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A-3. Sexting 

Teenagers Sending Sex Via Text Message - Local Kids Use Cell Phones To Take, Send Naked Pictures - 4029 TV (US), October 30, 2008

Kids, with their cell phones, taking naked pictures of themselves and their friends, and forwarding them to everyone they know. It may sound far-fetched, but chances are, it's happening at a middle school near you.

The problem has been growing nationally, and 4029 wanted to find out whether cell phones were being used to send and receive naked pictures of underage kids in Northwest Arkansas and the River Valley. The answer was a definitive yes.

Teenagers uploading sexual images to internet - Dan Buckley; The Irish Examiner, September 06, 2008

A growing amount of sexually explicit images of youngsters is being put on the web by the teenagers themselves, according to an expert in online abuse. [...]
"As a result, we are seeing the increasing criminalisation of children, but that is not the answer."

Survey: Teens sharing nude images online - Recent survey finds that sex, tech and teens make bad bedfellows - today.msnbc.msn.com, December 10, 2008 

According to the results of a survey released today [...] 22 percent of all teen girls - and 11 percent of teen girls ages 13-16 years old - say they have electronically sent, or posted online, nude or semi-nude images of themselves. 
And these racy images are also getting passed around: One-third (33 percent) of teen boys and one-quarter (25 percent) of teen girls say they have had nude/semi-nude images - originally meant to be private - shared with them.
Here are five tips .... [...]
Here are five tips from ... [...]

What's the Matter With Teen Sexting? - Sex and predatory adults are not the biggest dangers teenagers face online. Their main risk is garden-variety kid-on-kid meanness - Judith Levine, www.prospect.org, February 2, 2009

[....] the logical conclusion of the Harvard study: 

that we should back off, 
moderate our fears, and 
stop thinking of youthful sexual expression as a criminal matter. 

Maybe all that bullying is a mirror of the way adults treat young people minding their own sexual business. Maybe the "issue" is not sex but adults' response to it: the harm we do trying to protect teenagers from themselves.



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