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6. Evaluation of the meeting

Our guests

"This was the first Ipce meeting I have come to. It was a good experience."
"Indeed, it is important to co-operate and to share information."
"Good. In our era, we also see other kinds of organizations coming up. Look at these new forms and see what you want to do."
"It was nice to meet you all." 
"Is was good. For me, the meetings could be longer. Indeed, co-operation and planning together is a good thing, also for the Dutch groups. I want to move from a guest to becoming a member." 
"I appreciate this kind of face to face meeting; it is important. This meeting was one of the best of the six meetings I have attended."
"This was my second meeting. The former was combined with the IBLD. Create an International Child Loving Day.
A friend of mine gathers positive experiences of child-adult intimate relationships. If you have such a narrative, please mail the webmaster of Ipce."

Our members

"Glad to have seen you all again!"
"I have enjoyed the meeting. It is good that there are still some areas on which people are active and co-operate."
"I am especially glad to have seen here again our German members, after the problems they have had there. I am also glad that we could welcome several new and fairly young members."
"Lots of thanks. I am thinking about young people who do not want to be active. But at least some are, and that is good."
"Inspiring! I am also glad for the presence of our German members. I have seen new websites in Norway and Sweden which attack the witch hunt. Action is needed against the witch hunt, which is like the Roman performances in which Christians were thrown for the lions - including children - in a stadium with 18,000 places." 
"This was my first meeting, it was very interesting. The level is both academic and personal. Let's continue this."
"I have enjoyed this session, it was useful in a number of ways. I am especially glad to have met here new members from my own country." 
"There was too short a time for all Dutch groups. My feelings are positive: a revival with a new generation coming up now. They have other ways of working, but the two of us overlap quite well. Ipce recognizes their function. Nice to have known and to have met people. Thanks to all for your presence and the contribution you have made."
The meeting thanked its discussion leader during the time of the whole meeting - and then had its traditional dinner at the end of the meeting. 

Vorige Start Omhoog Volgende