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At age 6, ''I'd have dry orgasms on the spot...''

From a study by Ritch Savin-Williams, reported in his new
book The New Gay Teenager, p.127

Boy Chat, August 4, 2006

Can very young boys be turned on by older males? Can they experience sexual pleasure as a result of that? One young man (interviewed for a 1996 study) has the answer:

"I always wanted to go swimming, but I'd just hang out in the locker room as long as I could and watch the guys come in, change clothes, go out, more come in, and I'd just sit there because I hated swimming but I loved going to swimming! Every day in the summer before first grade, and it was the high school guys who were my favorites because they'd flip each other with towels and grab each other and I'd just sit and watch. I'd have dry orgasms on the spot...."

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