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Web site down after filing of suit

Sex-convict registry critic besieged by harsh online criticism

By Kim Smith, ARIZONA DAILY STAR, 2008

If you Google Jan Kruska's name, you'll find dozens of Web sites calling 
her a pedophile, a convicted child molester, a psychopath and an 
advocate for sex offenders.

Since she testified against sex-offender registries to a state 
legislative hearing in 2006, the 38-year-old mother of four has seen her 
picture, address, phone numbers and other personal information published 
on often-anonymous Internet venues.

Kruska, who lives in Glendale, is vulnerable to such attacks. Besides 
being an outspoken critic of sex-offender registration, especially for 
youthful offenders, she has a misdemeanor conviction for having sex with 
a friend's 15-year-old son 16 years ago.
But as of last Thursday, she has one less Web site to fight., created by her critics to attack her reputation and 
silence her criticism of government sex registries, was shut down by the Web-hosting company after Kruska sued it and everyone 
associated with the Internet page.

Kruska said she filed the suit in U.S. District Court last month after 
spending more than a year in constant fear.

The suit accuses the Web-site creators of defamation of character, 
intentional infliction of emotional distress, cyberstalking and 
cyberharassment. She wants the judge to prohibit the defendants from 
ever posting about her again.

Kruska started her own Web site,, in May 2006. At 
that time, she was writing under a pseudonym and living in relative 
obscurity in Glendale.

Five months later, she shared her thoughts about 
sex-offender-registration laws with a joint legislative committee on 
youthful sex offenders.

Kruska said that when she was 22, she was convicted of misdemeanor 
sexual conduct with a minor and was placed on three years' probation. 
She also was required to register as a sex offender, although her name 
doesn't appear in the Arizona Department of Public Safety registry 
because she is such a low-level offender.

Her testimony to lawmakers made the same points she had blogged about 
for months. She doesn't believe everyone convicted of a sex crime should 
be forced to register, and she isn't convinced that sex-offender 
registries make communities safer.
"I guess that was the nail in my coffin," Kruska said.

It didn't take long for bloggers who didn't agree with Kruska to 
discover her Web site, which is registered under her real name.
Soon, Kruska said, everything she had written had been taken, twisted 
and posted on other Web sites.

Kruska insists that she isn't a pedophile or pro-pedophilia. She just 
believes that lawmakers, seeking to get re-elected, have gone overboard 
when it comes to dealing with sex offenses.

The current system simply doesn't work, and it gives communities a false 
sense of security, Kruska said.

Instead of making children who engage in consensual sex register as sex 
offenders, Kruska said, more resources need to be devoted to the truly 
dangerous sex offenders -  those who believe sex with children is normal 
and are likely to commit repeat offenses.

Moreover, she believes that so many restrictions are imposed on where 
sex offenders can live that many are living on the street, making them 
harder to track.

She also has been criticized for saying that the parents of some 
high-profile murdered and raped children didn't supervise their children 
as well as they could have, and she said sex-offender registries have 
resulted in vigilantism.

She bolsters her arguments with newspaper articles and editorials posted 
on her Web site.

"I don't know why they are picking on me, because there are a lot of 
people out there who are really sick. The only thing I can think of is 
they are afraid of the message," Kruska said.

One of Kruska's most ardent critics is Petra Luna, who calls herself the 
commander and chief of the Petra Luna Anti-Abuse Army and leader of the 
War on Abuse Movement.

"We are demanding at this time an unconditional surrender of all of your 
pro-pedophile Web sites," Luna wrote in a signed notice to Kruska on the Web site.

"I expect them to all be shut down by Oct. 15. If you do not comply with 
our wishes, we will launch a full-scale activist attack on you," Luna 

Luna threatened online to have her "activist army" push law enforcement 
to start questioning, "Why does a registered sex offender who persuades 
mothers not to report their child-molesting partners still have custody 
of her children?"

In a five-minute YouTube commentary, Kruska suggests that sex crimes 
often go unreported because families are afraid of the ramifications 
dictated by the government. There are times, she says, when counseling 
would be more beneficial than forcing offenders to go to prison and to 

Luna did not respond to an e-mail interview request. But an anonymous 
representative of absolutezerounited.blogspot. com, another Web site 
critical of Kruska, did.

The "Absolute Zero Team" maintains everything it has ever written about 
Kruska is "true and verifiable," and that it is Kruska who is attacking 
Absolute Zero.

The response accused Kruska of mocking sexual-abuse victims. It said 
Kruska also posted statements on the Internet alleging some Absolute 
Zero members were child pornographers and molesters.

The group calls Kruska's lawsuit "an outrage."

Kruska said she has never mocked a sexual-abuse victim or labeled anyone 
associated with Absolute Zero a child molester or child pornographer. -  a subsidiary of the Perverted Justice Foundation, 
which also has targeted Kruska -  also responded to questions with an 
unsigned e-mail calling the lawsuit "frivolous" and "completely without 

Richard Spinello, a Boston College professor who specializes in 
technology and ethics, compared the Internet to the Wild West. Hackers 
abound, and so do bloggers who have no sense of civility, he said.

"It's an interesting phenomenon," Spinello said. "People feel 
increasingly emboldened to attack and vilify people because it's a 
virtual environment and they have the impression there are no 

The reality is very few libel lawsuits involving the Internet have been 
filed because the First Amendment is so broad, Spinello said.

"I think it started on TV," he said. "Shows like 'Jerry Springer' kept 
pushing the envelope and pushing the envelope, and it spilled over into 
the Internet, sporting events and other venues, and it's gotten out of 

Spinello doesn't see things changing anytime soon.

"It would be very hard to craft any law that would be respectful of the 
First Amendment and curtail the worst behavior," he said. "It's very 
hard to legislate moral behavior and make people behave civilly and 

Kevin R. Kemper, an assistant journalism professor at the University of 
Arizona, said it would be wrong to even try to pass laws "to regulate 
incivility on the Internet."

"People have a constitutional right to rant and rave," Kemper said, but 
unfortunately some bloggers tend not to think before they post. He 
predicted that people eventually will tire of the boorish behavior so 
common on the Internet.

But until people decide to be nicer to each other, bloggers should 
simply understand that incivility is the price they may have to pay for 
posting their opinions, Kemper said.

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Here is a copy of lawsuit filed and Jan's official statement: 


Friday, January 18, 2008

Who is Jan Kruska?

She is me. I am 38 years old and married with four beautiful and 
wonderful children. My married name is Jan Kruska. I have been writing 
under the “pen name” Amanda Rogers, on and 
various other forums, not to protect myself or to hide from my past, but 
only to protect my husband and children, who are innocent of any 
wrongdoing. Their only crime is loving me.

Yes, I have a past, we all do. Things I’m not proud of and wish I 
could change. It is true I do have a criminal conviction from 16 years 
ago. My only one - a misdemeanor conviction and it is NOT for child 
molestation or child abuse. Let’s make that clear right up front.

There are numerous webpages, Myspace pages and blogs out there now 
dedicated to me, some in my own name.

It all began last August 2007. I don’t know any of these people. I 
have never met them and never care to, though I am certain now that I 
will be facing some, if not all of them in a court of law in the very 
near future. The claims they have made against me are horrendous and 
false. I have received death threats and threats of bodily injury by 
some of these people. This will all be made public, they will all be 
held accountable in a court of law. Anyone that knows me is well aware 
of my past as are those who I consider friends and close family. Not one 
of them look at me any differently because of what happened

It is true that I am required to register as a sex offender and 
have been doing so for 16 years because in Arizona it is a lifetime 
requirement.. It is also true that I am not found on any sex offender 
website because my crime was not horrific or forcible, and did not 
involve a child. Another reason is that I do not pose a threat to any 
child or any person in society. That is why I am NOT - nor have EVER 
been on community notification.

The State of Arizona was my convicting jurisdiction (NOT 
Massachusetts as Perverted Justice’s Corporate Sex Offenders and Petra 
Luna claim and/ or have claimed. By now it should be quite obvious they 
don’t check their facts before they set about defaming and harassing 
people. The state has deemed me as non-violent and non-dangerous and as 
an insignificant risk to society. If they did, I am certain they would 
not hesitate to notify my community.

My crime was committed 16 years ago, before Megan’s Law and others 
like it. I plead guilty to a misdemeanor conviction, not a felony. I 
plead guilty because I had committed the act which I was accused. I did 
not try and lie my way out of it.

The crime was consensual involving a 15 year old male who was very 
close to me at that time. I had just turned 22. The two of us were being 
violently physically abused as well as emotionally abused daily for an 
extended period by the minor’s adopted father. The father was ultimately 
charged and convicted with a class 4 felony for child abuse. He is 
listed as defendant B in the same case number as mine which is 
CR-1992-04222. I am defendant (A). I welcome anyone who is concerned 
about me to visit the Maricopa County Superior Court’s Court Records 
Archives if they would like to view the documents and compare them to 
the accuracy of my statements here. The court documents there reflect 
that my crime was consensual and that I am not a pedophile or a child 

In 1992 under Arizona law - child molestation would mean that the 
victim would have to be age 12 or younger. Also in 1992 registering 
meant all you had to do was notify the Sheriff if you moved of your 
address, now there are multiple retroactively applied requirements, none 
of which focus on prevention or save kids from harm.

I personally never went to jail or prison, not even for a day. I 
simply served 1 year probation of a three year probation sentence. I 
have no prior crimes and have committed no crimes since - not even a 
speeding ticket. I do not visit “chat-rooms” or engage in “instant 
messaging” on the internet.

I am a dedicated wife and mother. My family means the world to me 
and I am genuinely concerned for their safety and for the safety of ALL 
children. I do not condone pedophelia, I abhor child abuse in ALL forms 
- be it sexual, physical, emotional., or neglect. I know what it is like 
to be on the receiving end of those things as a child, for many years. I 
know what it does to a child. I want nothing more than to prevent it.

I find ALL forms of child abuse despicable. If I knew that someone 
was molesting a young child I would turn them in, in an instant, and I 
have. I reported a documented case of a 36 year old male molesting my 
then 10 year old daughter’s best friend. He had been doing so for over a 
year. I was the one the girl confided in and I was the one that turned 
him in. Unfortunately, he was never prosecuted because the abuse hadn’t 
escalated to the point of penetration and he denied everything. Still, 
the girl was permanently placed in foster care. The Child Protective 
Services caseworker in Phoenix that handled the case was Rachel Ostro if 
anyone cares to verify this. Now, IF I were a pedophile, as many on the 
internet are falsely claiming would I have turned that guy in for 
molesting that young girl? Of course not.

Since my conviction 16 years ago, I have been around pretty much 
nothing but children as I have four of my own, and they do have friends. 
I openly invite anyone to investigate any of my contacts with these 
children and they will see there is nothing there. I have nothing to hide.

Anyone that would molest a small child is sick and needs help. It 
is difficult if not impossible for one to try and grasp how an adult 
could rationalize that that is somehow okay. Anyone openly claiming to 
be a pedophile or claiming that having a sexual preference for 
pre-pubescent children is “normal” or “acceptable” is just plain lunacy. 
I have no empathy for them. I only pray they get some much needed help 
before they act out on such desires.

Hopefully this clarifies things for my readers and my enemies over 
at perverted justice, absolutezerounited, (aka April 
Butler), and Petra Luna who are intent on making me into something I am 
NOT. Everyone else will have to draw their own conclusions.

I will reiterate that I am NOT a pedophile and that my court 
documents prove that. I have NO child molestation conviction in 
Massachusetts or anywhere else on the planet. Their claims on these 
matters are factually false. It sickens me to the very core of my being 
what these people are doing to me and have done to so many others 
without any justification whatsoever.

Many people in my life have been guilty of the exact same conduct 
as I was 16 years ago- members of my immediate and extended families, 
friends and acquaintances. In the eyes of the law anyone under 18 is 
unable to consent to sexual activity, so if you are over 18 and your 
partner is other, you should technically be a registered sex offender. 
All it takes is someone to make an accusation or a complaint (as I did 
the victim’s Aunt in my case.) I have no doubt that there are hundreds 
of thousands, if not millions of Americans who have engaged in illegal 
sexual conduct, whether they knew it or not but got lucky than no one 
complained. They have no criminal record and they aren’t forced to 
register as sex offenders, but they are by no means any less guilty. 
Walking free among us, unregistered and un-named. What about you, the 

Now that everyone knows the real story about Jan Kruska what will 
you do?

Will the members of Perverted Justice continue to threaten me and 
my family, harass us, and/or attempt to beat me or kill me? They claim 
they are concerned for the emotional well being of all children, but by 
doing what they are doing they are revealing their true colors. To 
Perverted Justice and the self proclaimed band of “Evil Vigilantes” I 
say YOU, not me, are putting my children in harms way- emotionally and 
physically. Yet you seem to care less. It’s becoming quite clear that 
your true motives behind what you do have NOTHING to do with children 
and EVERYTHING to do with making money.

You and everyone else now knows where to find me now and you have 
endangered my children in the process by taking the law into your own 
hands and pursuing a law abiding citizen, a wife, and mother of four. 
You have upset my entire family and defamed my name as well as that of 
my family. The only reason you chose to go after me is because I am 
outspoken against these laws. I have seen far too many decent people’s 
lives be needlessly destroyed by them. They have been lumped in with the 
most horrendous offenders for crimes that do not even begin to compare 
with the crimes for which these laws are named, yet all are being 
treated equally.

It is law enforcements place to disclose my identity and 
whereabouts IF they see fit. Not yours. By your doing so you are in fact 
violating multiple criminal statutes which could end up in the public 
registry being taken down altogether. Is that what you want? I have not 
harmed you. The only person who has the right to a gripe with me, if one 
exists, is my victim, and since he consented no harm has been done – 
this is also talked about in my court records, both by the judge and 
prosecutor, so please don’t take my word for it.

So there it is - the truth. Plain and simple, nothing more and 
nothing less. As I told Perverted Justice and their cyber-thug coward 
ass fiends from the beginning I have nothing to hide. They have not 
exposed anything, but they have outright lied and incited vigilantism 
against me, my family, and my property. I hope you are all satisfied.

The truth will set me free and after all this, if you still feel 
the need to come anywhere near my family be forewarned, you will be 
doing so at your own risk because we are quite legally, heavily armed 
and waiting. We will take all steps necessary to protect our family.

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