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6. Evaluation of the Meeting

"I was the one who reported my depression at the start of this meeting. Now, I feel better and even a bit optimistic. What we do has meaning, it is realistic and wise. 
It was important to see each other, to speak with each other, even to be corrected. 
I appreciate that there were no piles of papers or resolutions during this meeting: no votes but talks and encounters."

"This is my second Ipce Meeting. I learn a lot of things here that feed my artistic work. Ipce feeds me with information and ideas. Here are the people who can change society. Do not only look at the aggression of society, but also see yourself fighting against the same. Sharing this was incredibly encouraging for me."

"Nice to see most of you again, the regular customers in Ipce's meetings as well as new faces. Thanks to our hosts. I am content with this conference."

"I have mostly listened. I am not very good in discussing matters, but for me it was very interesting and inspiring."

"Thanks for inviting me to this meeting, it was my first Ipce meeting. I am glad to have met the people behind the names and messages. I have learnt new ideas and new perspectives."

"Also for me it was the first meeting. It was good and interesting. Thanks to our hosts and also thanks to Frans for his way of leading the discussions. Sometimes he had to keep one person or another in check. I will do what I can and hope to be present next year."

"For me, it is the fourth meeting. I appreciate the possibility to meet people and to exchange ideas. I still have hope: also bad experiences, as they were told from several countries, may lead to good things."

"Thanks to our hosts, yes. Young people here complained more or less 'nothing happens, we want action', but these meetings, most or all of which I have shared, create a context in which something can happen. I also thank Frans for his moderating the discussions - and moderating me now and then."

"My expectations have mostly come true: meeting people, gathering information and discussing practical strategies. More is not possible. It has inspired me. The discussions on the Internet, the papers here(at this Conference), and the encounters; this all works. Discussion asks for time, more time factually than we had. In that case, preparation and papers may be helpful."

"I was pleased to meet you again. It gives me the feeling of 'you are not alone'. We are, in our group, active on the local and national level. Now I have heard about other countries. So, I enjoyed the possibility to make plans and create ideas. It was good to also speak about those depressions. I know what they are. Maybe I am too quickly frustrated if people promise things but do nothing. For myself, I always want to keep my word, and do what I have promised. But I know and have heard that depressions may hinder people from keeping their promises."

"This was my third meeting. Here, in Germany, we have had a difficult year. But I was glad to see and meet you here."

"My impression is good. It was my first meeting. My English is not very good to understand each detail. Thanks for translating now and then by several people. My priority is to work in my own city. For this work, I have acquired ideas."

"I was glad to be here. I am content about this meeting. Because of all the problems in my country and group, I had only short time for preparation, but encounter is more important than prepared papers. The meeting in Berlin was said to be very inspiring; the meeting in Rotterdam was said to be a bit boring, but now, the 17th Ipce Meeting, I hear again 'inspiring'. For me, the encounters are the most important, more, indeed, than papers and resolutions. I prefer discussion above votes and formal decisions. I prefer diversity of ideas. I am glad to see here grey hairs as well as young faces, regular visitors as well as new people. Thanks for the translations made during the meeting, thanks to our hosts.

Vorige Start Omhoog Volgende