Understanding Paedophilia For The Law

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Understanding Paedophilia for the Law 

 By Carrollingian, 2002.

"The character of hysterics shows what seems like an instinctive aversion on their part to any intellectual consideration of sexual problems." – Sigmund Freud


I am writing you this essay with a vain hope. In the last 25 years nearly nothing has been allowed in the way of increasing awareness amongst professionals and the public alike on the subject of paedophilia. I am afraid that paedophilia is at present grossly misunderstood, and as a result the laws of this country and those of the western world are grossly ill-equipped to deal with reality. My hope is that your reading this will help me in my quest to create more appropriate legislation to protect minority groups at risk. I understand that even if you do bring yourself to read and to understand this essay, firm action as a result of it will be very controversial and dangerous, so I do not expect you to do anything out of obligation. As I said, it is a vain hope. The benefit of this essay being public is that the more people who hear the truth, the closer public opinion can come to affecting the type of legislation that is discussed.

I was once engaged in conversation with one of my work colleagues on the topic of paedophilia. He said that he cannot agree with paedophilia because it supports the child pornography industry. Rather than telling him that a paedophile doesn’t necessarily look at child porn because that is an activity, not a sexual orientation, I just simply asked why he thought the two were so inseparable. It prompted him to say calmly ‘well, if they weren’t supporting the industry, how could they be a paed…’ he then stopped short, went red, and said angrily ‘oh you are a sick f**k, don’t even talk to me!’ He had himself realized that paedophilia does not necessarily have to have anything to do with child pornography.

Well, I had not said anything to indicate that I was a sick f**k. I just asked a question, for my own information. The point at which he got angry was the point at which he realized that he had tricked himself out of his blindness. It was almost as though the anger was coming from a betrayed subconscious. Paedophobia is a deeply embedded form of hysteria, like that of the religious zealot. Reasoning from the external environment cannot dissuade a zealot from believing in his religion. I had only prompted my colleague to come to the conclusions himself. Along a similar note I don’t seriously expect you to understand this essay, but I’m sure that your intellectual capabilities surpass those of the man in the street – and so I feel it is worth a shot!

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