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 Number E 27, July 2009   - [ZipWord version]


Statement: A Boylove Code of Ethics

Section I: In memoriam Michael Jackson

1. Michael Jackson: Gone too soon - Tom O'Carroll
2. Michael Jackson, R.I.P. - Barrie Casper
3. Michael Jackson (1958-2009) - Adam-John Powell 
4. Jordan Chandler: MJ did not molest me, I lied! From:  ajsupreme.blogspot.com,  6/27/2009 & Globalgrind.com. 
5. Jordan Chandler is Silent About Michael Jackson; False Rumors are Spreading That Jordan Lied About Molestation; Judith Bakley, Media Watchdogs, Jul 10, 2009 
6. Michael Jackson had jab to curb sex urges for young boys; Col Abrams, The Mirror (UK), 9 August 2009 

Section II: Report of the Ipce Meeting May 2009
1. Ipce's internal matters 
2. Report from the Netherlands 
3. Go Dutch - A Practice Sample; Youth and Sexuality in the Netherlands; Frans E J Gieles, PhD, the Netherlands. Paper (to be) presented at the 19th World Congress for Sexual Health, World Association of Sexology, Göteborg, Sweden, June 2009. 
4. Other topics
- Legal developments in the European Union 
- Circumcision of boys 
- Self criticism, organisational matters 
- The American group Reform Sex Offender Laws 
Section III: Articles

1. Dude, You've Got Problems; Judith Warner | A New York Times Blog, April 16, 2009 - Another In Memoriam....

2. Jersey abuse investigation; Police rule out any murder at care home; Helen Pidd, The Guardian 08-11-13 

3. The end of digging; As the Jersey case shows, the modern media never lets the pursuit of fact get in the way of a good story; Nick Davies, The Guardian 08-11-14

4. More about the Bill Henson case in Australia 

- 4a - Nude Children in Aussie Art; Kids need protection, but art isn't porn; Paul Rapoport, National Post, July 23, 2008 

- 4b - No nudes today, zealots rule, OK? Peter Craven; The Age; October 6, 2008

- 4c - Bill Henson scandal prompts overhaul of art laws; Linda Silmalis, The Sunday Telegraph, October 26, 2008 

- 4d - The naked truth; NZ Herald, October 28, 2008

- 4e - Sex crime penalty increase 'nothing to do with Henson'; ABC Net (Australia), October 26, 2008 

- 4f - Push to toughen rules on children in art; Jennifer Cooke Legal Affairs Reporter, smh.com.aum. 
November 6, 2008

- 4g - Child protection rules 'too restrictive'; Joyce Morgan, smh.com.au, November 14, 2008

Documentation lists

# E 27a - August 2009 

# E 27b - August 2009


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