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Report of the Ipce meeting 2006

'Not too much' members and several guests have been present at Ipce's annual meeting 2006, which has been hold in the Netherlands.

Dutch groups have presented themselves and a combination was made with the International Boy Love Day as it was hold in the Netherlands.

  1. Members and guests present themselves  
  2. Report from Denmark 2006  
  3. Courtroom Communications   
  4. Short presentation of two essays on sex offenders, presented in Prague June 2006,  at the Congress of the European Federation of Sexologists, by Frans E.J. Gieles, PhD,
    1. There must be a scapegoat; Pitfalls, traps and mistakes in forensic personality investigation;  
    2. 'But sir, you are an offender!' - Narrative coercion as method of behavior modification.
  5. Ipce decides on Ipce: internal matters

    a. Proposals and thoughts, by Howard 
    b. Should Ipce publish books or a magazine? 
    c. Should Ipce appoint delegates to approach selected people or organizations? 
    d. Report of the Secretary, June 2005 June 2006
    e. Report of the Webmaster, June 2005 June 2006
    f. Financial Report Ipce, May 9, 2005 May 15, 2006 
    g. Discussion in the meeting 
    h. Decisions of the meeting 

  6. 6. Dutch groups present themselves

    1. KOINOS Magazine 
    2. Tegenwicht alias Counter Balance 
    3. A research project, by Titus Rivas 
    4. JON 
    5. The Workgroup in The Hague 
    6. The Aljen Klamer group 
    7. The Association Martijn 
    8. The new political party: the PNVD 
    9. Some web forums and the ILBD

  7. Final remarks: looking back on the IBLD and the Meeting.

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