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Part 4: Some projects and problems

1. The Bologna Project

Frans gives a summary of the next letter to the Ipce membership
For earlier information see Newsletter E8 & Newsletter E9


A large number of documents have already been gathered. The need is for documents in order to offer the best and the most complete information to THE PUBLIC about the reality of problems children are suffering from. The fact that sexuality as well as sexual relationships

(provided it is without violence and with young people of reasonable age Ė please! care for the meaning of the word "child" that means exactly "any human being aged more than 0 years "! To ask for "free sex with children" just means that some people ask for the right to have sex with any child of any age, at birth, including 6 months old babies! This is just the speech of the sexual abuse lobby! And that is just what the SAL [Sexual abuse Lobby] wishes to hear! Donít fall into such a trap!)

is not damaging and even not a problem for minors will appear as soon as the public is informed about the true situation of minor aged people in Europe as well as in other countries of the world.

Currently we are asking for documents (especially pictures/photos) about:

1. Violence of women towards minors.

2. Sex between adult women and minor aged males. Especially information about ages of marriage in different countries as well as about religious customs.
(E.g.: among Muslims, Jews and some Christian sects , the religious rules or laws asking for the younger brother to be married to the widow of his older brother if the older brother dies. In such a way, boys aged less than 12 or 10 have to marry 20 or 25 or more [year old] women. And to have sex with her. Some movies displayed such situations: "Azal" (Turkey), "Rosa I love you" (Israel), a US movie, and the "special golden medal" is for a Chinese movie in which a boy aged 6 has to marry a 20 year old girl)

3. Books from the beginning of the century or from the end of the 19th century, such as the books of Havelock Ellis or "The sexual life of the child" from Moll, published first in Germany and around 1925 in the UK. People were 100 times more free minded than now about youth sexuality.
Please note: it is not easy to make a copy of a whole book. Try at least to find references of interesting books (title, author, editor, date and country of publication/publishing).

4. Gay magazines about homosexuality with minor-aged males (or females) from the sixties and the seventies and sooner.

5. Information about censorship in books, magazines, movies, TV, etc. due to sex and more specifically due to youth and sex.

6. Special interest for documents about movies displaying young male or female actors and that are forbidden or censored in such or such country.
(Ex.: the Japanese film "Emperor Tomato Ketch-up", but there are hundreds, and maybe thousands of such films that are forbidden, cut or just ignored/forgotten as the official magazines about cinema donít dare to publish information about them).

We are definitely not asking for illegal pornographic pictures. "Pornographic pictures" are sexually explicit pictures (photos or videos) displaying young males or females obviously aged less than 18, pictures obviously made for creating a sexual excitement. With the sending of such pictures, you could cause terrible damage to the whole Bologna project. Please be very careful about that.
But Ö some pictures and movies that display sexually explicit scenes involving minors, even quite young ones, are available for the public, including minor-aged people. In a lot of "all-public" movies, minor-aged boys or girls are filmed in the nude, or in sexually explicit scenes (specially in the "peeping-tom" role, looking at sex between adults, or looking at pornographic videos, or even performing sexual acts, or involved in quite violent scenes). Such movies are especially interesting as they are a denial of the whole speech from the sexual abuse lobby, spreading "information" about the "horrific baby-porno".
Furthermore many films and young actors became world famous, just as the movies displayed young (and even quite young) actors playing sexy roles or involved in sex scenes. There are just too many examples of them for making a list.
Just some examples:

In "Pretty baby" from the French movie-maker Louis Malle, Brooke Shields,
aged 12, played the role of a young prostitute living in a brothel. The film
enjoyed such a success that Brooke Shield became instantaneously famous
in the whole world.

The same for Jody Foster who played the role of a young prostitute when
aged 13 in "Taxi driver" with Robert de Niro.

The young Linda Blair aged 12 masturbated with a crucifix in "The exorcist".

In "Le souffle au coeur", as well from Louis Malle, BenoÓt Ferreux, aged 15,
had sexual relationships with an adult female prostitute and with his own

Such movies are of the biggest interest because it becomes difficult to explain that minor-aged boys or girls are supposed to suffer worse than death in some clandestine sex movies for being filmed having sex without any violence when the same scenes (and even worse) are available in hundreds of other films available for everybody, including for minors, in most countries.

7. Documents about young criminals, especially young (less than 15) murderers and rape offenders.


Just as Bologna is due to the initiative of Italian students asking for information about the sexuality of minors, the documents for Bologna are intended first for students and researchers but some participating people said that the gathered documents could be of interest as well for every sincere person, association or magazine, etc. interested with the problems and life of minors. People interested in Bologna are welcome to send every document that could be of interest for the best information about the life and problems of young people. Think about the best way for the best information! Take initiatives!

8. As long as they are not asking for illegal documents, and since documents for Bologna can be of interest for other persons interested in these subjects, especially if they wish to make or publish their own research, and even for their own pleasure, there is no reason that the gathered documents cannot be shared with all fair participating persons in Bologna.

Many thanks to all the persons who wish to help Bologna.

Last:: please note that we are asking for documents and not for questions about Bologna. Participating persons have little time to reply to private questions motivated by curiosity. Please help the work and donít add to the work.

Technical data:

Please, donít forget that it is useful and even indispensable that the gathered documents can be PRINTED; Bologna doesnít wish to get documents only for the web. Documents have to be and will be effectively sent to students, journalists, associations (divorced fathers, etc.) that will certainly be used for printing or published in magazines.

Thatís why I tell you: the best way for saving, sending any documents FOR PRINTING IN MAGAZINES OR BULLETINS and, as well, FOR PUBLICATION ON THE WEB is to:

Save texts in a word processing format and pictures with 300dpi in TIFF or JPEG.

Angelo di Palermo


The members are not enthusiastic. "The public" is a very large target group. The angle is very broad. Very difficult to reach the victims of the Child Abuse Lobby. Which information should be given to divorced fathers? To falsely accused? Not every book is fit for Ďthe publicí. Difficult to select documents. Members are busy. One can search in the Ipce Library.


2. Prisoners help

See Newsletter E8 & Newsletter E9

Some members think that the prisonersí help does not exist. But it exists because several Ipce members maintain their own contacts on a private level. NAMBLA has started a project, but the project leader does the same now outside of the NAMBLA organization. He makes newsletters and sends cards and letters. Also in Germany there are two groups who help prisoners.

It seems not to be possible to start a pen pal service. It is very difficult to find pen pals.

A web site could be helpful to organize this better.

Some members say that they will help.


3. Encyclopaedia?

Peter from Germany refers to a web site < [Nupedia, but link is broken]  > Itís a project to make an encyclopaedia written by everyone who wants to participate. One can send articles, letís say about whales, and then the article will be peer-reviewed by the group of whale-experts. Everyone can subscribe to one or more expert groups. He refers also to projects in which many people work together with their computers to test or to make new software or to resolve arithmetic problems. By sharing this encyclopaedia making work, we can inform the public.
See also < http://mail.gnu.org/pipermail/bug-gne/2001-February/thread.html >. 

The membersí reactions, however, are critical. Isnít this a bit naÔve? How much can go wrong? Wouldnít the hackers change every positive message? If this works more or less automatically, itís easy to organize, but also easy to abuse.
Peter says that the project is moderated and that the articles are peer reviewed. Itís the principle of the open communication of thoughts that works here.
However, the members refer to the Ipce web site that is public and that is good. Eventually the Ipce web can be made more public-friendly, that is, more accessible to search machines and a search option at the web site itself. Members warn to be careful with Ďthe publicí.


4. The providers problem

The Ipce Webmaster introduces this problem. He mentions a series of web sites that have disappeared from the web recently. Everyone knows that Fpc.net has had serious problems for the last few months, was more off line than on line and has finally disappeared completely with all its web sites. Supposedly, people wrote complaints to the providers, who then closed the sites.

In The Netherlands, we have discussed this problem. We have thought to lease or buy a server, but even then you need a provider. Then we have thought to become a provider ourselves, but this requires much money, time and know-how. Moreover, it will be dangerous, being an easy target for the hackers and other enemies. Projects like Fpc.net with so many sites on one server at one provider are too vulnerable. With one complaint or DoS attack (Denial of Service caused by hundreds of messages), all sites are off line.
So, our conclusion is that itís far better to spread all sites as much as possible, to make mirrors, to open reserve accounts and to work with (neutral) domain names and domain redirecting. With this system, you can maintain your domain name and so your URL. If you are removed from one provider, you can place the site on the reserve account room and with some clicks of the mouse you can change the redirecting address.

Also in Germany this problem has been discussed intensively. Also here, the idea to lease a server came into the discussion. If you lease, the provider should redirect a complaint to you. Only if there are many complaints, the provider will end the lease contract after the time that is mentioned in that contract. As long as your site is legal, expect no problems. You can protect the server against DoS attacks.
Also in Germany people think about becoming a provider and to sell or hire out room. People will pay for it. Now it is difficult to move the site to another provider, because of the fact that every provider accepts different cgi scripts. One will need much money to start, but if the server runs, it can go on without too much cost.

5. The European Commission

The European Commission, more or less a European Government with quite a lot of power, has sent a proposal to the European Parliament: a Recommendation for the E.U. States against the Exploitation of Children. [See Documentation Service List]

Regrettably, "child" is defined as everyone below the age of 18 years. So, this proposal criminalizes all sexual contacts of and between young people below that age. This is criminalizing more than the half of the European youth.

Itís not an Ďage of consentí; this age differs by country and there is no minimum age proposed. Itís against Ďsexual exploitationí, broadly defined to include "seduction" and making sexually explicit pictures.

Will any government with this kind of law actually prosecute half of the countryís teenagers? No, such a law will be used against dissidents. The whole concept is fundamentally flawed.

Ipce members are asked to write to their European Members of Parliament.

The advice is to mention the teenage pregnancy rates; these are high in the Angelosaxical countries but low in the more liberal European countries.

Dr Helmut Graupner already wrote a letter, and so did the DGSS, (Deutsche Gesellschaft fŁr Sozialwissenschaftliche Sexualforschung Ė German Society for Social Scientific Sex Research. [See Documentation Service List]

PS: In the meantime, the European Parliament has accepted the proposal; there was scarcely any time between the proposal and the voting to accept it.

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