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MARTIJN present at the Belgian Lesbian and Gay Pride

MARTIJN Association at the BLGP MARTIJN Association, a platform for discussion about pedophilia, is present at the BLGP (Belgian Lesbian and Gay Pride) to plead for the emancipation of pedophiles.

Pedophilia is a preference. Pedophiles feel mainly attracted, including sexually, to prepubescent children of either or both sexes. This attraction does not imply an action. It is no abuse of or 'sex with' children. It is neither an extreme urge against which resistance is impossible.

Most child rapists are absolutely no pedophiles, but situational molesters, usually heterophiles. The other way around, by far most pedophiles are no rapists.

Freddy Thielemans, mayor of Brussels City, writes in his invitation to the BLGP that each human being has a right to respect and esteem. We hope that for him the same goes for pedophiles who give shape to their feelings in a befitting manner. The BLGP organization puts on its website (www.blgp.be) in its "list of demands 2004" that gay and lesbian people support the fight against each form of discrimination on the basis of e.g. age and sexual orientation. We hope they thereby also think of pedophiles (and of children).


The way in which politics deals with the subject "pedophilia" and the one-sided coverage in the media lead to demonization of all pedophiles. For most pedophiles it is terribly painful to read press reports with headlines such as: "Pedophile rapes child". Not only because of what has happened, but also because all pedophiles get bad credit. Press reports never contain headlines such as: "Heterophile rapes woman".

Once again: most child rapists are absolutely no pedophiles, but situational molesters, usually heterophiles. The other way around, by far most pedophiles are no rapists.

Manneken Pis

Today, Manneken Pis, the emblem of Brussels, wears a Pride-costume of designer Jonathan Bernard. Manneken Pis is a small bronze statue that serves as a fountain, but... it is also a nude little boy. This makes one think. We want to present you with a question:

Is it always undesirable for children to experience physical pleasure?

What we stand for

MARTIJN Association, founded in 1982, is a platform for discussion about pedophilia. MARTIJN Association fights for the social and societal acceptance of child-adult relationships. In relationships between children and adults that are experienced as pleasant, possible physical intimacy should not have to be a problem. In relation to this physical intimacy, MARTIJN Association proposes four guidelines, namely:

Consent of both child and adult.

Openness towards the parents of the child.

Freedom for the child to withdraw from the relationship at any moment.

Harmony with the child's development.

MARTIJN Association is for the objective, scientifically verifiable truth and against political terror and discrimination. It is a platform for everyone who wants to offer a counterbalance to the dogma that children and youngsters are harmed by friendships and loving intimacy with older persons.

The text of this flyer is also available on-line, at: http://www.martijn.org/info/Pride_EN_2004.html

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