imprisonment.

In 1903 a little boy Michael Rybachenko was found dead in City Dubossary of Chersones Region. Before the corpse was found the Government had started gathering evidence of Jewish ritual abuse. The real murderer (Antony Tyschenko) was released from custody, no Jewish murderer was found instead of him, so Russian public grown angry and started the famous Kishinev Pogrom. The government did not interfere.

In 1911 a little boy Andrew Yuschinsky was found dead in the environs of Kiev. According to Pro-Caesarian politicians the boy's wounds were similar to a kind of wounds left by Jews during kosher cattle slaughters. When Andrew was buried a cemetery was full of anonymous leaflets with a text:

  • “Annually before Pesakh tenths of Christian boys are tormented to death by Jews in order to cook matzoth from their blood. Russian people, if you love your children, slay Jews! Slay Jews until none of them stays in Russia. Spare your children! Avenge the innocent! It's time!”

Newspapers started writing about “Bloody Jews”. A group of right-orien­ted State Duma Deputies addressed to the government asking for holding a new inquiry. Deputy Nicolas Markov said:

  • “Our children walk in the sun, enjoy themselves in gardens, and anytime they can be kidnapped by a Jewish butcher with his long curved knife, brought into his Jewish cellar, and leave all their blood there.”

Three months later Caesardom tried to find a Jew Mendel Beylis guilty. However, despite of all staff manipulations with the court, in the end of 1913 Beylis was finally discharged.

There were similar trials on Jewish ritual abuse in Vladimir (1897), Vilnus (1901 – 1902), Smolensk (1910) and another cities. In contrast to heretical ritual abuse, Jewish one is proved with real murders and lacks devils' participation, magical powers, erotic performances. In the Russian Empire police tried to prove Jewish guilt before the court and press, but the Catholic Inquisition performed the duties of both police and court and was afraid of no press. That's why heretics could be blamed for any imaginable exotics and Jews couldn't.

Thus (religious and national) elites can accuse (anti-Catholic and anti-Caesar) revolutionaries of child ritual abuse, and it is possible for age elite against sex revolutionaries nowadays.

Sex Counter-Revolution in the US

We saw how child ritual abuse was justifying Pope and Caesar despotisms, and now we are to see how anti-Satanic moral panic justifies parental despotism today.

In some sense cavemen did not have parents. In pre-historic times none could imagine that males are needed for reproduction. On the other hand, a woman was giving birth every year, and couldn't remember whether a child had been born by her or not. All women in the clan were mothers and wet nurses for the child. There were no individuals, just collective mind. No personal revenges, just blood feuds. No families, just exogamy.

Only when farming was invented it became possible to settle and substitute the clan by the community. The private property supposes the family, though in order to make children parental property all possible coercion and violence had to be institutionalized as the state. Only the state makes it possible that children have nowhere to escape from their parents.

We know from Bronislaw Malinowski (1929) that in anarchist communities children enjoy equal rights and liberties with their parents, but also we know from Philippe Aries (1962) that child freedom is possible even for pre-industrial cities.

Industrialization supposes,

  • first, economical, political and cultural subjugation of the country to the city (in Medieval Europe there were cases when cities possessed patrimonies with its serves) and,
  • second, compulsory (technical) education as early as possible.

Urbanization means that children cannot avoid education, and education means that adults impose ideas and lifestyle upon children. The industrialized society cannot exist without age discrimination.

Curiously enough, any discrimination correlates with censuring promiscuity in the discriminated group. According to Michael Price from Brunel University, in the States of America where women are considered economically dependent upon men (Texas, Alabama, South Carolina, etc.) people are the most intolerant of female promiscuity. On the other hand, in the States where women are considered economically independent (Wisconsin, Montana, Massachusetts, etc.) people are the most tolerant of it.

Children are much more economically dependent than women, that's why modern society is extremely intolerant of child promiscuity. Nowadays women have career and suffrage, and children are just their property, family-severance trophies.

Feminists speculate upon pugnacious husbands but in the US every year more than 200 children are killed by their mothers (Orenstein, 2014). Women sue firemen touching them during saving, though it is legal for women to touch, kiss, hug, undress their own children and make them suck their breasts.

In order to “protect” children the US are prepared for imprisoning 11-years-old Raoul Wuthrich, though not prepared for ratifying the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child. Because legalization of child physical abuse in America is the only way to wean children from their striving for being sexually “abused”.

  • 85% of adult-child sex cases are non-compulsory (Lanyon, 1986),
  • in more than 64% children participate (Virkkunen, 1981),
  • in more than 40% children are initiators (Mohr et al., 1964; Rossman, 1976; Bernard, 1982).

In the US cities sex liberation of children have been attempted either in propagandist

  • (Rene Guyon Society in 1962 – 1989, the CSC from the end of 1970s to 1987, books by John Holt, Sulamith Firestone, Richard Farson, Ann Arbor)

or in remedial ways (the NAMbLA). But (sexual) equality with adults was attainable (not assured!) only outside cities, in hippie communities. The most scandalous of them was the Family of God in Southern California. It was formed in 1967 or 1968 by a former TV-preacher Moses David Brand Berg (1919 – 1994) from different bums, drug addicts and counter-cultural young men.

The main idea was that Christian Love equated to sexual promiscuity, that's why children should be allowed to enjoy it (Mark 10:14 – 15). David Berg printed lots of manuals for parents upon how to teach children getting orgasm from their infancy. Children like 12-years-old Christie Jones participated in sex with adults.

The Family of God lived not only by mendicancy. The most pretty Children of God served as “Fishers of Men” (Matthew 4:19) — of thousands of industrialists and officers, of hundreds of students, businessmen, politicians and journalists — decoyed from cities.

Because cities with their wealth were Satan's inventions and would be destroyed by Christian God soon. In fact the Family of God was destroyed by “Satanic Powers” in the person of Californian Chief Justice.

From 1972 the Children of God emigrated into the Latin America, Spain, UK, France, Egypt, India, Hong Cong. From 1991 the Family of God Centers opened in 20 Russian Cities like Moscow, Petersburg, Novosibirsk, Irkutsk, Cheliabinsk, Chabarovsk, Omsk. In Rybinsk City, Yaroslavl Region, Leo Maschynski founded a Berg-like pro-sexual cult of Adamite Church. Local politicians blamed Maschynski in adult-child sex.

I don't think that in the Family of God children were treated worse than in city families. Like European Heretics and Russian Jews, David Berg never worshipped Satan. But still sex revolutionaries were blamed for Satanic ritual abuse against children.

America was motivated to demonize child sexuality, that's why “The Exorcist” (1973) movie had brilliant success. It shown that children wanted sex only when they were possessed by devils. Now hypnosis “recovered” memories not about alien abductions into UFOs but about Satanic orgies in childhood (“Michelle Remembers”, 1980). Just like in Loudun Case of 1633 and Mora Case of 1669 Americans of the 1980s were accused by insane women (McMartin Case of 1983) and children (Jordan Case of 1983) manipulated by psychiatrists and lawyers. In order to prove that any sex in childhood is imposed by Satanists.

What do we know from Satanic Ritual Abuse Trials of the 1980s?

  • Satanists abduct children (Faith Chapel Church Case) and
    • make them watch snuff films,
    • act in pornography (Kern County Case),
    • the victims are trained as assassins, prostitutes and child pornographers (Corydon Hammond).
  • Satanists in clown cloths (Fells Acres Day Care Center Case) abuse children
    •  at car washes,
    • in airports (McMartin Preschool Case),
    •  magic rooms (FADCCP Case) and
    • music rooms of day cares spread with urine and feces (Little Rascals Day Care Case).
  • Children are raped with knives, sticks, forks, magic wands (FADCCP & LRDC Cases).
  • Children
    •  are tied naked to trees (FADCC Case) and
    • witness chopping (Michelle Smith) and
    • throwing babies against walls (LRDC Case),
    • rituals of killing of rabbits, giraffes, elephants.
  • Satanists
    • drink animal and human blood in front of children (FCC Case) that are rubbed with the blood and parts of human bodies (Michelle Smith),
    • children are forced to drink urine (FADCC Case) and eat feces (FCC Case).
  • Satanists use
    • boats (LRDC Case),
    • hot air balloons,
    • underground tunnels (McMP Case), and
    • children may be thrown overboard from boats (LRDC Case)
    • or taken into the tunnels through toilets.
  • Chuck Norris participates (McMP Case) “Over one million Satanists… linked in a highly organized, secretive network” (Geraldo Rivera) in order to persecute Christians (Michelle Smith).
  • This Worldwide Satanic Cult was created by a Jewish doctor in Nazi Germany who later worked for the CIA in order to control people's mind (Corydon Hammond).
  • Children see how witches fly (McMP Case), and
  • Satan appears before a five-years-old girl (Michelle Smith).

I can understand how religious fanatics and illiterate peasants of Medieval Europe could believe in such things. But all this happens in the most progressive democratic state of the world during the FidoNet Era, on the threshold of new millennium! In order to maintain age discrimination and sex morals people are willing to be cruel and stupid.

Sex Revolution in Western Germany

"The German ‘pedosexual movement,’ which advocated the legalization of consensual sex between adults and children, fared exceedingly well in the unique political climate of West Germany, where the Nazi past made the left especially sensitive (and, in some cases, susceptible) to arguments about individual freedom.

  • 'It was a widely-held belief in West Germany that sexual freedom was a way to prevent authoritarianism,' says Stephan Klecha, one of the researchers who worked on the report. 'That debate about fascism was very German.'

One popular reference point, both in West Germany and elsewhere, was the writings of Wilhelm Reich, a leftist Austrian psychiatrist who died in 1957. An influential pupil of Freud, Reich's ‘The Mass Psychology of Fascism’ argued that the rise of authoritarianism could be tied to the ‘suppression of the natural sexuality of the child.’ And West Germany had another prominent symbol for the movement: an anarchist journalist named Peter Schult, who remained a figure of reverence on the left despite the fact that he openly described himself as a ‘pederast’. In 1976, he was convicted of bringing a young girl home…

The period's experimental sexual climate led to shocking projects, some of which were only publicized decades later. In the late 1960s, for example, a prominent sexual researcher named Helmut Kentler created a pilot program in which he arranged for illiterate young teenagers to move in with three known West Berlin pedophiles in the hopes that they could then learn to live ‘proper, unremarkable lives.’ In a later report he explained that he believed the ‘three men would do so much to help their boys because they had a sexual relationship with them’” (Rogers, 2014).

Adult sex orientation towards children was considered as ‘the crime without victims’. Among readers' letters to the TAZ there was one from ‘Henry R.’ about his passion for and from a nine-year-old girl's ‘under-shirt bloom,’ and another one about ‘the Federation of Female Pedophilia’ aiming at equal rights for female pedophiles. Another alternative media starting with Berliner Magazine ZITTY until those discussing sex liberation and offering platforms for pedophiles. It is clear at a single glance that a part of the left alternative was sympathetic towards pedos.

To have an accurate account one have to remember social climate of the 1970s. It was the time of authoritative drilling at conservative families and schools with corporal punishment. The time when the 21-years-old man was imprisoned for sex with the 18-years-old man. The time when all opposition was outside the parliament, when the Green just appeared, when the left were underground. The discussion of corporal, spiritual and mind liberation was quite necessary.

‘Sexual liberation was determined by extra-parliamental opposition's tendency of ceasing,’ a green politic Christian Strobele reminds. He founded the TAZ in 1979 and later the Green Party. That time people were questioning all taboos, and ‘the pendulum gone to its extreme position.’ This is illustrated by Strobele with Wedding TAZ Office Case of the Indianerkommune from Nurnberg: ‘There were people who demanded sex between adults and children.’ Using the TAZ they passionately and narrowly discussed the Indianer Ideology.

At first the politically active Indianerkommune appeared in Heidelberg and later in Nurnberg, it was an asylum for adults and children building their own anti-consuming and pro-promisquitic ideology. They considered themselves as those primitives threatened by the prevalent. Florid and loud, the Indianern officially demanded free adult-child sex, abolishment of compulsory education, the child's right to leave his/her family.

They got some fame in the Year of the Child 1979 when they gone on hunger-strike, in 1981 when the ‘Ober-Indian’ Uli Reschke was charged with child sex abuse.

The TAZ attitude towards the Indianerkommune was ambiguous.

  • ‘People weren't sympathetic to them,’ George Schmitz, a former ‘Sazzer’, says. ‘But the TAZ considered themselves as a mouthpiece for all deviating opinions, even intolerable ones.’

Discussions lasted for hours. The report was half-and-half, just critical articles about the Indianers and their demands.

Feminists strongly opposed against asking pedophilic groups to speak into the newspaper.

  • ‘Soon we distanced from our libertarian-oriented colleagues with all stiffness and censure,’ Gitti Hentschel says.

Now she works for Henry Boll Fund, at that time she was responsible for feminist reports into the TAZ. She remembers ‘violent conflicts’ with male editors:

  • How could the Indianers having sex with 14-years-old runaways struggle for the child's rights?!
  • How could pederasts be against protecting minors?!
  • How could they call adult-child sex willing and demand its impunity?!

For Hentschnel the thing was as clear as now:

  • ‘When the power difference is as great as between the adult and the child abuse is possible, especially sexual one. Even in the case when physical abuse is not used.’

Position of the ‘Emma’ feminist newspaper was much clearer, it protested against anyone who fraternized with pedophiles, especially against the TAZ” (Apin, 2010).

Not all feminists were so flat about pedophilia. In 1979 a part of the Indianer females created their own group advocating woman-girl sex. Next year their West Berlin Commune was called Kanalratten. They participated in hunger-strikes, were speaking in public together with the green politicians and LGBT activists, tried to get in touch with feminists. Like feminists they criticized patriarchal education and heterosexual culture of sex (German Wikipedia). One can see it from their Kanalrattenzeitung:

  • “For us female pedophilia is love between girls and women which is willing and satisfying without any domination, a form of love which needs neither keeping, nor commanding over children. We don't want to rule in love, we don't want mortal adult sexuality which is destructive for life and environment. Destruction of child sexuality starts from anti-environmental destruction” (Norlik, 2013).

Environment was destroyed by consumerism, feminists which accused Kanalratten of child sex abuse were just protecting patriarchal sex morals.

Kanalratten Commune existed till 1983 (German Wikipedia). As far as I know, they worshipped no devils, practiced no rituals, were absolutely public. But still they are demonized as a bloody secretive cult in Russian press.

Kanalratten in Russia

Russian blogger Hasid knows about Kanalratten Commune in Moscow Region (!) from Soviet occultist Eugene Golovin (1938 – 2010). Golovin claimed during his lectures in the end of the 1990s that he had advised Kanalratten about the Templars' and alchemists' knowledge helping them to elaborate their own ideology.

Russian Kanalratten Commune was formed from lesbians of Moscow and Podolsk right after the WW2. It is rumored that Soviet actress, “one of the most famous dykes in the USSR” Phaeine Ranevsky (1896 – 1984) founded Kanalratten Commune and was its first leader, so called Rats' Queen. In the 1980s she met some Lola and made her a next leader. In 2005 Lola's age is 35 – 40.

The cult is of the highest conspiracy, but Golovin knew one of their places. It was a two-storied house mentioned in a famous novel! Written by his friend Yuri Mamleev (*1931). Now there are 500 Kanalratten aged 16 – 36. Only 10 – 15 of them knew Ranevsky. In order to get there the neophyte have to pay as much as she can. “Recently” one female paid $30000.

The neophyte is brought into a specially decorated room. Kanalratten are dressed in yellow shapeless garments, they take drugs and pray to “Saint Lilith” and Satan. The neophyte kills her cat (the enemy of rats!), breaks its head and drinks its brain. Then Lola kills a rat which soul should come into the neophyte if the latter pays back with her blood taken by Lola. Both of them have their faces washed with the neophyte's blood. Then all Kanalratten drink some love-philtre, and an orgy starts.

Kanalratten use their founder's prophecies as a holy writ. They reject Christian God and worship first woman created by him. That's not Eve, that's Lilith. She patronizes animals, and the rat is enduring, vigorous enough to be used as the cult's symbol. Females are supposed to rule males and avoid any danger on doomsday. Old generation of Kanalratten did not want children but now artificial impregnation is discussed. Lola's reforms were to oblige any Kanalrat to keep a pet and to threaten enemies of the cult.

All this is written in Hasid's blog (2005). I have not found any mentioning about Kanalratten in Golovin texts. Describing the rituals, Hasid used some fictional novel by Xenia Robskie. Nearly all information about Kanalratten is available from Russian Orthodox Church guide to non-Orthodox cults of 1997. This guide is aimed for showing how bad another religions are, it speculates upon Satanic Ritual Abuse Panic and upon crimes committed by members of harmless cults, uses canards, tries to present non-religious organizations as cults. What does it tell about Kanalratten?

The first Rats' Queen was living at Kanalratten's expense for 40 years. Then she adopted Lola which had some years of juridical seniority and inherited enormous funds. In 1995 or 1996 she became the new Rats' Queen, in 1997 Lola was aged 28 – 30. That year there were 300 Kanalratten in all, mostly solitary women, they tried to imitate ancient Amazons.

If some Kanalrat casts aside, her friends and colleagues will be informed about her sex orientation. The Doomsday will be in 1996, and the “rats” (Kanalratten) will be the only creatures to have a foreboding of danger and to find a safe place. One of Lola's reforms was performance of rituals not at her grandma's apartment, as it had been before, but in garrets and basements, natural habitats of rats. Lola's Kanalratten started entering into relations with lesbians outside their city. Neophytes are enticed from different gay clubs.

None of those who believe in this cult have ever heard about the Indianerkommune, like none of the witches burnt by the Inquisition had any idea about Albigensians. There have never been attempts of pedophilic revolutions in Russia, that's why truth about Kanalratten cannot be understood.

We saw that superstitious demonization against revolutionaries works nowadays, and elites will always believe in opposition devilry. Neither education, nor ITs guarantee common sense if one is not motivated to know truth. 


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