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Jordan Chandler is Silent About Michael Jackson

False Rumors are Spreading That Jordan Lied About Molestation

Judith Bakley, Media Watchdogs, Jul 10, 2009

It’s been 15 years since Michael Jackson settled with Jordan Chandler for his alleged molestation charges. The Internet is all abuzz that Chandler has come forward and admitted it was all a lie.

The problem is that none of the articles are from reputable news sources. Is it true or just another viral rumor being spread? Snopes.com seems to agree that it is merely one poorly written blog that has been reposted numerous times. Though chances are Chandler was never molested, he could never come forward with that admission. He would risk losing the millions of dollars in his settlement.

The Internet is a Melting Pot

The Internet is a wonderful wealth of information. All that is needed is a search engine and a few key words, and a slew of websites will pop up. The problem is how does one know what is true and what is false?

Sites like Snopes.com are key in trying to sort through to the truth. They do the legwork to track down rumors and separate them from the facts. No one should take something they read online and repost it on their sites until they verify that it is true. The same goes for emails that are forwarded to everyone in a contact list.


Alleged This and Alleged That

Many things have been spread about Michael Jackson. Just about all of them have alleged in front of them. No one has been able to prove that Jackson did anything wrong.

He was once accused of giving his “Jesus Juice” to a child in Japan (though that Vanity Fair article could not be found), but that child came forward and denied it happened.

Is that admission true or another made up story? It could not be verified by a credible source online during a search. Can anything found on the Internet be taken seriously?

Numerous rumors have been spread about Michael Jackson in the last 15 years, many of which cannot be proven. Though that doesn’t make them false, it certainly doesn’t make them fact either.

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