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A-4. Complaints

1 in 3 boys heavy porn users, study shows - Source: University of Alberta

Boys aged 13 and 14 living in rural areas, are the most likely of their age group to access pornography [...]
Ninety per cent of males and 70 per cent of females reported accessing sexually explicit media content at least once. More than one-third of the boys reported viewing pornographic DVDs or videos "too many times to count", compared to eight per cent of the girls surveyed.

Sex crimes committed by youths increasing - Higher percentage of area kids sent to Youth Services per capita than in any other county in Ohio - Kimberly Dicks, Probate-Juvenile Division of Licking County Common Pleas Court annual reports, published November 12, 2006

With a significant increase of juvenile sex cases, Licking County is taking steps to resolve the greater problems arising from sexually aggressive children. Four times more juveniles have been convicted of rape in 2006 in Licking County than four years ago. [...]
"That's not necessarily a reflection of more crimes, but more awareness of what is a juvenile sex crime." 
[...] a majority of the sex cases she sees are intra-familial, and a lot of families previously dealt with these situations internally. But better education on the difference between a "good" and "bad" touch has helped to inflate the number of cases reported to authorities [...].

Experts imply 850,000 pedophiles age 10-17 in U.S. - R. Kramer, www.boychat.org, November 3, 2006

12% of all CLs [Child Lovers] are children or teenagers themselves. The haters, including most of society, hate these children and youth, and want them permanently locked up or exterminated.

Child porn sting snares children - 4 juveniles charged this year after police track down downloads - Mary Zahn, journalsentinel.com, September 18, 2006

"All of the kids coming in are good students and come from good homes, but they are accessing child pornography."[...] "The parents are horrified." [...]
"The one-size-fits-all approach does not work. We need to individualize how we approach these kids from a prosecution and treatment standpoint."

Teen rape case - Wellington Daily News, Australia, July 3, 2007

A Wellington girl who went to her teacher to report a date rape is now being charged with rape herself. 
According to Sumner County court reports, the 14 year-old only identified as L.B. in court records, is being charged with aggravated criminal sodomy and rape after going to her teacher to talk about an alleged date rape that allegedly occurred in early February with a 13 year-old boy. 
“We have a young girl who needed help ... and she hasn't received help,” said Shores. “The message we are sending to our daughters is that it's better to say nothing at all than get help. We're basically telling them to shut up.” [...]
Shores says the law on statutory rape wasn't meant by the legislature to include “kids having sex with other kids” but rather adults abusing children.

Sex offenders getting younger, more violent - Kim Curtis, Associated Press & Contra Costa Times, 06/08/2007

Courts have seen the number of sex offense cases involving juvenile offenders rise dramatically in recent years, an Associated Press review of national statistics found, and treatment professionals say the offenders are getting younger and the crimes more violent. 
Some psychologists blame the increase - 40 percent over two decades - on a society saturated with sex and violence [...]
Robert Prentky, a psychologist and nationally renowned expert on sex offenders [... said:]  "There aren't more kids, there are more laws," he said. "We now have fairly draconian laws with very harsh sanctions that apply to juveniles."
The rise in juvenile sex offenders has spawned hundreds of new treatment facilities for children as young as 5. 
In 2002, there were 937 programs in the U.S. treating adolescent offenders--generally ages 12-17--up from 346 in 1986. 
Over the same period, the list of programs specifically aimed at children under 12 grew from zero to 410, according to The Safer Society Foundation.

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