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Kids' 'Sex Party' Crashed

Eight naked primary students caught starting freaky act

The Star (Jamaica), 6 March 2009

Eight Westmoreland kids, aged ten and under, were recently prevented from being involved in an orgy when they were caught by a resident.

THE WEEKEND STAR first heard rumours of the tale, but checks with the police proved it was more than just that.

Inspector Cassius Lennox of the Area One police admitted knowing of the episode. 

"It's not like they are criminals but they are definitely some rude kids. We wouldn't have a police report for that but it did happen," he said. "It was a group of young kids too, none passed ten ... . Five of them were nine and the others were ten."

Reports are that the incident occurred almost two weeks ago and involved eight primary-school children (four boys and four girls), who planned a secret rendezvous to have sex.


Their plans were, however, disrupted, thanks to a fisherman, who happened to be passing the abandoned building where they were and accosted them before alerting other residents and the police.

Police say the man who caught the kids claimed they were all in one room, were already undressed and had already began kissing and fondling each other.

The man told the police that he discovered the 'kids' party' after hearing strange sounds coming from the abandoned house. He said he decided to investigate as he knew nobody lives there.

After popping in on them, he said they immediately made a dash for their clothes.

The police said the kids were questioned and it was found that they had been planning the event for quite some time.

But that's not all, they were pretty much prepared to embark on their sexual plans as the boys all had condoms in their pockets and one of the girls was found with a pornographic magazine.

The kids are reported to have said that they were going to try the things they had seen in the magazine.

Inspector Lennox told THE WEEKEND STAR that the kids' parents were alerted and urged to seek counselling for them.

"You could tell the parents were ashamed, they even tried to scold them right there but we intervened," he said.

When contacted yesterday, clinical psychologist Dr Asquith Reid, explained that a situation such as this is a case where the kids have been exposed to sex.

"The truth is that nowadays our children are seeing these things more than before and if not educated, they will try to imitate it," Dr. Reid said.

He urged parents to feel free to educate their kids about sex as these days they are more exposed to it than in the past.

"Children are adventurous, but they should be so in a guided way. If not chances are they will end up in situations like this," he added.

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