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 Number E 20, June 2006  

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Statement 1:
Factoids and the Sex Abuse Panic, by Jay Baskins

    Statement 2: 
Morality -  Is it Anti-Sexual or Anti-Violence? Gerald Moonen

Letter & Answer: Dear Ipce & Dear member

3   Articles
  1 Scapegoats and Shunning; Sexual Fascism in Progressive America, by "PARIAH", March 4 / 5, 2006, CounterPunch
  2 Absurdities - by Ipce
  3 Myths and Facts About Sex Offenders;  CSOM Documents; August 2000

Classical Feminism Continues to Create Pedophile Panic; Women and Men, an epoch-making book by University of Copenhagen Professor Henning Bech ; A translated review by By Jytte Larsen, in FORUM, 9 May 2005


Documentation Lists Dec 2005 & June 2006



Ipce is a forum for people who are engaged in scholarly discussion about the understanding and emancipation of mutual relationships between children or adolescents and adults.

 In this context, these relationships are intended to be viewed from an unbiased, non-judgmental perspective and in relation to the human rights of both the young and adult partners.
Ipce meets once every one or two years in a different country, publishes a newsletter and a web site, co-ordinates the (electronic) exchange of texts and keeps an archive of specific written publications.  



In memoriam: Dr Frits Bernard, † May 27, 2006

 Suddenly, a fortnight after entering the intensive care section hospital, Frits Bernard has died. He had suddenly problems with his throat and a double pneumonia. He was born on August 28, 1920 . Frits was active in Ipce, the German AHS, the Dutch NVSH, and other forums. He was the founding father of the Dutch pedophile groups and a pioneer in research about this topic.

 His knowledge of languages was enormous. He has travelled a lot and has written masses of articles and several books in several languages. We have known him as a nice, gentle, quiet man, open for lots of people. We highly regret his sudden death. We may thank Frits for all his work and his heritage.

 We do have a heritage: his written work. Have a look at
< http://www.ipce.info/booksreborn/bernard/publications.htm > and you will see an impressing long list. By going to < http://www.ipce.info/ipceweb/Library/reg_b.htm > and scrolling to > Bernard, you will see what is readable in Ipce’s library and host room.

 Ipce’s Newsletter # E 20.

 “E” means “Electronic”, so we have # 20 of the electronic Newsletters here. As said earlier, this Newsletter, available on paper, is a service for those who have no access to the Internet. The ‘real’ newsletter is the section “New” on the Ipce web site.

 As Ipce’s secretary and webmaster, I have to apologize that there was a long time no Newsletter and no update of the web site. This is because lack of time because I am active in several organizations, and a series of heavy computer problems I have had in 2006. A series of second-hand computers followed each other and they all totally crashed. Ultimately, I have bought a new one and started with lots of delay of work to do. Especially writing and translating two long articles, presented at a congress in Prague and to present at Ipce’s coming meeting, and in the next Newsletter, asked lots of time.

 After Ipce’s annual meeting, which will be soon, I will make the next Newsletter with the report of the meeting as soon as possible, and I will provide an extensive update of the web site. 

 This Newsletter has a quite dejected undertone or atmosphere. Starting with an “In Memoriam”,  goes on with two Statements. Statements are short essays written by Ipce members, with which e suppose, without a vote or so, that most Ipce members will agree.

 The articles section starts with a long article analyzing the scapegoating process going on now since many years, followed by a long list of Absurdities, press clippings, gathered by Ipce members. It is all “Sex Offenders”, we hear. Well, let us list some myths and facts about them, written by Officials of the US Department of Justice.

 We end with a review, translated from Danish, about a new book, Women and Men, an epoch-making book by University of Copenhagen Professor Henning Bech . New ways of thinking? Well, that’s just what we need. As usual, a documentation list closes this Newsletter.  

Frans, Ipce’s secretary & webmaster



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