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Report of the 14th Ipce Meeting

Berlin, June 29 & 30 and July 1, 2001

Introduction by the Secretary:
What is Ipce and what is it not?

Ipce has a history. The first meetings were just before and after the annual ILGA Meetings to speak about the participation of the ILGA meetings. Then, ILGA kicked out many organizations; other organizations left ILGA and that was it.

Ipce went on to have yearly meetings. In those days, IPCE was an association of organizations. The meeting was a meeting of delegates from those organizations. 

In 1998, at the Athens Meeting, the meeting decided to change Ipce from an association of organizations into a forum for members. From then on, members were no longer delegates, but only persons. So, the meetings are meetings of persons only. The meeting also decided to change the abbreviation "IPCE" into "Ipce" as a historical and widely known name.

A welcome for the members present, and for the guests from the hosting country.

First round: Members speak out

The questions were:

Who am I? Why am I here? What did I do last year?

My insights, doubts, questions, my power and my strength.

Horrible country

My country, the USA, is horrible to live in with laws like Megan's Law. There is a law that obliges a therapist to mention the client's fantasies to police if these fantasies are about illegal deeds. I am a therapist, one of my colleagues has been accused of a felony because of this. 
I had to work very hard to recover from a confrontation with justice. 
Now I want to do something for a better world; I have a good education, I have ideas and insights, I can think and act. 

I'm also a therapist. I always have liked children, from my own childhood. When I learned about neuroses, I have thought that my loving children was my neurosis, but after therapy I feel good about it. I'm not ill.  Children are honest, open and curious. It was a child that saw that the emperor had no clothes; society is blind. The slightest intimacy with a child can lead to extensive and expensive investigations. I have hidden my feelings for a long time. This meeting is my first 'coming out'. I want to meet people here. My strength is that I can understand people and that I am able to really communicate with them. I want to write something, but I am still doubting what exactly. My doubts are the development of this society with its paradoxical culture: everywhere we see sex, but children should not know that it exists at all. 

Excuse me, says the next person, I do not believe in psychological explanations and I do not like theoretical discussions about ethics; I admire exact science and 'hard' research that will give us the facts. Sooner or later, people will see the truth. It may be after many years, but it will come. See that wall here in Berlin: it's fallen. Societies can change out of themselves. 
I hate my country because of the world wide hegemony, but I like the way of skeptic thinking we have here. I'm skeptic myself. It's not 'the free world' here, it's a fake world with Hollywood as the capital. 
I have been attracted by children from my own childhood - just like my nice mother was. Maybe my development from boy to man is somewhat arrested by the lack of a father; I've had a long therapy to come to peace with my feelings. I'm 'outed' publicly and active for many years. I like to go about with boylovers. 


The counter forces are very strong. I had to survive a which hunt and to combat depression in a strange country without a job. I have survived and want to meet people here.

I had also to survive, says the next speaker, after police and media had attacked me publicly with accusations that were false. I was a priest, later on a therapist. I have built up a new life in another country, being now a master and a researcher at a university. 

Pathological country

My country, the UK, is pathological. Even people suspected of a pedophile orientation are registered and so never safe, because these registers are in fact public. In this situation, depression and addiction to alcohol is just around the corner. If one only has contact with children, one is suspect and so I lost my job. In other countries, it was quite normal to have such contacts, but not in the UK. Nevertheless, I found another job in a good team and I can do research about intergenerational contacts. But it is even very difficult to have interviews, especially with men in prisons. The interview should 're-activate the distorted thinking of those men'. It's also difficult to interview gay youths about this subject. The formal reason was that I had seen a youngster using softdrugs and had not reported it to police. So, even objective and honest research is very difficult to perform.
I am here to meet people and to discuss my and other's ideas.  My doubts concern the media and so the public, the neighbors and police. My strength is my research.

I live in the same country and I am 'outed' as a suspected person in the gossip press because of false accusations. I have written a letter to the editor which was seen as 'indecent', dangerous for youths and 'incitement to indecency'. So, even for telling my opinion, I went to prison. Since that time, I follow all about police and justice. We have formed a group to help each other and other people, for instance in court cases - and with success.

My interest in child loving, so tells the next speaker, was raised in my childhood. In the street I lived in with my parents, there were two gays living together and I had good contact with them. Then police came and told me that they were 'bad people'. Police menaced me to tell at my school that I was gay. Police went to school and so I had to go to a therapist in spite of the fact that this therapist could not find any problem. So I became militant. I have studied several human sciences and I have traveled all over the world, so I have many friends. 
Once upon a time, in some country, police, inspecting my house after a fire, found photos of children in my home. Since that, I am 'suspected' publicly. But I'm still militant. I will do and read research about childhood sexuality and intimate relationships. 

Yes, says the next speaker, itís just because of this pathology of the country, I'm a long standing activist to combat this pathology. I have doubts, yes, but I'm not skeptic. I have no power, I have energy.

Mass hysteria

I'm a journalist and I am shocked by the mass hysteria of the people and the media in my country Finland. People are accused publicly and a reasonable talk is impossible. I come to learn here. I hope to write better articles than the media do now.

Searching, thinking and acting

My country is also small, but with a culture of sober thinking without too much emotion and a culture of stubborn liberalism and multiculturalism. Also a culture of hard working - and so I do. I have searched for years to the origins of my child loving feelings and the origins of the actual pedophobia that infects also my country now. There's a relative freedom to at least inform people, by web sites for example. Changes will not come from the public and its media, but from science. That's the reason I read research and write articles about it and spread them on congresses like Paris' WAS Congress. 
On regional level, I try to help people with pedophilic feelings.  I'm quite busy with it. On all levels, I connect people with each other. That's my strength: I am able to communicate with many kinds of people and to connect them with each other. 

Berlin & Germany: East & West

After the unification of Germany and Berlin, contact in real life and by the Internet was possible. So, we have formed support groups here. There is much discussion within and between the groups here - and sometimes conflict in which I could mediate. I always have loved boys and I have only good memories about it. My wife knows and accepts my feelings. 

Not only East Berlin, says the next speaker, but also I have lived in isolation for many years. I acknowledged a part of myself as having pedophilic feelings, maybe because of a very good friendship I have had in my teens, but in adulthood I have thought that I was a pervert. I feared to be a gay, a Schwule, which is an obscenity in German. An accident has changed me: I had to do something with my life. In the meantime, support groups were reachable for us to talk about our feelings. That has helped me very much. BTW, I don't see any violence in the people I know. 

In West Germany, so says the next speaker, we had several groups. Not all have survived, but Ipce does and I want to meet the members. I have many doubts and feel no power.

I do, says the next, psycho-social work and try to understand and help people. I've spoken with many people with pedophilic feelings, many of them with depressions. This talking has changed me: I understand more and I see the political roots of those depressions in society. I want to meet active people and to discuss about those political roots. I have no doubts; I do nothing that's wrong. My strength is my understanding of people.

Yes, says the next, that's also my strength. It's a gift to understand people, but I still have my doubts. I was active already a long time ago. After a pause, I'm again active now in workgroups.

I have also, says the next speaker, my doubts: what to do. I feel that I should write something. For the time being, I have read quite a bit. That's my strength: insights and intelligence. It's a war now, just as it was for the blacks in the USA. I have my doubts for the future of this war; culture with all its disinformation and false ideas.

Yes, says next speaker, I have many doubts about the culture of this country Germany and the Western culture. Many people have problems here and the organization I work for tries to help them from a Christian perspective. My strength are my emotions that are quite strong.

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