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 GPO Box 2144

Brisbane Qld 4001 Australia

11th May 2002




Shades of Friedrich von Schiller's 'Ode to JOY (originally 'Ode to Freedom'), which inspired Beethoven's Ninth Symphony.


Greetings to friends we love everywhere  

Defining Pedophilia -see paragraphs 9-16 hereof. Successful Jolly radical activism demands accurate communication of our idea. In order to express this adequately we were obliged to create our own language where necessary, for example to coin a few words, etc. Our actual motivational advocacy and goal is Child Emancipation.

Therefore, we have various acronyms; colloquialisms, headings, coined words and other terms, meanings and data, all numerically listed together with the accompanying definitions, beginning at paragraph 18 of this Manifesto, and then onwards. The reader can then refer back or refer forward as necessary for definitions, etc. The various acronyms will be the only words that appear in block letters herein, except where the context of an acronym word is not relevant. There is no appendix or index. Key words are given capital letters -- inverted commas are largely dispensed with.

The acronym JOY means: Jollies Out Yet. The homosexual word Gay and our words Jolly and JOY all have a French origin (for example, Jolly: French Jolif gay, pretty: perhaps related to Yule-tide). This fact can readily be a factor lending to all these three words also a certain sexual character (for example, Gay Paris), which defies largely the subsequent loading of a derogatory corruption onto the meaning of these words by rigid people for their own ends.   

The meaning of Gay has changed, but it is good that a connection in meaning between the words Gay and Jolly still remains (a sexual connotation now also to Jolly completes the linkup), because Jollies maintain that Sexual Orientation (gender), and Sexual Predisposition (age), both come under the Sexual Identity classification.

Like the Gays, we are the product of millions of years of sexual biodiversity. Therefore, to rigids and other repressives we say -- give it away, there is no way that we will give way, or go away.

Just because the rigids hold rigidly to the majority opinion and conviction that Jollism is wrong does not necessarily mean that majority opinion is right. Because rigid propaganda is repeated ad infinitum from all directions, people generally take its legitimacy (no important points missed, that there is no self-serving, or no political correctness, etc.), in full for granted and without question -- Hitler's propaganda Ministry was a good example. 

Pedophilia now involve two phenomena that are psychologically distinct but often are lumped together in order to split and confound radical activism and muddy their waters, and for moral seemingly, and legal consideration.  

Defining Pedophilia

(a) Defined as intense and recurrent sexual desire for, and sexual attraction felt towards, prepubescent children (a new definition in the American Psychiatric Assn's Manual includes behaviours involving sexual activity with a prepubescent child).

(b) Defined as sexual advances on sexually mature, but underage boys and/or girls.

Jollies agree with the (a) definition of Pedophilia insofar as the sexual attraction/activity is towards prepubescent children.  

We do not agree with the implication of abnormal fondness or love for children. The meaning of -philia (in conjunction with children -Pedophilia) implies this abnormal sexual love.

The (b) definition of Pedophilia is not acknowledged by Jollies in any way whatsoever.

Strong objection is taken by Jollies to the fact that nothing in the word Pedophilia suggests any reciprocal fondness or affection towards adults.

Because of these reservations and other objections to the word Pedophilia, we were obliged to replace it for Kidulteros or Joylove, and Pedophile in favour of Jolly (or Joylover).

The Jolly Movement represents a small group of experienced Jolly activists centering on Brisbane Australia. Because this cause is also an esoterically worthy one, we trust it will be blessed with expansion. We welcome contact from you at any time -- address to: The Secretary, JOY, GPO Box 2144, Brisbane Qld 4001, Australia.  


Live In and For the Esoteric

Our Identity, our subtle socio-cultural rejection, plus the inexpressible nature of all we're dealt, means, for achieving resolution, this acronym is our first imperative.

 2. LOVE

Legislate Our Vital Enactment

LOVE, worthy of the name, requires emancipatory legislation first. Jollies make a special effort to observe the law, pending law reform. Quality sexual relations (Joylove), etc. can be established and maintained only in the context of a quality overall relationship, and our culture/laws today dictates a climate which renders this impossible socially, and inevitably sexually abusive -- now, anyway (when compensation worries would be additional).  


Culturally Revolutionary and Intergenerationally Emancipatory School.

"JOY and woe are woven fine,
 a clothing for the Soul Divine."
-- William Blake  --

4. JOY

Jollies Out Yet

We all come Out on our own terms, and only to the extent we are able.

Each Joylover, here at Coordinating World Body and wherever, must try hard not to risk burning one's fingers -burn SPICE instead.  


Sanctuary for PEACE International and CARER Espousal (SPICE Sanctuary)

A local Jolly/SPICE Sanctuary can be a spare room or room, a house etc. (JOY's window-on- the-world presence), anywhere in the world -- for the use of a single Joylover, or where local activist Joylovers can also meet on occasion, or when necessary.

See 28: Jolly Sanctuaries -- Local Jolly Activist Leaders in concert with Brisbane.  


Esoterically Redirecting the Old System

Nature's footprints are Nurture's signpost. Do not make presumptions -- do the research, and then morally pontificate.  


Pursue on Earth the Activists' Campaign for Emancipation 


Child/Adult Reciprocal Erotic Rehearsal

See 31: Common Sense Theory 


Child/ Adult Reciprocal Eroticism

When the Redirected Old Cultural sexual System is Revolutionised, not all Adult sexual interaction with Children will be abusive. There will be controls on inappropriate interaction, strict disease monitoring, anti alcohol/coercive criteria, and so on -- you don't just throw the baby out with the bath water. Simplistic, moralistic cynicism in this area has caused untold damage.  


Primary Intergenerational Erotic Rehearsal Stage

See 31: Common Sense Theory  


World Radical Activist/Pacifist School

Australia is a signatory to the international prohibition on sexuality between children and adults by the 'Convention on the Rights of the Child'. This is the extent to which this compounded cultural error has escalated.

We see this as just another challenge in our backlash against Sexual Repression.

We do not envisage, nor would it be propitious for Jolly's leading activists to meet formally at a World gathering in the foreseeable future. Meetings should be discreetly arranged, and held under WRAPS -- for Local and World Activist business. Jollies should use the Internet only with business discretion and discipline. The Internet should only be used as an adjunct to meaningful, concrete and traditional activist structure. The Gay movement needs both -- so do we, with both adapted to our particular brand of lash-back. Where a committed Jolly resides will automatically become a Sanctuary. Business meetings will take place at appropriate Sanctuaries only. We need this human touch in order to maintain our pride in ourselves -- there is a danger -- impersonality does nothing for camaraderie.  

12: The Jolly Logo

 This emblem bears the words  SPICE of LIFE -LOVE. Jolly correspondence bears this letterhead.

See 1 : LIFE
See 2: LOVE
See 5: SPICE

The esoteric multi-symbols on this emblem represent Jolly Unity with essential revelation.

(Our Dictionary is 'The Australian Pocket Oxford Dictionary, Fourth Edition' last Reprint ~ 2001, 1295 pages). I  

13: Kidulteros

Pronounced Kid-ult-EER-ros

The Intergenerational name we give to Reciprocal LOVE, courtship and sexuality between a Joykid and a Jolly. This overall unconscious behavioural motivation signifies aspects of  Rehearsal, governed by mutual Sexual Predispositional Identification.  ~

14: Joylove

Common term -synonymous with Kidulteros -13. 

15: Joylover (pl. Joylovers)

A Child or Adult who Sexually Identifies with Kidulteros (that is - Joylove). 

16: Jolly (pi. Jollies)

A Jolly Adult Joylover is a Jolly.

17: Jolliness

State associated with being a Joylover. 

18: Jollism

Theory Espoused by Intergenerationally Predisposed activists (Jollies). This theory in action. 

19: Joyboy (pl. Joyboys)

A sexually Predisposed prepubescent boy. 

20: Joygirl (pl. Joygirls)

A sexually Predisposed prepubescent girl. 

Jollies always qualify the words boy or girl in order to differentiate Joylove from (Man/)boy love etc. We are grateful for past support: there is a limit to the degree of support Boylove is capable of.

21: Joykid (pl. Joykids)

A sexually Predisposed prepubescent boy or girl. 

22: Bilover (pi. Bilovers)

One who feels equal sexual attraction (virtually) towards both prepubescent and mature but underage boys and/or girls. 

The Jollies would welcome such a person provided there is an understanding that he or she confines activist energies to Jollism. Such older teen or adult may be married -- most Jollies by far are in a home and family situation.  

23: Sexual Predisposition

Intergenerational Age Predisposition (Identity) 

Two more age sections, a Bi-generational Sector (experiential and adaptive) and Generational Predisposition, come under Sexual Identity .

We remain positive -- this variant is part of the human way (genetic).

According to Dr Fred Berlin, a Johns Hopkins University professor at Baltimore, Maryland, USA., Prepubertal Pedophilia is a "Distinct Sexual Orientation". (Of course, as Activists we cannot use the word Orientation because of its association with gender, and Gay law).  .

24: Rigid (pl. Rigids)

Any person who is not of our Sexual Predisposition (there are exceptions), especially if such person is antagonistic to our cause. 

25: Flexi (pl. Flexies)

Any person who agrees with our theory and our cause, especially if such person identifies with our Sexual Predisposition. 

26: The Jolly Movement

JOY's continuing CRIES for Out Jollies with SPICE

[Sanctuary Pedophiles' for International Child Emancipation]. 

But, see 5: SPICE.  

27. Child Sexual CARE

This phrase is all about positive Jolly CARER Activism - Child Sexual CARE is not the same as Child Sexual Abuse (Abuse is an aberration). 

28: Jolly Sanctuary (pl. Jolly Sanctuaries)

Common term -synonymous with SPICE Sanctuary. 

29: Nature's biological blueprint

See 6: EROS

The absolute cover and prevalence of Intergenerational Age dynamics, in all ages, throughout mankind, explains nature's biological mandate to Jollies for introducing Joylove -- see PIERS.  

30: Make War - not Amour

This is the Jolly Slogan. 

The rigids of this world are engaged in an International War against us, and a legion of Jollies has arrived on cue.

We use mainly the most effective battle weapons we possess -- ideas and activism, in order to stage a rearguard action. Though we sustain some casualties, we pick up the pieces and help mend broken lives and spirits.

A few of us still stand to get our fingers burnt -- the nature of warfare, and an enemy which even tries to brush us with their flame -- but we won't play this paranoiac game. War is a terrible thing -- we are fighting for our pride, for the right to our existence, and for a LIFE free of Social Prejudice.  

31: The Common Sense Theory

Jollies espouse a Common Sense Theory for Nature's imposition of Sexual Pre-dispositional

Awareness into our hectic present day lives, presenting us with personal, socio-ethical problems.

As here applying to Jollies essentially, this theory would postulate that all human beings, irrespective of race, gender or orientation, are genetically predisposed to gravitate into two natural procreatively imposed LIFE Stages (any interference with this process could cause Sexual Repression and damage because of a child's inherent consensual empowerment), not one only, namely:

1. Primary Intergenerational Erotic Rehearsal Stage -PIERS, and

2. Secondary Generational Love Mating Stage.  

The PIERS Stage inclines towards EROS, and in this Stage (Proper), ages range from about 6 years until about the time when puberty commences.

The Secondary Stage inclines towards Love, and in this Stage (proper), ages range from about 20 - 44 years.

An integral part of each Stage is an allied Age Sector on the outer .

The central Age Sector is the Intermediate Bi-generational Experiential Courting Sector. This Sector inclines towards Experiential Eros (usually in accordance, however, with peer group socially perceived standard correctness, and missing a beat here could cause exaggerated problems later), and in this Sector ages range from about the time when puberty commences until about the age of 19 years.

Our position on a common genetic sexual spectrum for example is the crucial factor predisposing us to PIERS (that is, Jolliness). Children born with Sexual Predisposition to PIERS, tend to gravitate towards Adults of like Sexual Predisposition, and vice versa. Hence, the use of the word Reciprocal in CARER and CARE.

Child to child sexual interaction is not of the intrinsic nature of Rehearsal (see CARER and PIERS). Rehearsal, for the Child, for example, involves the critical area of finding oneself and learning (for example, experience of the degree of capacity to/for LOVE), with a congenial Adult partner or role model -- that is, a CARER.

Thus, in theory, nature has provided for sexual LOVE, and experience with loss and resilience therewith, for every Stage and Sector of LIFE. Jollism sets the Stage for emotional health etc., throughout LIFE. The main reason we need a more structured Activism now is to protest with real punch any genetic interference in this natural sequence.

Until such time as meaningful research proves otherwise, we will hold with this theory.  

32: A New Consciousness 

We are mindful of the words of Dr Deepak Chopra. He said 'LOVE is a healthy state to be in because it is essentially a spiritual experience.’

The most profound need that we have is LOVE -- it makes us truly human.

We are all going through a rough passage at present, fuelled by forces, mainly in the Western World, on a power trip. In these dire straits we Jollies place great trust in the treasured advice

of Dr Ralph Underwager (Paidika 1993), advice which he paid so dearly for proffering to us.  Dr Underwager said:  

“'Pedophiles' (from an academic), need to become more positive and make the claim that Pedophilia is an acceptable expression of God's Will for LOVE and Unity among human beings.”

This advice is the reason this Manifesto was written, and written in the form it now manifests. We will make an effort to 'become more positive', and to bridge two torrid Stages separating us from LOVE between the generations. Humanity will need every potential for LOVE that it can muster in the future if the forces of evil, terror, violence and mayhem are to be overcome -- and we will overcome. The Jolly Logo symbolizes the 'Unity' of essential esoteric revelation (see 12).  

Everyone knows what the views of the church are on sexuality per se. Although nothing has changed, the church has recently come undone in a major way (pedophilia), over this issue. 

Which leads us to the question that, if sexuality per se is of such monumental moral importance to the church, why is it that no guiding teaching on sexuality per se (let alone pedophilia), is recorded in the Gospels? If this is so, why is it that we note in the media constantly that we are the ones that had better finish up pronto in the depths of the sea with a millstone tied around our necks? Charitable stuff -- indeed. Sexuality per se has been just used down the ages by the church as a weapon, sadly, we believe -- wielded for spiritual and temporal power. As Lord Acton observed: 'Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.'  

No -- it is just not good enough. But this serious attempt by the church to wield their real backlash against our Spiritual integrity was the result of their unbalanced moral theology. It has happened, happily for us, exactly at the time of the flowering of A New (Age) Consciousness -- a time not for woe and foreboding, but a time for JOY worldwide -- ageless.

As regards this revolutionary spiritual Renaissance, there is no way that Jollies will ever need to accept an odd man out status on the basis of our Joylove Sexual Predisposition or any trumped-up conflict between sexuality per se and spirituality.  

In disillusion, immense numbers of people will turn away from formalized religion and embrace a LIFE in keeping with the Spirit of this New Age -- the birth of the New Millennium. Jollism is just an extension of what has already begun -- there is room in this inn while our agenda needs LIFE.  

This will be a time when scientific and medical research will make giant strides, when big changes take place at a quickening pace. Viral diseases will be conquered, with social/unity thinking changing rapidly. People will resent the law's intrusion into their private family affairs and the consequent heartache.  

The incest laws will be liberalized. Why try to enforce something that is impossible to police? (About 70% of present child sexual abuse occurs in the parent, family and relatives situation.)

This will then pave the way towards full (all because we're there), Child/Adult Emancipation,  with Jollies in the background -- necessary to assist, watch, be there to oversee this vital process to the degree they are able, because not the usual run-of-the-mill movement.  

33: Two Basic Requirements 

Jollies maintain that all human beings are inherently good, but unless the infant and child receives social justice -- in -- PEACE in two cultural indispensables, then human goodness is all but impossible, and violence, murder and mayhem will dog humanity, becoming an increasing nightmare for everybody, well into the future.  

The cardinal indispensable is primarily a general acknowledgment of the comprehensive wrong done, particularly to the younger age group, by Sexual Repression. Because the insidious scourge of Sexual Repression covers the whole gamut of the human family, the whole human family must be emancipated zero-up, and not simply one up-section of it, however deserving. Early Sexual Repression triggers off violence etc. in later life.

Two basic requirements, for human development and balance, must be given the attention they deserve, or nature will exact vengeance -- that is, violence (negative energy), 'nature abhors a vacuum'. ‘There is a time to every purpose under heaven', and 'nothing is as it seems'. It is imperative we get these two requirements right -- correct in time. These form the vital precursor, ensuring that everything associated, and ailing society, including physical and emotional child abuse, will come right subsequently (as regards to incidence). The No.1 Basic Requirement is the cardinal indispensable because International PEACE is dependent on the realization Internationally of both indispensables, and the ideal (satisfactory), International realization of No. 2 Requirement in turn is dependent on the No.1 successful outcome (that is, Child/Adult -- 'the Child is Father of the Man' -- Emancipation).  

All the world's peoples were indeed born free, but everywhere the sexually repressed (and chained), in the so-called free world have everyone else in the whole world also clapped in chains.

The Two Basic Requirements are:  

1. Mind, Body and Spirit: Freedom-relative, and in things sexual -- that is, sexpression and not repression -- from infancy. That is, freedom -- human sexual liberation -- as we see, far from harm to others, the end result could not be any more in the opposite direction -- we strongly proclaim this, as cardinally indispensable. In this area of LIFE -- balance and moderation. Adults must satisfy any observed socio-sexual craving rapport somehow, teaching appropriateness, particularly while the toddler's brain develops, until just below the age of puberty.

This is the one critical area where human beings have virtually never culturally and socially given themselves permission for the only adaptation that has the capacity for successful overall socio-cultural outcome for the LIFE of the race.  

2. A completion of the cardinal basic indispensable -- essential part of the non-dogmatic inner and outer fabric for social adjustment. Similar principles apply in the responsible manner of offering guidance to a child, and by way of participation therewith in the vital needs for LIFE and abundant LIFE -- eating, drinking, shelter, safety etc. earning respect, and also teaching LOVE, sociability and Spirituality (The Esoteric, knowledge, awareness and meditation, etc. --self hypnosis, if necessary -- 'we create our own reality', and happiness).

The Jolly Offering -- We are here, for contact, if required -

Yours for Love Is For Ever 

The Secretary [Signed]

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