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2. Report from the Netherlands


In November 2008, a long article was published in the weekly magazine VN, about our four female ped-hunters. Two of them were hunting after only one man. Our well-known Ireen was interviewed. 

In a long text, she openly reported her own most recent hunt after a man who - oh shame and scandal! – once had known and met Dr Frits Bernard, who ‘thus must be a pedophile, thus still dangerous and thus prohibited to educate and train any child’. 

She openly admitted how she had gone to his house, had investigated his mail post box and how she had entered his school, had stolen the timetable and visited meetings meant for the parents of the children. 

I have quite long spoken with the writer of the article, but Miss Ireen got four full pages, and I only one paragraph of the text. Ireen has stopped her action after the school declared to maintain the man and after his lawyer had warned her for prosecution for inconvenient following someone, which is forbidden by law. 

The fourth was Miss Yvonne, who has started and who manages a website, started to combat the political party PNVD and the Association Martijn. Her website is a daily and continuous stream of abusive language. This site exposes via a link to a site based in the USA people convicted for or suspected of pedosexuality. The lady herself is convicted to delete that link and to two months in prison. 

Supposedly, the Netherlands is one of the few states in which such a lady is sentenced. It is the state in which groups as JON, Martijn, PNVD and other groups are legal and openly doing their work. The Association Martijn continues its work, but with less publicity. The PNVD still exists, but it is doubtful if it will be able to gather thousand signatures in each of the nineteen districts, and enough money, to join the elections, let alone to win members of parliament. 

The self-help group JON has had an undercover during two years, a man working for the TV show “Undercover.nl” with a hidden camera. He has attended only one meeting and has had four interviews, two with the two coordinators and two with one of them. Especially the latter is filmed and showed, be it not recognisable (except for who already knows him), in the TV show. Shown was how he instructs the undercover how to encrypt files. The show was full of suggestive language and repeats. 

Note, that filming anyone in his house without permission is illegal, but that instructing someone about encryption is legal. A member of parliament has asked questions to the Minister of Justice, who still has not replied. The MP supposed that JON was paid by government, which is not true, as he had known by a short view on the group’s website. Actually, there was nearly no publicity about the show. The group continues its work. 

In general, the Netherlands is a prosperous country, but lots of people are unhappy and dissatisfied. The populist Wilders draws lots of votes and seats in the polls. Another populist, Miss Verdonk, proposed physical castration for ‘pedophiles’, which is medically and constitutionally impossible, but yet it appears with big headlines in the popular press. 

There has been a TV show in which was shown that young people had sex in exchange of breezers. The suggestion was that ‘THE youth of the Netherlands” collectively had continuously such kind of sex with each other and was morally degenerating. Politicians reacted and a national discussion started about this topic. 

Factually, only a very small part of the Dutch youth has such kinds of exchanges. The great majority of youth does have sex, but nearly always protected and carefully, and frequently in other forms than sexual intercourse. And most of them are well informed about sexuality.


After a case in the Netherlands where a journalist had infiltrated and illegally filmed members of the Dutch group JON, the meeting discussed how we could prevent a similar issue at Ipce.

JON has recently required newer members to provide passport identification and has even checked the addresses of new participants; the possibility of using similar methods to verify prospective members of Ipce was discussed.

Concerns were raised over whether such methods would deter prospective members who are cautious about their identity. Other methods were discussed, and the meeting was in general agreement that improved security measures would be beneficial to the group, be it also true that over-security might hinder the group.

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