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Report of the Ipce Meeting

May 2009, Germany

1. Ipce's internal matters 
2. Report from the Netherlands 
3. Go Dutch - A Practice Sample; Youth and Sexuality in the Netherlands; Frans E J Gieles, PhD, the Netherlands. Paper (to be) presented at the 19th World Congress for Sexual Health, World Association of Sexology, Göteborg, Sweden, June 2009. 
4. Other topics
- Legal developments in the European Union 
- Circumcision of boys 
- Self criticism, organisational matters 
- The American group Reform Sex Offender Laws 


Regrettably, shortly before the meeting, three of the members went ill. Our chair broke his ankle, our secretary and webmaster had an emergency surgery on his eye, and our man from Denmark had problems with his nerves and more. Some others, members and guests, usually present at the meeting, were also absent. Thus, only a few members were together in Germany. 

During the meeting, a skype session was planned and successfully hold, so more contact was possible. And after the meeting, two members have visited the secretary. 

On the first day, several topics are discussed. Decisions were taken on the second day, when more people were present, and after the skype discussion had taken place. 

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