# 4 - Sexually active children

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1. Keep children safe

This is the main aim most adults have by raising children and by constructing policy and laws. Ehmm ... safe for cars and other traffic, safe for weapons present in every US house, safe for manipulated food, for manipulating and ill-treating or neglecting parents and other educators ... Hmmm, mostly the aim is: safe for sexuality of the stranger danger ... and for their own sexuality. The latter is the mostly discussed topic. Here, we present a list of articles with facts and thoughts about this subject. 

As the first main article, we present: 

Keep children safe, but don't spoil their fun; Joan McFadden, Living Scotsman, UK, 3 December 2008. 
We have only ourselves to blame for the way our youngsters grow up and learn to cope with life, writes Joan McFadden. 
It can be hard for parents to see their offspring as sexual beings, even at adulthood. But if we have to contemplate it, then surely we must hope for them to grow from a safe and secure childhood to be sexually confident individuals, with excellent self-respect and a safe and pleasurable sex life.
Our job is to protect them from the inappropriate and ensure they have the necessary information to make the best decisions at any age, whether that is nine or nineteen.

2. Complaints 

3. Slapping bottoms 

4. Spanking bottoms 

5. Another law: Safe-Haven Law

6. Reactions of society

7. Do not touch the children!

8. Treatment for kids 

9. Education - or not?  

10. Child sexuality does exist ...  

11. Healthier reactions  

12. Prohibited desires

As the second main article, we present: 

Childrenīs world of prohibited desires; Andriy Taranenko, boiler.odessa.net, [Ukraine; date unknown] 
The hypocritical "alarm" of moralists about family and children is becoming a background for striking cultural phenomena. And these phenomena should be appreciated without the Criminal Code. 
The sexual appeal of children is fact that cannot be ignored. And modern culture (including the Internet) has all the rights to interpret this appeal.

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