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Number E 14, October 2002  

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Ethics and human rights in intergenerational relationships; ‘First, do no harm’, By Dr Frans Gieles


Report of the 15th Ipce Meeting

 1. The discussion about ethics




2. A mixture of themes Discussed during the meeting

a. Our host and guests


b. Frontline and background action


c. A broader look: other times & cultures


d. A paradigm shift, and so, a new model




3. Ipce decides about Ipce

Financial report; Report of the secretary; The Ipce Newsletter;


The public Ipce web; Internal communication; The Ipce teams;
About interviews;


Next meeting




4. Looking back on the meeting




Manifesto of JOY




Book reviews:

Moral Panic: Changing concepts of the child molester in modern America, by Philip Jenkins. &

Pedophiles on Parade: Volume 1: The monster in the media; Volume 2: The popular imagery of moral hysteria, by David Sonenschein.




Documentation Service List September 2002




Ipce is a forum for people who are engaged in scholarly discussion about the understanding and emancipation of mutual relationships between children or adolescents and adults.

 In this context, these relationships are intended to be viewed from an unbiased, non-judgmental perspective and in relation to the human rights of both the young and adult partners.

 Ipce meets once every one or two years in a different country, publishes a newsletter and a web site, co-ordinates the (electronic) exchange of texts and keeps an archive of specific written publications.  


Here you have the 14th electronically published Ipce Newsletter. Most of it is the report of the 15th Ipce Meeting.

 Ethics was one of the themes of the meeting. The first article, Ethics and human rights in intergenerational relationships; ‘First, do no harm’, gives the result of several years of discussion. The article is followed by the report of the discussion at this meeting. 

Of the following mixture of themes, one especially asks for our attention: the paradigm shift that is going on now, from ‘emancipation’ as main theme to ‘living together’ as the headline. 

Then, you will read about the decisions taken by the meeting. One of them is to maintain this Newsletter in a paper version and in the electronic version on the public Ipce web site. 

What follows, is a “Manifesto of JOY”, sent to Ipce for publication in this Newsletter. As the Secretary, I have received several earlier versions of this Manifesto. Because they all were handwritten in a very tiny font, I could scarcely read them and I have asked for a shorter and better readable version that could be scanned. Well, here it is. The Manifesto is remarkable because of its specific use of an own language, which makes it difficult to read. 

Back to normal use of language in the two book reviews we are allowed to republish here. Both books, Jenkin’s and Sonenschein’s book, describe the creation of a special social construct, named “the child molester”.  

As usual, a list of documents is at the end of the Newsletter. It is a short list, because most documents and articles are directly placed on the Ipce web site. Thus, the ‘real Newsletter’ is the section “What is New?” on the Ipce web site.  

This web site has had more than 14,000 visitors since the counter has been renewed on January 28, 2002 – more than 50 visitors each day. 

As you will read in the report, the Meeting has asked me to continue my work as your Secretary and Webmaster,



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