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4.3 Discussion

"OK, especially point 6: appeas to the feelings. But ideology is more, it is also a taboo, founded in the psyche. It manifests myths and taboos. Just as the brain of reptiles is established in the whole body, so deep are those taboos established in the human psyche. Taboos are like dogmas, accepted without any debate. A debate might raise questions and introduce doubts. We see circular reasoning and tautological thinking. That is how myths and taboos work. You cannot change this unsing reason. You will lose."

"Ideologies come from history, it is history that creates taboos. Ideology is imbedded in society." 

"I have doubts about 'speak their language', because the language used sets the agenda. Who sets the language, wins."

"I also have doubts by 'speak to the elite'. It is just the elite who sets the taboos. You might limit yourself too much by doing so. We should try to reach the people who can change things in society. Thus be broad, reach a broad public and adjust yourself to your public. Speak to parents. Appeal to their desires and concerns, not to their thinking."

"I prefer to speak in my own language, for example by avoiding the word abuse. Words, terminology is important. Try to change the language. Sometimes you have to create your own words and language. Maybe we have to invent a bridge language, of which caring love for children might be a core concept."

"No identity? Hmmm, the gay and lesbian world does use the concept of an identity." 

"Everyone can chose his or her own way, language and concepts. This can differ according to the situation." 

"I would prefer: give your own 'definition' of yourself by explaining what your feelings mean for you. Such an explanation can form a common point of departure."

"OK, but avoid the word pedophile. In modern language, it is a synonym for child molester or worse. Define the words and concepts you use at the start." 
"I use the word boylover - and I avoid the mass media, especially television." 
"Present yourself, but as a whole, as a total person with broad interest and many characteristics, as a whole and normal human being." 
"... If that is possible. Usually you will get not enough time for such nuances. But surely, search for a common base, a common ground to speak."

"What I see, nowadays, is mixing cultures and globalization - and change. Typical for our era is a great world-wide stream of information. Changing means changing the course and content of that stream of information. Thus, be part of it, share that stream. Send your messages."

"OK. Publish the absurdities of this society. For example, the idea that children should be asexual beings, and that an a-sexual or anti-sexual way of raising them should make them good partners. Why, then, are very young children already registered as sex offenders? There are ambiguities in society's attitude to children. The absurdities do show this." 

[See the next article and  'Absurdities' in Ipce's Newsletter E 20.]

"Children will find their own ways. If they are raised a-sexually, they still will search for their own experiences. In the US sex education limits itself to "Don't do that!" - but they do". 

"Building bridges, OK. Take action, do something for the children. Take the moral highroad. The Black Panthers did it: they provided children with food and by doing so they undermined government. Some associations and websites gather donations for children in the poor countries. Maybe a better understanding of children can be our gift to society. And promote and speak about children's rights."

"If you want to speak with people guided by a wrong ideology, start with concrete questions and situations. In this way, you will see their attitude and their ideology."

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