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Documentation List # E 25: July 2008

[From Ipce Newsletter  # E 25, July 2008]

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08-044 @ 2 kb

Saudi 11-year-old marries 10-year-old cousin - An 11-year-old boy has married his 10-year-old cousin in the ultra-conservative Muslim kingdom of Saudi Arabia, a newspaper reported on Tuesday. Mohammed al-Rashidi and his unidentified cousin will seal the marriage they contracted under the sharia laws of Islam and move in together after a ceremony to take place in the summer, Al-Shams newspaper said.

08-045 @ 

5 kb

Hannibal man pleads guilty in FBI sting; Catie O'Toole, April 01, 2008 
An Oswego County businessman who thought he had arranged for a sexual 
tryst with an underage girl in Costa Rica found himself snared in an FBI 
sting as he tried to leave a Miami airport, federal agents said.
08-046 @ 5 kb Child [sexual] abuse 'widespread' in South Australia; Tim Dornin, April 01, 2008 - Report about CSA in state care institutions - mostly Aboriginals.
08-047 @ 3 kb Hundreds feel child abuse shame; Jamie Walker and Jeremy Roberts, The Australian news, April 02, 2008 
Hundreds of children in state care in South Australia were sexually 
abused by their carers and exploited by pedophile rings in a "foul 
undercurrent" laid bare yesterday.
08-048 @ 3 kb Criminals seek compensation for childhood abuse; The Courier-Mail, Robyn Ironside, April 02, 2008 
More than 350 serving and former prisoners have put their hands out for 
State Government payments of up to $40,000 each for the abuse and neglect they suffered as children in the care of Queensland institutions.
08-049 @ 3 kb Ark[ansas]. appeals court overturns sex abuse case due to testimony; Jon Gambell, Associated Press, April 9, 2008 
A Jackson County man convicted of rape and sexual indecency with a child should receive a new trial because his half brother shouldn't have testified about prior sex acts they performed together as children, the Arkansas Court of Appeals ruled Wednesday. [ ... Because of the] "pedophile exemption" - a ruling that allows evidence of past child abuse if it shows a defendant's tendency to commit similar crimes.
08-050 @ 2 kb Man spared jail after sex act {...],  Jon Surtees, Southwark News, 11 April 2008 
A judge at the Inner London Crown Court handed Peter Cornwell, 64, from 
Greenland Mews in Deptford, a twelve month suspended sentence, after he 
pleaded guilty to two charges of sexual activity with a child. [...] 
The 'News' understands that Cornwell and the child were inside a well used public toilet on the peninsular whilst the boy was masturbating. There is 
nothing to suggest that there was any 'full sex' during the incident or that the sexual activity was not consented to by both parties. 
08-051 @ 4 kb Crown wants jail time for man convicted on child porn charges; Danielle Mario, The Star Phoenix, April 14, 2008 
A man who wrote sexual stories about children and infants and posted them on a website should see two years of jail time, a Crown lawyer said in court Monday. [...] Houston had posted the stories on a website called the North American Man and Girl Love Association (NAWGLA). 
08-052 @ 4kb Rise in human trafficking largely unnoticed in Canada, experts say; Jonathan Montpetit, The Canadian Press, April 09, 2008 
Human traffickers peddle young girls to work as sex slaves in Canadian 
cities for as little as $2,000 - a situation most people believe only happens in foreign lands, activists say.
08-053 @ 4 kb Human trafficking report may be critical of Canada; Suzanne Fournier, Canwest News Service, June 03, 2008 
On the eve of a major U.S. report about human trafficking, a Canadian expert condemned Canada's "shocking" record in human trafficking.
08-054 @ 5kb Grand Prix brings human trafficking and sex trade to Montreal; Andy Blatchford, The Canadian Press, June 4, 2008 
The Canadian Grand Prix weekend means big business for Montreal's sex trade as partying race fans roar into the city on their annual pilgrimage. [....] Many of the sex workers who are used to fill the commercial void are unwilling participants, human rights activists say. 
08-055 @ 4 kb Age of consent rises to 16; Denise Ryan, Vancouver Sun, May 04, 2008 
The age of sexual consent in Canada has risen from 14 to 16 under a new 
law that is part of the Conservative government's omnibus anti-crime 
08-056 @ 4 kb Paedophile escapes jail for abusing girl, 11, after judge says 'she 
welcomed sex'; Andy Dolan, Mail on Sunday (UK), May 8, 2008 
A paedophile who molested an 11-year-old girl escaped jail yesterday when a judge ruled the victim had "welcomed" his advances.
08-057 @ 8 kb The young ones; William Sparrow, A Times (Japan), May 10, 2008 
The practice of an older man taking a young, school-aged Japanese girl out on a "date" in exchange for money in Japan is referred to as enjo kosai, or "compensated dating". To say that enjo kosai is prostitution or - in a Western view - child prostitution, may not always be accurate. The date may not necessarily include sex, and the inherent cultural complexities can strain perceptions of the practice.
08-058 @ 3kb Former MP Orkopoulos jailed for nine years; May 21, 2008, AAP (Australia) 
Former NSW Labor minister Milton Orkopoulos has been sentenced to at 
least nine years and three months' jail for child sex and drug offences.
08-059 @ 4kb Peacekeeper child abuse 'rife'; David Clarke, NZ Herald, May 28, 2008 
Sexual abuse of children by aid workers and peacekeepers is rife and 
efforts to protect young people are inadequate, said a report published 
08-060 @ 5 kab The Fugitive; Robert Abele, NY Post, June 8, 2008 
It was 30 years ago that Academy Award-winning director Roman Polanski was arrested and indicted for having sex with a 13-year-old girl. Now, a new documentary recounts the controversial story of his crime and the legal quagmire that surrounded his case.
08-061 @ 12 kb Other side of Polanski case; HBO documentary argues judge treated noted filmmaker unfairly in 1970s trial for sex with girl, 13; By Rich Heldenfels, Beacon Journal. June 08, 2008
08-062 @ 5 kb Defending freedom to abuse; Police rape of Afghan boys ignored; Don Martin, National Post (Canada), June 17, 2008 
Afghan officials insist the notion of men and boys getting together the night before the Muslim holy day for sex is a myth. And, sure, it's theoretically possible the cops were merely good-deed-doers giving these teens reading lessons. But Canadian soldiers insisted we had just witnessed the regular 
Thursday evening negotiation for sex between Afghan men and boys, 
apparently for gifts or money.
08-063 @ 3 kb 345 arrested, kids rescued in prostitution busts; Lara Jakes Jordan, Associated Press, June 26, 2008 
Hundreds of people have been arrested and 21 children rescued in what 
the FBI is calling a five-day roundup of networks of pimps who force 
children into prostitution. The Justice Department says it targeted 16 cities as part of its "Operation Cross Country" that caps off five years of similar stings 
nationwide. Many of the children forced into prostitution are either runaways or what authorities call "thrown-aways" - kids whose families have shunned them. 
08-064 @ 4 kb Child-sex scourge clogging Queensland's courts; Jason Gregory, The Courier-Mail (Australia), July 07, 2008 
Queensland's struggling court system is being increasingly clogged by 
thousands of child-sex cases in what has become the state's hidden scourge. [...] New figures show almost 6500 child-sex charges were laid across the state between July 2005 and June last year.
08-065 @ 7 kb Fighting teen prostitution in NYC; Michael Clancy, New York City, May 1, 2006 
"The primary challenge in serving this population is that most of them 
have run away from home for reasons," Lloyd said. "It's not always 
somewhere safe for them go home. You have to meet their needs and offer 
them an alternative, a safe alternative to life on the streets."
08-066 @ 4 kb Sex offender claims he has an 'illness'; Laurence Cawley,, 05 July 2008 
A former teacher has told how he was arrested by police after he sought 
medical help for his sexual interest in children. [...]
"The criminal justice system isn't designed to manage the problem, it 
does, in fact, contribute to it because it does not encourage people to 
find help."
08-067 @ Articles from Newspapers about the Bill Henson case, Australia, stored as a series of e-mails.
08-068 @ 53 kb Transcript of The Naked Eye, tv show Insight, Australia, about the Bill Henson case and other cases. Wit a link to the video.
08-069 @ Newspaper articles about the Arts Monthly Australia case, stored as a series of e-mails.
08-070 @ Newspaper articles about the fear of photos, stored as a series of e-mails.