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2. Presentations and proposals

a. Evolution or Extinction
A New Direction for a New Millennium, by Sir John
b. Effective Use of the Media 
Quote from the book 
c. Again: Use of the Media
A proposal from a Danish member 
d. Proposal from Jay Baskins
This Too Is Love
web site 
e. Discussion and decisions 

a. Evolution or Extinction,
A New Direction for a New Millennium
by Sir John

A video compilation: "British Justice" shown as an introduction to the seriousness of the escalating anti-pedophile hysteria in 21st Century Britain.

This demonstrates how British 'justice' has operated in "Operation Ore". Hundreds of people who were accused of downloading child pornography were suddenly arrested by a small army of armed policemen who forcefully broke into their houses. Their homes were wrecked and their lives [were] destroyed - they lost their job, their income, family, friends and their freedom. A detective in charge of the operation said that it has been proved that people who download such pictures are very likely to become abusers later on - which is not true. We saw the same detective instructing police officers to act respectfully against the arrested, but the images we saw told the opposite story. 

John has gathered a lot of documentation of the way police 'protect the children' against the great danger of 'serial pedophiles' – predominantly people who only had downloaded some pictures. This is common and daily practice in the UK, and this trend will go on. Many people are constantly monitored by police or media. The public takes revenge. There was an arson attack on the home of a known pedophile, which he shares with his elderly parents. The father was injured whilst escaping, and they were all lucky to escape alive. The offender admitted to the crime, and that he knew the premises were occupied, yet only got only eight years, where a longer sentence would be expected. Any sexual act can lead to lifelong imprisonment, while  a drunken driver who kills people - murder - get only one or two years. 

A short lecture

John presented a summary of the related paper, "Evolution or Extinction?, and shortly before the meeting sent it to the secretary. Due to the lack of a photocopier at our meeting place – and, in a moment of forgetfulness from the secretary, there was only one specimen of the paper present. Here it follows in full: 

Evolution or Extinction – A New Direction for a New Millennium

Twenty five years have now passed since the relentless campaign of hatred and spite against so-called "pedophiles" began in earnest in the United States, spreading initially to Britain, then to Europe, Australasia, and eventually all continents. Whilst the increasing offensives from numerous flourishing organisations - and the individuals who are their driving force - have evolved over the decades, the 'victims' of these attacks remain on the defensive, using basically the same old arguments and methods in the increasingly despondent hope that reason and enlightenment will triumph over prejudice, ignorance, and loathing.

Advances in technology have greatly assisted the "pedophobes" in gaining a strategic advantage in the monitoring, persecution, entrapment, and eventual prosecution of individuals and organisations. With the exception of the use of computer technology for the exchange of information, and the creation, distribution and encryption of "pornography", the victims of these tyrannical xenophobes have remained in the 'dark ages' of the 1970's when honesty and rational debate were virtues.         

Blatant lying and deception by politicians, journalists and 'academics' has now become so commonplace in western democracies that it is expected and accepted. The consequences when they are caught and exposed are becoming so small that they no longer act as a deterrent. What do we have to offer in return? Truth and reason - but does anyone want to listen? To hell with the trust! 

Instead of responding to negative comments and defending inter-generational relationships, perhaps it would be better for us to ask the questions, and lead attention away from the so-called "predatory paedophile" to the issue of child sexuality, and forms of child abuse perpetrated by the State. 

Why do children actively seek sexual contact not only with their peers, but also with adults? 

What action is the State taking to deal with predatory children who are intelligent and determined enough to use technology in the pursuit of knowledge and sexual experimentation? 

Why do children deliberately enter Internet chat rooms which they know are sexually explicit and may lead to a physical encounter? 

What about the widespread "abuse" of children by adults who are not paedophiles? 

What are Governments doing to protect children from the serious harm caused by passive smoking, careless and drunken drivers, domestic violence, bullying at school, and exploitation by ruthless advertising campaigns? 

Surveys conducted in the UK show that children are far more concerned about violent and psychological abuse at home and being bullied at school than "Internet paedophiles" (is this a new species?), or the very low probability of being harmed by a physical encounter with a sexual "predator". 

It is said that "attack" is the best form of "defence", and I have personally found this to be correct. Politicians, State Authorities and journalists rest assured that at last they have found a minority group that they can persecute without fear of retaliation or support from other sections of the community. In the infrequent cases where others do come forward in support of intergenerational relationships, they come under severe attack on their personal integrity, and risk losing their jobs. 

It is therefore no surprise that these courageous, open-minded and rational persons are now falling silent. If, however, the integrity of the persecutors is seriously questioned, their hypocrisy concerning child welfare is exposed, and the financial fortunes that are made at public expense are revealed, they will be more concerned with defending themselves than attacking us. How sincere is the United States Government in protecting children from sexual "abuse" when their agents orchestrate the rape of Iraqi boys held in prison without trial? Those responsible must pay dearly for their crimes.

 We must no longer fear the state - Let the state fear us, not because of what they believe we do to their children, but because of what they know we can do them. Humiliate them, just as they humiliate us.

For 25 years we have suffered the rejection and misrepresentation of our beliefs and culture. We are deprived freedom of speech, liberty and justice. However, that is now the least of our problems - the persecution has now entered its next stage. As with Christians, Jews, Homosexuals, Communists, Black people and "Witches" the baying mob wants blood. Many of us now fear for our lives, not just our liberty.

Over the past few years there has been an alarming number of murders of alleged "paedophiles". These cases receive little, if any, attention from the media, and when they are reported, there do not appear to be any further reports about the prosecution and conviction of those responsible. The murder of persons convicted of a sexual crime involving a child are alarming enough, however there have been several murders of persons who have not been convicted of any crime against a child, but have faced allegations. In one case a man was murdered after being found not guilty of malicious allegations - he was exonerated. Equally disturbing is the increase in the number of suicides by men accused of sexual crimes against children, and not convicted. In some of these cases the individuals have not even been charged with an offence or prosecuted, yet apparently the stigma of being accused of such a crime, and the abuse to which they are subjected has driven them to take their own lives.            

It is a situation which is heading in the direction of a 'holocaust', and if we do not evolve and adapt to the new world environment, we are in danger of extinction. I believe that it is time for a new direction - new policies and tactics, adapted to deal with the immense changes that have occurred in our society during the past decade. The very nature of Ipce needs to be re-thought. The only hope for the future is to forge alliances with different groups in society. For example, the former support from Gay groups has been almost completely lost. We must ask why, and what we can do to regain their support, and also how can we persuade others to listen, learn, and begin to accept the basic concepts which form the foundation of our beliefs and aspirations.

Diversity is the key to the survival of life on this planet, and I believe that it is the key to the survival of Nature's "insurance" -paedophilia. By embracing a wide number of issues which concern the welfare and education of the young, there will be less opportunity for adversaries to stigmatise, criticise, attack and condemn our culture and beliefs. "Paedophile" groups and organisations must go, to be replaced with "Foundations", "Institutes" or "Academies" concerned with all aspects of the young and their role in society. This can include technology, health, recreation, communication, the arts and the effect of the environment and pollution on the development of the young. The subject of child sexuality and inter-generational relationships being just one of the many subjects researched and debated. 

 Campaign instead for a better understanding of the young, and role they play in society - their aspirations, individuality, and the right to make decisions for themselves. With Rights come Responsibilities. Societies outside of Western culture achieve this through "initiation rites", and this may hold the answer to the Western problem of escalating crime and antisocial behaviour among those trapped in the "no-mans-land" between the onset of puberty and the attainment of legal rights at varying ages.

Turn our adversaries' propaganda against them - accuse them of child "abuse" through their denial of basic human rights to the young - we should all be free to explore and express our beliefs, culture and sexuality in peaceful harmony regardless of colour, race, gender - and age.

Some of these topics have been discussed in various forums, however the emphasis of Ipce and other similar groups is on sexual relationships between adults and the young. As long as this area remains at the top of the debate, the hostile attacks will continue... and increase in their ferocity. In order to ensure our survival we must evolve and adapt to the changing climate of the 21st Century, or accept the fact that extinction is just around the corner.


In the US, 20,000 people were accused of downloading child pornography in "Operation Landslide". However, Landslide was not a service for child pornography, but only a service to pay by the Internet. Only a few clients had factually downloaded child pornography. Moreover, a lot of pictures were not pornography at all. 

A kind of paranoia seems to have spread itself over the Anglo-Saxon states. The authorities create it; the media support it. If the media do not swallow it, then the public will not react in the way they do.. Large sections of the media present unnamed scientists or other 'experts' constantly to assert how dangerous sexuality is in childhood and how dangerous "a pedophile" is. 

The tabloids describe many kinds of sexuality below the age of sixteen as "pedophilia", which becomes the equivalent of a future murder. The murderer of an adolescent, without any sexual motive, has been called "a pedophile". Anybody who speaks positively about childhood sexuality is seen in the same way. Such a person will quickly see his or her face in the newspapers and may soon hear the knock on the door. One loses house, job, relations and children. This happened, for instance, to a lawyer who had defended people who had only some naturist pictures. He had the same pictures in his possession for the defence. In the US, a picture of a child in the bathtub will be enough. There, everyone, even if one is not convicted, has to register himself. 

So, do not be surprised by the high number of suicides and even murder of 'pedophiles'. Sir John has documentation about eight cases of murder, including murder of unconvicted people. 

Thus, says John, we have to turn the tables and go on to the attack instead of only defending. We should raise different issues. We should attack language use like "predator", which is associated with a beast of prey, an animal, not a human. We should point towards the top of the lists of problems children say they have. At the top are: quarrels and other problems with parents and peers - not pedophiles. Most children are killed by cars, drugs and passive smoking - not by 'sexual predators', who nevertheless are at the head in the list of rules and regulations to protect children. If a 'pedophile' offence is not a murder of the body, he will still be punished heavily because he is called "a murderer of the soul", which is worse. 

Thus, raise the issues that are real dangers for children. Lay the issue of sexuality aside and concentrate on the real dangers. Sexuality functions as a concrete wall. There are a lot of organizations that have an eye for those real dangers. Thus, join such organizations and political parties, be political active over a broad range. All those organizations need active people and people who are able to take leadership. There are human rights associations and committees. Work for child emancipation, not especially for emancipation of inter-generational relationships. 

Three examples

An example is NAVSCIP, the National Association for Victims of State Corruption, Intimidation and Persecution. As a consultant for this Association, Sir John attended a public conference organised by the National Probation Service (a section of the Government Home Office) concerning prisoners who are just released and often not have a house or an income. The theme of this conference was the housing of sex offenders. A well known ped-hunter , Ray Wyre, was a guest speaker, and he was wreckless enough to make statements concerning a high-profile child murder trial which had recently begun. Mr Wyre gave information which was sub judice, and subject to a ban on public disclosure. Sir John submitted a complaint to the Attorney General’s Office, together with a tape recording of the speech as evidence. As this was evidence of possible contempt of court and an attempt to pervert the course of justice, the Attorney General was obliged to conduct a thorough investigation of Mr Wyre, and also the Home Office which was responsible for the conference.

One of the topics at that conference was: "Should one separate 'predator' and 'victim' definitively? Sir John pleaded in favour of bringing them together and clearing the air by speaking out their feelings, listening to each other and reconciling both parties. 

Another Ipce member organized a conference about Human Rights in Denmark. This conference has had influence on politics and jurisdiction. 

A further example can be found in the book The Moralist. The plot in this novel tells us that the leading character in the book, Red Rover, becomes active after a friend of his was accused, by an alcoholic mother, of child sexual abuse, while factually it was a purely consensual relationship. Still not convicted, his friend loses his house because it is fired and he has to flee fromthe city. The plot tells us that Red accidentally has an encounter with the nephew of the other leading character of the book, Mister Barnett, who is The Moralist himself. The nephew has a tape in which he is sexually abused by The Moralist himself. Nephew Bill and Red Rover go to the media and hand over the tape. In an interview with the media, Red accuses the so-called Sexual Abuse Industry and their witch-hunt for violating human rights under the banner of protecting children. "Tomorrow, they may knock on your door", Red ends the interview. 

Thus, Red used the media in an effective way. This was the next topic of the Meeting. 

b. Effective Use of the Media

The example of Red Rover, the leading character in the novel The Moralist, given above, is good. In an interview with one of the media, the interviewer has his or her own agenda. You should know and realize that this agenda has only one word: sex. This is a pitfall. Speaking about sex does not work. So, it does not work to follow their short agenda. Thus, simply do not reply their questions, usually put in 'negative words', and go to the attack to set your own agenda and put it in 'positive words'. This is what Red Rover did in the novel in a TV interview:

"They say your real agenda is to normalize sex between adults and children."

"No, my agenda is truth and justice and common sense. I want to end the insanity of this witch-hunt, so we can look at this sensitive issue with clearer, more reasonable eyes. 

Your agenda might have topics like


Human rights,

Freedom of expression,

Civil rights,

The right to personal relationships, and

The right to hug one's own children.

Quote from the book

Here is a quote from The Moralist (page 468-470 in the first edition, page ...-... in the second edition) in full.

          Red sat across from a youngish woman, pretty in the face with long sandy hair falling to her shoulders, but too skinny, her once soft girlish features turning sharp and her voice low and masculine. TV journalism did this to women; it turned them into skinny men with tits.

          "Mr. Rover, where did you get that tape?"

          "As a journalist, I'm sure you understand the importance of protecting the confidentiality of your sources, Ms. Taylor, but I can tell you that the tape has been verified as authentic. Even more important than the specifics of Bull Barnett's personal behavior, the tape exposes the hypocrisy of the witch-hunt hysteria that has gripped this country for twenty years, destroying the lives of thousands of decent people. I know of one young gay man who was prosecuted for his relationship with his sixteen-year-old lover. They were living together with the parents’ knowledge and approval. After his prosecution, he was forced to go to sex offender school and to post a sex offender sign outside his home; as a result, vigilantes burned his house down. To me that's wrong, and I'm speaking out against it."

          "Mr. Barnett's people are saying this is a smear campaign cooked up by the international pedophile conspiracy. Are you part of that conspiracy?" 

          "That's nonsense; it doesn't exist. The only conspiracy I know of is the witch-hunt conspiracy that's been going on in this country for twenty years, and spreading around the world. It's an industry now, based on money and phony science. There's a legitimate study published in the Journal of the American Society of Psychiatrics that exposes that phony science, and the witch-hunt conspiracy is doing everything they can to discredit it, because they don't want people to know that their hysteria is based on a foundation of myths, lies, and hypocrisy. 
           "Regarding Mr. Barnett, I wish he' d been more honest with himself about the reality of his own boy-love feelings and the important role that plays in our culture. Socrates, Michelangelo, Shakespeare, Goethe, and Tchaikovsky were all boy lovers, and I could name you twenty more. Lord Bayden Powell who founded the Boy Scouts. James Barrie who wrote Peter Pan. The American writer Horatio Alger, who wrote the famous stories for boys that Richard Nixon used to love so much. You want me to keep going?"

          "How did the tape come into your possession?"

          "It was purely by coincidence. After verifying that it was real, I released it to the press, because I want to expose the hypocrisy of the witch-hunt conspiracy. Bull Barnett has been an instrumental force in that conspiracy. "

          "So you wanted to 'get' Bull Barnett."

          "No, I want to expose the web of lies and injustice of which he is a part. Most people don't realize the damage this hysteria has done to our civil rights. Did you know that now you can be arrested for taking nude pictures of your own children ... teachers are afraid to touch their students, fathers are afraid to touch their sons ... people are being locked up in prisons and mental institutions for life, long after they have served out their sentences ... you can be arrested for drawing a picture of a nude child. It's insane, and don't think that this doesn't concern you, because the police and prosecutors are very adept at expanding these powers into other areas of law. If drawings are illegal, why not writing? Maybe we'll be burning books next. The witch-hunt hysterics are already advocating that. It's time that we woke up to what's going on here, before it's too late ..."

           He looked directly into the camera,

           ". ..before the jackbooted thugs kick down your door. Don't be so sure it can't happen. It can and will."

          "They say your real agenda is to normalize sex between adults and children."

          "No, my agenda is truth and justice and common sense. I want to end the insanity of this witch-hunt, so we can look at this sensitive issue with clearer, more reasonable eyes. Other cultures have idealized these kinds of relationships as a blending of devotion and teaching into a higher form of love - the ancient Greeks, medieval Persia, seventeenth-century Japan, not to mention all the primitive societies. We are the ones who are out of step with a natural phenomenon that has existed throughout human history."

          "That sounds like you believe that pedophilia is okay."

          "I believe it's a much more complex issue than that, and as long as we are consumed with this witch-hunt mentality, we're not going to get anywhere except to ruin the lives of decent caring people and shred our own civil rights in the process."

          "But haven't you ruined the life of a decent, caring man by releasing this tape?"

          "No; ... like I said, I wish Mr. Barnett had been more honest with himself and with us. He has led the charge in this witch-hunt, when he himself is a boy lover. That's hypocrisy. That's dishonest. And it's symptomatic of the dishonesty of the entire witch-hunt conspiracy."

          She started to ask another question, but he cut her short,

          "Thanks, Valerie. That oughta be enough. You got some good sound bites there."

          "But I had some more questions."

          Unclipping the mike,

          "What? What could you possibly ask me that I haven't already answered?"

         "Are you a member of any pedophile organizations?"

        "No, I'm an artist and a citizen concerned about this threat to our constitutional freedoms of thought and expression."

          "But you write for a pedophile magazine."

          "I write for a magazine that discusses boy-love issues. It's an opportunity to express my views, the same as talking to you now."

          "And your name appears on an international e-mail list of pedophiles; isn't that evidence of a conspiracy?"
         "No, it's like-minded people sharing their thoughts. You see where this is going? You're trying to indict people for what they think and who they hang around with. That is the death knell of our constitutional freedoms in America."

          "So you write for a pedophile magazine, your name is on a pedophile e-mail list, you speak on pedophile topics, why are you afraid to admit that you are a pedophile?"

          Red smiled,

         "I'm not. I'm a boy lover. So is Bull Barnett. The only difference between us is that he doesn't admit it. Instead he launched a campaign against it. That doesn't make sense to me. I guess you'll have to ask him to sort it out, and I'm sure someone will. Thanks, Valerie. I appreciate the opportunity to have my say."

         With a big grin, he stood up and stepped off the stage.

c. Again: Use of the Media
A proposal from a Danish member

Regrettably, this member was ill, so he was not able to take part in the meeting. Before, he had written:

Alternative Internet TV & Internet Radio - for us. 

Below are some examples of Internet Alternative Media that might inspire us to acquire similar Internet tools for our struggle. For example concerning, amongst other things, the struggle for freedom of speech and for the right to organize, which is what the Danish group has been denied in practice due to social and media pressure. None of these examples you can see below has, however, anything to do with sexual politics, which of course is a pity in itself, but nevertheless .... examples they are. However, I do think there lies a future strategy for us here.

With the joint efforts of Ipce, I'm sure that we have the capacity to, amongst other things,  create Internet streaming TV & Radio. I've talked with our mutual friends in Denmark on this matter and it is confirmed that it is a very realistic project indeed. 

I know I personally want to create Internet streaming TV & Radio and that I'll get it if I live long enough. Even concerning this future streaming Internet TV I've already had some success. But why don't we all get together and do the same thing as soon as possible? The more of us who get involved in this project the easier it will be for everyone. 

A pertinent question: 
What is in it for Ipce? What can Internet TV & Internet Radio do that Ipce currently/at present cannot do? 

One very good example is: 
If we had had Internet TV at the time of "The Rotterdam Report" some years ago

(which by the way, as we all know, was very poorly covered by the media & actually only mentioned in Holland) 

[the writer refers to: Rind, B., Bauserman, R. & Tromotitch, Ph.,
An Examination of Assumed Properties of Child Sexual Abuse Based on Nonclinical Samples, Paper presented to the symposium sponsored by the Paulus Kerk, Rotterdam, The Netherlands, on the 18th of December 1998.]

then we would have had our own permanent media outlet which every country in the world would have had access to. If that had been the case then, then we would have, to a very large extent, become independent of the established media censorship - we would now have been on the road to winning the media battle of freedom of speech & freedom of expression and fair communications. 

Having a potentially popular permanent archives for the world to see would be an incomparably more powerful tool than anything we've ever seen so far. I am not degrading the Ipce scientific written research documents in any way, which I know is the hard core substance everything else is built upon, but what I am saying is that reaching large numbers of people is the potential virtue of Internet TV & Internet Radio. So lets supplement the Ipce archives with Internet TV & Internet Radio. 

People like Brongersma who went on Dutch TV & Bill Andriette who went on the Larry King Show are splendid demonstrable proof that we have people who are willing to come forth publicly which of course is the essence of TV & Radio. I too am ready to go public if there is any desire or need for this - even as soon as our May meeting if no one else is inclined to do so at present and if there is a consensus in favor of such step. 

Check this out if you have time: 
Overview of Great International Alternative Internet TV, Internet Radio, Internet Newspapers and Internet Magazines: 

Check it out at = http://www.just-well.dk/overview.htm

Freedom TV - Alternative Media Outlet TV Industrialpolitics.com 
Check it out at = http://www.just-well.dk/overview.htm

InfoWars & The Voice of Freedom - Click here 
- chat with others watching the same feed as you RIGHT NOW 
Check it out at = http://www.just-well.dk/overview.htm 

Internet Magazine The Torch - in English: Click here 
Check it out at = http://www.just-well.dk/overview.htm

Internet Newspaper Truth Out - in English: Click here 
Check it out at = http://www.just-well.dk/overview.htm

South Africa "Talk Radio" 
Check it out at = http://www.just-well.dk/overview.htm

Please download free Winamp for the best access to and overview of the best international alternative Internet TV & Radio in the world 
Check it out at = http://www.just-well.dk/overview.htm

Home = http://www.just-well.dk/overview.htm

d. Proposal from Jay Baskins: This Too Is Love web site

This proposal is already published in the Ipce Newsletter # E 16, May 2004. To quote it shortly:

I would like to see a web site opened that would be called "This Too Is Love." In it, biographical, auto-biographical, and fictional accounts men and boys who have loved each other would be made available to the general public. Some of the accounts might contain fairly graphic material, and some not. But it would not be a site for erotica. 

I would like to this site be a place where current writings sent in for publication would be considered along with some older pieces of writing. It would contain both fiction and auto-biography, and perhaps even some research that was done from a narrative perspective (such as Sandfort's). 

e. Discussion and decisions

Streaming Internet Radio & TV?

This kind of publication via the Internet asks for special software, for making it as well as for downloading it. It asks for a great bandwidth, thus for a good provider - and supposedly for quite a lot of money. How to find a provider for 'sensitive content'? Wouldn’t the site quickly be removed? 

The content has to be broad: "Boy Love" as a theme does not work; "Human rights" will be better. Lots of people are active for civil rights, and there are good critical scientists. One does not see them on TV; one has to go to the library. But how to find people to make clips, how to find people who want to appear before the camera, how to make enough programs for one or two hours each day? 

It seems to be better to make a small start by making clips on a video or a cd-rom. Three members said they would make contact with the Danish member. 

This Too Is Love web site

Good idea. Books, sites and shows with true stories told by people are quite popular. People tell their story or narrative, others recognize it. The NAMBLA booklet "Boys Speak Out" was quite popular and had to be reprinted. Providers accept true stories. Such a web site already exists, but this is more or less pornographic, which we do not want. The webmaster will make contact with Jay Baskins. He will ask Jay to start on the content, Ipce's web master will manage the technical side of the job. 

Turn the tables, use the media

Indeed, there is much hypocrisy in society, and there are a lot of groups and sites that expose this, especially anti-conservative groups expose the hypocrisy of the conservatives. They attack their enemies by exposing their actual activities. 

"Enemy", "war" ... For some of us this means a change in our way of thinking. We are not used to these concepts, and some members protest against this way of thinking, because one should not do the same as one's opponents. Can you combat fire with fire? Others say "Don’t be willing to offer the other cheek." For example, from the UK was said: "It is war in Britain!". If I am attacked, I will fight back. 

But "war" and "enemy" are metaphors. The 'enemies' are not concrete people, such as policemen, but a mindset: ideas, trends, feelings, laws, practices, political power - that factually can destroy the lives of people. Do not attack people, but ideas. Do not attack society as a whole, because we are also part of the same society. Attack certain ideas.

Assert, for example, that curtailing free expression of thoughts does not, in fact, protect any child. Describe what is really happening in the so-called treatment centres for offenders - people do not know about this; they are frightened if they hear it. Tell people what the state does not do for the welfare of children, and what states do in practice against that welfare. Talk about the lack of prenatal care for the poor. Make data bases of all this, ready to use them if needed.

OK, another member said, good ideas, but now the action! Who're gonna do this? We discuss a lot of details here; we hear and say a lot of words, but we need action! However, another said, for good action one needs to discuss all details.

Further, Ipce is not an action group but only a forum. People might be inspired by ideas and take action themselves or in their own groups. An appeal for action has been heard at several Ipce meetings, especially by the young people. But Ipce meetings have inspired people to undertake their own actions themselves. This is especially said about the Berlin Meeting in 2001. The same might happen now, albeit difficult times now. The German and Dutch people are still shocked about what has happened. But we might help each other.

A member who had to leave before the close of the meeting bid his farewells, pleading for the continuing production of books, articles and web sites for access by the public. And he reminded us not to forget writing to the newspapers as well as the importance of mutual help.

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