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Number E 12, August 2001

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Report of the 14th Ipce Meeting,
Berlin, June 29 & 30 and July 1, 2001

Introduction by the Secretary: What is Ipce and what is it not?

1. Members speak out

2. Report from the Congress in Paris

3. Some projects and problems

The Bologna Project

Prisoners help


The providers problem

The European Commission

4. Discussion about Ethics

Introduction paper by Frans

Ethics, by Tom O’Carroll


5. Internal Ipce matters

Secretarial Report June 2001

Report of the Webmaster June 2001

Two Ipce Teams

A proposal about a German group

Next Ipce Meeting

Financial Report

6. The German groups present themselves

7. Last round: looking back at the meeting

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A team of Ipce members has visited the 15th World Congress of Sexology in Paris, June 2001. One of us, your secretary, could present a lecture with a cd and a web site. One of us, Tom O’Carroll, was refused to present his paper. He has spread it on a diskette.

Just thereafter, we went to Berlin for the Ipce Meeting.

 Quotes from Paris

“Many therapists designate various [sexual] practices as ‘sexual perversion’. Many articles study the various classifications of those practices using implicit or explicit norms. Nevertheless, studying the human behavior, historically as well in actual societies, prove that sexual perversions do not exist.” (Yves Ferroul, France, La perversion sexuelle n’existe pas,  Abstract, translated by me)
“The second World War has killed children’s sexuality. The Nazis loosed the war, but their ideology won.” [..] “Give the children sexual empowerment. Vive la sexualité! Let the children have their sexuality. Don’t be so afraid for reactions.” (Thore Langfeldt, Norway, Child sexual health, lecture)
“Recent research has shown that sexual attraction is established between the age of 5 and 10. We have very good reasons to believe that most sexual problems as adults is a result of cognitive construction related to how the child deals with its own sexuality and relations.” (Thore Langfeldt, Norway, Child sexual health, abstract.
“Sexual development starts at birth. Thus, start at birth with sexual education. Sexuality is more than human reproduction; it’s far broader. Educate to knowledge, attitude and know-how.” (Sanderijn van de Doef, The Netherlands, Sexual education as a continuous process from 0 – 18 years: how does it work in The Netherlands? Lecture.
‘Many yongsters have sexual experience already before puberty. Why? They said me: “(1) They do it all! (2) I would lost my( girl) friend if I didn’t. (3) I search for love.” The more you oppress sexuality, the more sexual activity there will be. Developing self-respect helps more to prevent unwanted sex. In China as well as in the US, the mostly asked question [to the telephone help line] is: “Am I normal?” Our response is REASSURE: Reassurance, Explanation, Asking questions, Support, Special suggestions, Understanding, Referrals & Encouragement.” (Dr Judy Kuriansky, US, Sex in China in the new century, lecture.

 Quotes from Berlin:

“I have attended other Ipce meetings, but this was the best one. I’m really pleased about the ways we’ve gone” (Ipce meeting)
“Wer will dass die Welt so bleibt, der will nicht dass sie bleibt.” (Who wants that the world keeps staying as it is, doesn’t want that the world keeps staying.” The Berlin Wall.
“Es gibt viele Maurn abzu bauen.” (There are many walls to pull down) The Berlin Wall .

Your secretary,


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