Vorige Start Omhoog

Part 8: Last round

Looking back at the meeting

"The best experience Iíve had in the last ten years. This meeting was my first coming out in real life. I have met very dedicated people who feel the same and who are tying to send their message out. Now I have met you, the E-mail list messages have a face and become lively. I want to be more active now, still thinking how."

"This was my first Ipce meeting. I have met very interesting intelligent people. Iím still young and it gives me trust for the work I want to do."

"For me it was also the first meeting. I had expected a few old scientists with long papers, but Iíve met also lively people of my own age. It made me very happy. It gives me courage to continue my work."

"Last year I was a visitor, now I am a member. It was fascinating. I have met the scientists among us and the other lively and partly young people. I also see now the human being behind the names and the messages. Itís better to communicate now.

The organization and the moderation were perfect. Thanks."

"For me itís also the first Ipce meeting. For me, itís a further coming out. Not long ago, I had my coming out in a self-help group. My life is better now, I have found people to speak with. Now I have found the courage to improve life, privately and maybe also politically."

"Itís my second Ipce meeting, a great experience to meet people and new, young people. Itís important to meet people. It gives me some hope in a situation that gets worse in my country."

"I have attended other Ipce meetings, but this was the best one. Iím really pleased about the ways weíve gone. The hosting and organization was good and Fransí moderation also."

"Iím quite happy. For me, it was also fine. Iíd never thought to experience this in the time I grew up on the East side of The Wall."

"Iím glad Ipce was here and has many members. In the South of Europe, no group exists. Iím glad to have met people, especially from Finland. I appreciated the discussion about ethics; I missed the former discussions about this topic. Quite interesting Ė time is always too short for this kind of meeting."

"Last year, I was impressed to hear about all those Dutch groups, now Iím impressed to hear about the German groups, especially that Jugendrechte group. You work hard there and youíre doing a good job. Iím also glad that Ipce members have visited the Paris Congress and that Frans has spoken there Ė thatís also a good job. Thanks for all active contributions."

"I was active already many years ago, but I have stopped for a decade to reorganize my live and to think. I have followed Ipceís web site and meetings by reading the minutes, so I wanted to meet the members Ė Iím again active now. Well, Iím very satisfied and content. Thanks to all and especially the Secretary for his work for so many years."

"I have lived in the shadow more or less for many years. I was silently reading books and looking for research. The Internet was a good help to search literature and to have contacts. Now I have had real life contact in my self-help group and in Paris and now here. Iím also impressed by the presentation of the German groups. All this gives me hope and courage."

"It was my third Ipce meeting. I saw a growth in strength and knowledge Ė or do I see myself now grown in strength and knowledge. I still doubt what to do besides the studying of books and research reports I do now. But I will go on."

"Itís my second Ipce meting; most of what I have felt is already said. I too was impressed by the presentation of the German groups. What surprised me were the new ideas and the new people, especially the young ones."

"This was my first meeting. Iím glad to be a member now. In my country there is much feeling of depression and desperation. This meeting has given a good compensation. So I want to say: Till next year!"

"Being a member for a long time, but living far away, it was my first meeting in real life. I have enjoyed it and I appreciate it. I like to talk and to share and exchange ideas. This experience can help me to continue my project Ė and thatís important for me also."

"I want to thank all participants for their active participation and also their Punktlichkeit and discipline to listen to each other. I also want to thank the German people who have organized the perfect hosting. I was impressed to walk through East Berlin and to see The Wall and those entire historical photos exposed at the monument of it. I was glad to see several new and especially young members. Be welcome. It was a honor for me to chair this meeting."

Read on the monument of The Wall:

"Viele kleine Leute die in vielen
kleinen Orten viele kleine Dinge
tun kŲnnen das Gesicht der Welt

"Many small people who in
many small places do many small things
can alter the face of the world"

Vorige Start Omhoog