Ipce Magazine

"Ipce Magazine" is one of the ways Ipce presents its new files to the readers. Each issue has a main theme, an introduction and theme-related articles.

  • # 1, January 2007  - Theme: Laws 
    More and more states have created laws, said "to protect children", but actually to control, criminalize, demonize and to ban who are called "sex offenders", a great category of convicted people, ranging from tiny breaks of a law onto serious offences. Remarkably enough, there are no such laws for murderers, only for "sex offenders". ...
    What Ipce tries to overview is the trend to make such laws, the global content of the laws, and the critics published to combat such laws that harm lots of people and factually do not protect any child at all. 

  • # 2, July 2008 - Theme: women and 'pedophilia' 
    If one overviews cases in which women are accused of sexual acts with minors, those minors mostly are not children but mostly teenage boys, ripened as a young man. Thus, it are not 'pedophilia' cases, but 'heterophilia' cases with young men. Biologically, they are man - in some cases quite bigger, taller and stronger then the woman - but legally they are still minors. 
    Usually, these cases are labeled 'abuse' and the boy as 'the victim'. The boys themselves, however, usually have a different opinion an feeling about the contact. They can be pride and content and say that they are willing partners and no victims. ... So it was love, not abuse. 

  • # 3, August 2008 - Theme: Perverted Justice 
    At the time of this writing, a number of lawsuits against the Perverted Justice Foundation ... have been settled or are pending. They generally involve defamation of character and/or false accusations resulting in loss of employment, stature, or home. Without the income from the NBC program, in the face of these lawsuits, the future of PJ is in doubt.

  • # 4, June 2011 - Theme: Sexually active children 
    Keeping children safe is the main aim most adults have by raising children and by constructing policy and laws.  ...
    Mostly the aim is: safe for sexuality of the stranger danger ... and for their own sexuality.... Here, we present a list of articles with facts and thoughts about this subject. 

  • # 5, February 2013 - Theme: Sexually active youth 
    Youth actually is sexually active. In our society, over-filled with sexual images and scenes - if not at least an obsession - this not seen as a sign of natural development, a right or a joy, but as a problem. Just this vision raises problems. There are better visions. 

  • # 6, February 2013 - Theme: Civil Commitments 
    This article examines how civil commitment has been rolled out in the case of the sex offender, and focuses on the implementation of the program in the US and the controversy that has been spawned as a result. [...] 
    The term ‘mental disorder’ has been expanded therefore to include ‘mental abnormality’, to enable sex offenders to be committed civilly.