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Experts imply 850,000 pedophiles age 10-17 in U.S.

R. Kramer, www.boychat.org, November 3, 2006

An article in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel says:

In all likelihood the pedophile has known he is attracted to children for years before he chooses a career path, probably since the age of 10, says G.F. Pranzarone, a psychology professor at Roanoke College in Virginia who has written on the subject of pedophilia.

This article in Nursing Spectrum says:

People can't be diagnosed as pedophiles until "they're age 16. But often, they've acted out inappropriate sexual behaviors as young as 6 or 7," says Michelle Allmandinger, manager at Four Oaks Center of Iowa in Cedar Rapids.

Similarly, on his website, nationally-recognized sex offender treatment expert Gene Abel says:

In the average eighth grade classroom with the six sexually abused children, there is a seventh child with a sexual health problem. This child - usually a boy - is sexually abusing younger children. Most men who, after the age of 16, develop the disorder pedophilia show signs of the disorder early in life. At the age of 9, 10, 11, 12, and in their early teens, they may have continuing fantasies of sexually touching a much younger child or sexually touch a much younger child.

The Nursing Spectrum article says, "it's estimated between 1% and 6% of American men are pedophiles."

In his book, Abel writes that 1 out of every 20 boys (5%) develops pedophilia. 

(Sorry, I haven't found data on female pedophiles.)

Putting this together with data from the U.S. Census Bureau, we get:

Est. no. of U.S. pedophiles

age US Male Pop.

 based on

    1%  5%
0-9  21,000,000    
10-17  17,000,000 170,000 850,000
18+ 112,000,000 1,250,000 6,250,000
Tot 150,000,000 1,420,000 7,100,000

Two implications of this are:

1. [Peds] are huge in number. The 96 that PJ boasts of catching is a drop in the bucket.

2. 12% of all CLs [Child Lovers] are children or teenagers themselves.

3. The haters, including most of society, hate these children and youth, and want them permanently locked up or exterminated.

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