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Recidivism Studies Expose Fraud

Multiple State’s Sex Offender Recidivism Studies Expose Fraud Upon The American Public By Lawmakers And Mainstream Media 

Amanda Rogers, The American Chronicle, September 13, 2007

We’ve all heard the catch phrases: 

“They cannot be cured”, 
“They have the highest recidivism rates out of any other type of criminal” and 
“Its only a matter of time before they re-offend again”.

We hear these types of claims, stated as fact again and again by mainstream media and politicians. Indeed, even when lawmakers pass new laws pertaining to sex offenders these phrases are found again and again throughout the minutes of legislative hearings across the country. 

Numerous studies which have been bought and paid for by the American people tell a much different story however. In fact, these studies clearly demonstrate that the exact opposite is true.

Why are they all lying? 

The short answer: money, ratings and control. Fear has always been a great motivator throughout history to get people to submit to things they would not ordinarily submit to. The laws that have been created under the guise of protecting the public undoubtedly have a very chilling effect on the constitution and create a springboard for further abuses which will ultimately affect us all.

Instead of using the information contained in the studies-which may very well hold the key to making a significant reduction in the number of sex crimes, they create sound-bites and catch-phrases in an attempt to scare the public for votes, ratings, and corporate profit - all at the expense of our children. If the laws they have created were working (which they are not) Dru Sjodin, Jessica Lunsford, and Carlie Brucia would still be alive today.

Most if not all studies clearly define which sub-categories of offenders pose the most risk, make up the bulk of recidivism and pose the greatest danger to society. Yet, instead of focusing on this specific sub-group of offenders, and tailoring legislation and attention of those most dangerous, they lump everyone convicted of a sex crime together. As a result, the American public is mistakenly led to believe that all are highly dangerous ticking time bombs. IF this were true, given the fact that there are over 600,000 registered sex offenders in this country, we could have a 24 hour news channel devoted to nothing but repeat sex offenders and never cover them all. The reason registered sex offenders who do commit another sex offense make the evening news is because it is RARE!

Lawmakers and the media are not only defrauding the American public, they are also effectively doing society and children a huge disservice - creating an unnecessary and overblown climate of fear and anxiety, while continuing to put America’s children at risk.

Take a look at some of the findings from these studies

Links have been provided so that the studies can be viewed in their entirety. Pay close attention to the number of “new sex crimes” committed by registered sex offenders. This is quite different from technical violations and failure to register. We think most readers will be shocked at what these studies and statistics reveal.

The notion that most sex offences are committed by strangers, that sex offenders have high rates of recidivism, and that treatment does not work is NOT supported by the extensive and growing body of research regarding registered sex offenders. Here is a glimpse of what these studies reveal, which proves that what is happening is the exact opposite of what the American people are repeatedly being told.

Arizona Reports – A 5.5% recidivism rate for a new sex crime. This was a fifteen years study done between 1984 and 1998. 
Wyoming Reports – Recidivism rates between 2% and 7.5%. Their study covers a five year period between 2000 and 2005. 
Minnesota Reports – After an eight year follow-up a recidivism rate of 10%. They are careful to note which category of offenders pose the highest risk, those being individuals whose victim was a stranger.
Ohio Reports – A recidivism rate of 8% as a result of their 10 year study. Rapists with aldult victims were the highest risk while those convicted of incest ware the lowest risk with a 7.4 recidivism rate.

To put things in perspective, 

DUI recidivism hovers around 50%. Given the high number of fatalities each year caused as a result of drunk driving accidents, for example, During 2005, 16,885 people in the U.S. died in alcohol-related motor vehicle crashes. This does not include victims who become permanently disfigured and/or disbaled as a result of DUI related accidents. Many of them are children.


over 1,400 children die each year at the hands of their own parents due to abuse and neglect.

Sex crimes are a terrible social ill and there are ways to prevent them. The knowledge and information that is needed to make effective laws is available and we need to demand that our lawmakers acknowledge this information and start using it effectively. What kind of politician would ignore vital information and hard evidence that could effectively protect our children and perpetuate these lies? 

Here are a few examples

“Because of high recidivism rates, Congress can and must do more to ensure that offenders who could strike again are not roaming our streets.” 
- Congresswoman Nita Lowey
"Studies have clearly shown that sexual predators have the highest recidivism rates." 
- Senator Frank Padavan (R-C, Bellerose)
“With the high-rate of recidivism of sex offenders, the state must have the ability to provide additional rehabilitation to those who pose a threat to our communities." 
- Senator John J. Flanagan.
“Studies show that sex offenders are four times more likely to be rearrested than other criminals.” 
- Congressman Vito Fossella (R-NY13)
“Sex offenders are not petty criminals. They prey on our children like animals, and they will continue to do so unless we stop them. We need to change the way we track these pedophiles.” 
- Former disgraced Republican Senator Mark Foley, FL - accused of soliciting male minors online and who also spearheaded the Adam Walsh Act. 
We know that the recidivism rate of convicted child molesters is extremely high. When many leave the penitentiary, they continue their ways against our greatest resource, children.” 
- Ted Poe Representative Texas
“There are over 500,000 registered sex offenders across the country, and statistics have shown that the recidivism rate for those criminals is high.” 
- Representative James F. Sensenbrenner(R) Wisconsin who spearheaded the Adam Walsh act
"Recidivism rates are alarmingly high" for sexual offenders. 
- Rep. Earl Pomeroy (D) of North Dakota
“Unlike other criminals, sex offenders pose a unique challenge to law enforcement and communities due to high recidivism rates.” 
- Representative Anthony D. Weiner NY

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