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Dear Ipce

Being a member of Ipce since several years ago, I feel not to have benefited much from the texts in your Newsletter (except occasionally, to know what is going on in the boy-love world scene), as I think that, at least to some extent, you are preaching to us as the converts.

In fact, I would be most pleased if any of your contributors could let us your readers know what can we all do in practical terms so that man-boy love or pederasty be soon fully accepted by an artificial Western society and by many of its individuals who visibly continue rejecting it by law and by mentality, in some cases the situation becoming even worse than before.

That action would not include, in my case, the publicizing of your Newsletter, for I don't agree with the leftist bias of some or much of its contents. I am interested instead in a White nationalist approach to boy-love, which I see as a legitimate part of our best and genuine European tradition, at least since Ancient Greece, having in mind the elitist and racist Nordic society of Ancient Sparta, where pederasty was the norm.

I would be glad if you could print this letter of mine in your Newsletter, and I look forward to your sound advice.

From now thankful, sincerely yours, [sign].


Dear member

Ipce does more than publicizing this Newsletter. The paper Newsletter is only a service to those members who have no internet connection. Ipce has and maintains also an extensive library on its web site. Ipce also has an internal discussion forum for active members. This forum functions by the internet. Once a year there is a meeting to discuss in person and to decide about the course and policy of Ipce. Thus, do not expect the world will change through Ipce's Newsletter, and even not by Ipce anyway.

Ipce is a forum, not an action group. Taking action is up to the members themselves in their own situation and for their own responsibility. Factually, much members are active in a broad field. Ipce limits itself to be a forum with a library.

Ipce is a forum, but not specifically a forum to preach man-boy love or pederasty. Not to preach at all, but to keep alive "a scholarly discussion" about a much broader subject, being "the understanding and emancipation of mutual relationships between children or adolescents and adults." - see our mission statement in each Newsletter.

Regarding your "interest[..] instead', formulated in your letter, I am quite sure that the great majority of Ipce's membership will not share your disagreement with "the leftist bias" you mention. Instead, most members will reason that, if you want to support the understanding and emancipation of mutual relationships between children or adolescents and adults, you have to change society, thus you have to think in a leftist way. I am sure that practically no member will share your "White nationalist approach", and will not have in mind "the elitist and racist Nordic society of Ancient Sparta". Ipce's membership is neither European nor white, it is a world-wide community.

If you want to change society, it seems me not very rational to look ages back to Ancient Sparta. It seems me better to acknowledge that we live in a postmodern global world.

If you want to change this world, you have to do more than thinking back to Ancient Sparta. You should know the world in which you actually live. You should think rationally and realistically about your possibilities in your own country and situation. It might also better to cooperate with others, thus to accept and respect the 'leftist' way of thinking of the others.


secretary and webmaster of Ipce.

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