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2. Complaints

Our Newspapers and magazines show us lots of complaints about children who show sexual behavior - or behavior that is interpreted is as sexual behavior. The idea behind these complaints is that a child ought not to be a sexual being. And, if the appear to be so, the interpretation forces to give labels: to the one as the predator, to the other as the victim. 

However, problems arise within this view if young children act in a more or less sexually way with each other: who is the predator, who is the victim? Who has to go to the police office, who may go to a treatment center? 

Next articles are selected from a long pile. We present only a few, and have chosen to select those from the English speaking culture: USA, UK, Australia, New Zealand: Western countries with a culture that tends to flood other cultures with, until now, partly quite different views on children and sexuality. 

Children sexually assaulted by classmates 
Thousands of children are being sexually bullied and even assaulted in school, an investigation has found.
Julie Henry, Telegraph, UK, 4 Jan 2009

Children, some as young as four, have been victims and perpetrators of sexual misconduct ranging from name calling, inappropriate touching to serious sexual attacks.
Groping and the use of sexually-abusive nicknames have become almost part of daily life for some pupils, according to BBC One's Panorama.

Sex offenders aged 5; 280 primary kids kicked out for indecent behaviour; Lewis Panther & Jennifer Wiley, News of the World, UK, 03/01/2009 
Children as young as five are being booted out of school for Sex Offences, shocking new figures reveal.

Eleven children aged eight on sex charges; Mark Macaskill; The Sunday Times, Scotland, October 22, 2006 
More than 250 children, some as young as eight, were charged with serious sexual offences last year, prompting renewed concern about the early sexualisation of youngsters.
Two dozen children were charged with rape, including two nine-year-olds and a ten-year-old. Eleven eight-year-olds were charged with sexual assault and lewd and libidinous behaviour. 

Kids allegedly had sex in classroom during assembly about killing; Associated Press, Mar 30, 2007 
Two fifth-graders had sex on a classroom floor while two others fondled each other in the classroom, according to a teacher at Spearsville [US] High School.

Mothers urge action on child-against-child sex abuse; Gavin Lower, The Australian News, October 18, 2008 
Dianne thought she was doing the right thing when she picked up the phone to report what had happened at school to her little boy. 
What she regarded as an isolated, though intensely disturbing, incident turned out to be more common than she could have imagined: Dianne's son had been confronted improperly by a fellow five-year-old in a school toilet.

5th-graders who viewed porn could face charges; Boys searched for sex images on school computer. Lisa Schencker, The Salt Lake Tribune, May 15, 2009 
Two American Fork fifth-graders could face criminal charges for looking at pornography on a school computer, but some people are wondering how they were able to access the images in the first place. 
Police were called last week after two 11-year-old boys at Forbes Elementary School pulled up images of sexual acts on a school computer and then showed the pictures to nine other students.

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