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1. Members and guests present themselves

From the USA

There was a member, a man in his forties, a technological man, who once helped to start NAMBLA. Started initially with the agreement of the gay movement in the States, gradually the gay movement distanced itself from NAMBLA.  He regrets the one-sidedness of only 'man-boy love.' Why not 'child love,' including 'girl love,' he asked.  

Being busy, he fled from his real feelings for years, until they came again and asked for attention. He visited Boy Chat to be able to communicate about his feelings, and gradually developed self-consciousness and self-acceptance. He saw the reactions in the mainstream world and decided to give some counterbalance by making a website and by choosing a pseudonym. Admiring the enormous Ipce Library, he decided to become an active member. He was the only person present under a pseudonym; all others used their real names, which, by the way, will not be mentioned here except some. 

Also from the USA, there was a former member, now a guest, who actually works for NAMBLA

Another guest from the USA, a father and grandfather, said that he originally had outed himself as a gay, but that he gradually recognized himself as a boy lover. He views the beauty of the boy as a manifestation of the beauty of the world, although this kind of love is more or less forbidden. Nevertheless, he wrote a book on the subject and is busy making a film. He regrets that in the US the world of art, especially theater, centers around money, not art. He wants to be a real artist. He owns a business that offers consulting in public relations. 

From Finland

Two men were present, one in his forties, one in his young twenties. The latter, a student, is involved in the boy love community in his country, mostly young men who have read and discussed a lot, and who want to start a chat site in their own language. 

The first is concerned with children's rights, oppression of children, emancipation of children and emancipation of child lovers. He strives for equal rights for adults and children, and for more balance in the communication between children and adults. He is doing research in these subjects. By doing so, he discovered "Ipce's excellent library" and became a member. He said that research in this area is quite difficult, especially if the results and conclusions are not in line with the mainstream way of thinking. He wants to give a voice to the children themselves and to stimulate them to think for themselves and form their own opinions. 

From the Netherlands

A technical engineer was present who, years ago, became conscious of his feelings for boys during a lecture of the late Dr. Frits Bernard. Since that discovery, he has been active in several Dutch groups, organizations and magazines, as he is still now. 

Another Dutchman was half-Dutch, half-Spanish, educated in psychology, philosophy and parapsychology, writer of many articles and several books, and doing research. He was conscious at a young age of his feelings for children. This awareness suddenly became sharp and heavy when a purely platonic relationship with a child was broken by the parents. Then, he sought contact with others having the same feelings, and became active to free voluntary, consensual and positive relationships between adults and children from oppression. He gathers narratives of such voluntary, consensual and positive relationships, especially between women and children, and already has gathered a lot of those narratives.

Mentioned here by name is Ipce's secretary and webmaster, Dr. Frans, from The Netherlands, a father, grandfather, foster father, and scientist. He said he had been quite busy with Ipce and its internal discussion forum because of all the changes and lots of technical problems with his computer and its communication with the several servers. He is also active on the national and regional level, writing articles, making Web logs, visiting prisoners, and so on. Recently he presented two new articles at a conference in Prague. Writing such an article takes six to twelve months; translation takes several more weeks, he said. 

He is also quite active in his church, his spiritual home and community, especially with music and inter-religious and inter-cultural contacts among Christians, humanists and Muslims. For those contacts, he has studied Islam, learned Turkish and is currently learning Arabic, in order to be able to translate and to communicate with Muslims. 

We missed

First of all, the late Dr Frits Bernard, requiescat in pace. 
Secondly, we missed our Greek member. 

We missed our members from Germany and the UK. This is because the situation in those places has become very difficult. Remember our meeting in Hamburg? We had there an undercover police officer from the UK who, with clever pretenses, infiltrated Ipce. After two years of fully-paid undercover work in the UK, he organized raids and so the UK members are absent because their passports have been confiscated. In Hamburg, we were also observed and filmed by the German police. They did not discover any crime, but the members there are sure their phones are still tapped and they are being observed. They expected to be followed even within the Netherlands, so also our German members were absent. 

Finally, we missed our Danish members. A member wanted to come with his wife as a guest, but he got severely ill, so was not able to travel.
He has written a report from Denmark, which is the next section of this report.

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