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 Number E 17, August 2004  

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A Statement: 
Ethics and intimacy in intergenerational relationships ;  
‘First, do no harm’ ; by Dr Frans Gieles


Report of the 16th Ipce Meeting, May 2004

  1 Members Speak Out
  2 Presentation and proposals
  3 Internal Ipce Matters
  4 Discussion about Ethics 
  5 Discussion about Depression 
  6 Evaluation of the Meeting 



Psychiatric Association Debates Lifting Pedophilia Taboo, By Lawrence Morahan, CNSNews.com, June 11, 2003  


Online Sex Abuse Cases Not Characterized by Deception, Abduction and Force, Research Shows; Findings From National Sample of Law Enforcement Agencies Indicates That Current Prevention Efforts Emphasizing On-Line Deception May Be Missing Their Mark; by Kimberly Mitchell, Ph.D., Janis Wolak, M.A., J.D. & David Finkelhor, Ph.D., APA, August 1, 2004

  3 Extreme sentences demanded, mild court, By JON
  4 MARTIJN Association at the Belgian Lesbian and Gay Pride 
  5 The Moralist 

Documentation List June-August 2004



Ipce is a forum for people who are engaged in scholarly discussion about the understanding and emancipation of mutual relationships between children or adolescents and adults.

 In this context, these relationships are intended to be viewed from an unbiased, non-judgmental perspective and in relation to the human rights of both the young and adult partners.
Ipce meets once every one or two years in a different country, publishes a newsletter and a web site, co-ordinates the (electronic) exchange of texts and keeps an archive of specific written publications.  


In the Dutch Newsletter of the Association MARTIJN, web sites are mentioned and commented on. About Ipce’s web site was said that is has an excellent and extended library. The commentator was amazed about the openness of Ipce in the reports of its meetings. The commentator strongly advised to read our Newsletters and our reports because important issues are discussed there in an open atmosphere and a high level.  

Well, here is our next Newsletter with the report of our 16th meeting in May 2003 in Hamburg, Germany. Every meeting has its own atmosphere. For example, at the meeting in Athens, 1998, there were only a few members but they have taken wise decisions. The meeting in Berlin, 2001, was said to be very inspiring and encouraging, while the meeting in Rotterdam, 2002, was said to be a bit dull or boring. Now, 2004, it was not boring. There was a fruitful tension between the young participants, who wanted Action Now! and the older members who want to think at first.  

One of the topics was a problem I often had to face in circles of those who speak about relationships between children or adolescents and adult: depression. Also among Ipce members, depressions were mentioned. It seems to be the bad news and the rejection by society that make one depressed, which on turn might lead to a feeling of isolation, which on turn will strengthen the depression. But depression comes from the inside. The best way to cope with it is talking with friends, thus to have friends, thus to form and maintain groups.  

That is what Ipce does: continuing its existence. Ipce has more than 90 members now in about twenty countries. Members talk with each other and gather good articles which may inspire others. By doing so, we try to support and inspire national and local groups, and individuals. By gradually expanding our web site, we inform the people who have serious interest in science and opinions.  

In the course of time, several “Dear webmaster” letters have been received. On the web site, a new section will give a selection of those letters. And gradually, update by update, overviews by subject will appear on the web.  

In the section ‘Articles’ of this Newsletter, you will find remarkable discussions within, and findings of APA researchers, as well as two messages from Dutch groups that clearly are able to survive and not to be depressed.  

I also am not suffering from a depression. I will continue to work as your secretary and webmaster,




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