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Documentation List # E 26: November 2008

[From Ipce Newsletter  # E 26, November 2008]

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08-071 @  86 kb

Council of Europe Convention on the Protection of children against sexual exploitation and sexual abuse (Adopted by the Committee of Ministers on 12 July 2007 at the 1002nd meeting of the Ministers' Deputies)

08-072 @ 13 kb Abducted! The Amber Alert system is more effective as theater than as a way to protect children; Drake Bennett, July 20, 2008, The Boston Globe 
"What Amber Alerts do create, its critics say, is a climate of fear around a tragic but extremely rare event, pumping up public anxiety. "
"In fact, [...] stranger abductions remain exceedingly rare: In the United States, he calculates, the odds of a child being kidnapped by someone he or she doesn't know are roughly one in a million. 
08-073 @ 4 kb Roman Polanski portrait balanced; BRUCE KIRKLAND - Sun Media - July 25, 2008 
The film [...] reveals astonishing facts about the apparent miscarriage of justice perpetrated by the celebrity judge in the case, the late Laurence J. Rittenband. Obsessed with gaining publicity for himself, Rittenband manipulated hearings, the plea bargain and the subsequent punishment cycle. He turned Polanski into a victim, even in the eyes of the prosecuting attorney.
08-074 @ 22 kb Evil under the sun: The dark side of the Pitcairn Island; The Independent, U, 30 July 2008 
In 2004, the tiny Pacific island of Pitcairn was torn apart when seven men were put on trial for sexually abusing children. In her gripping new book, Kathy Marks, who covered the story for The Independent, describes life in a shattered, shocked - and defiant - community
08-075 @ 38 kb Child victims of sex trade in Cambodia. Dateline investigations have helped put some child predators in jail - and given some children half a world away a new chance at life. TRANSCRIPT By Chris Hansen; MSN BC; July. 25, 2008
This story originally aired Dateline NBC on July 25, 2008 
Five years ago, we came to Cambodia to investigate the sale of children for sex. What we found was absolutely horrifying: children as young as five being trafficked to Europeans and Americans for as little as $30.
08-076 @ 16 kb Third trial begins Monday in Mineola swingers club, child-sex ring case; Lee Hancock, The Dallas Morning News, August 2, 2008 
What makes the state criminal trial starting Monday horrific are its star witnesses. Four girls and a boy, now ages 7 to 15, say their parents, grandparents and family friends - seven defendants in all - made them take "silly pills" and learn sex acts in what the adults dubbed "kindergarten." When they got good enough, the children say, they were forced to strip-dance for strangers at a Mineola sex club.
08-077 @ 16 kb Star Pediatrician Fights Accusations of Sex Abuse; By LESLIE KAUFMAN; The New York Times, August 6, 2008 
For children struggling in school, Dr. Melvin D. Levine has been a great advocate. For decades, Dr. Levine, a pediatrician, has championed the idea that poorly performing students are not lazy or dumb, but instead need to be educated in a different way. 
Dr. Levine vehemently denies both the accusations and ever sexually touching a patient. And many defenders argue that Dr. Levine could not have worked at the pinnacle of his profession for so long if the accusations were true.
08-078 @ 3 kb Child abuse cases soar to record high in first 6 months of 2008; News, August 09, 2008 
Figures for child abuse and child pornography cases uncovered by police 
across Japan in the first half of this year have both risen to new 
record highs, a National Police Agency (NPA) report has shown.
08-079 @ 5 kb Children remain easy prey for exploitation, violence; Kathmandu,, Aug. 11 
Research conducted jointly by CPSC NGO Nepal, CPCS INT Belgium and VOC Nepal.
08-080 @ 6 kb Mall rats -- children on the margins -- perfect vulnerable victims; West Edmonton Mall a Never-Never Land for our lost boys, girls; Paula Simons; The Edmonton Journal (Canada); August 12, 2008 
For Edmonton's street kids, the public plazas and hidden corridors of West Edmonton Mall are more welcoming than any back alley. It's warm in the winter; cool in the summer. The floors are swept and polished to a sparkling gleam each night, the bathrooms are clean and accessible. There's plenty to look at, plenty to steal or scavenge for. 
But the mall is also a marketplace for goods you won't see advertised in 
any mall brochure. Like drugs. And sex.
08-081 @ 3 kb Probation for man who French kissed 7yo; Shannon Molloy | Brisbane Times (Australia), August 19, 2008 
A Brisbane man who admitted "French kissing" a seven-year-old boy has
walked free from court without a criminal conviction after convincing a
District Court judge he is not a pedophile
08-082 @ 2 kb Kinsey- Crimes & Consequences (book); By Judith A. Reisman, PhD. 
"Kinsey: Crimes & Consequences" describes the allegedly scientific research of Alfred Kinsey and colleagues, which largely shaped modern Western society's beliefs and understanding of the nature of human sexuality. [...]
Kinsey's research involved illegal sexual experimentation on several hundred young children. And his survey was based on a non-representative group of Americans - including hundreds of sex offenders, prostitutes, prison inmates and exhibitionists. Yet Kinsey's grotesquely fraudulent research has served as the very foundation of modern "sex science," and his claim that one in 10 people are homosexual is central to the gay-rights movement. 
08-083 @ 6 kb EXPOSED: The Western sex tourists who abuse African children; Trina John-Charles; The Voice (UK), 07 September 2008 
Report about abuse, particularly of girls,  in Africa, particularly Kenya. 
08-084 @ 11 kb Sold for 20: - just two of India's million stolen children; The Guardian (UK), 07 Sept 2008 
In a country with 11 million abandoned children, the fate of those from loving homes who are kidnapped to order goes unnoticed. Many are sold for adoption, often to Westerners; others are trafficked into slavery or the sex trade - yet the police rarely care. Gethin Chamberlain in Delhi reports. 
08-085 @ 5 kb Child sex abuse: When the accused can't confront the accuser; By Dana E. Sullivan; NJL News, October 17, 2008 
Imagine being accused by a child of sex abuse but never having a chance to cross-exam the claims that could send you to prison for much of your life. That, in part, is the issue today before the New Jersey Supreme Court. 
[...] A teacher or parent suspects someone has sexually abused the child. Questions are asked, and eventually someone from the police department or prosecutor's office arrives and more questions are put to the child, maybe 8 or 9 years old. All on videotape. 
Then two years later comes the trial, and the child, now 11, clams up on the stand. Questioning as tenderly as possible, neither the prosecutor nor the defense counsel can get the child to repeat what she said on the video. 
Regardless, the video is shown, and the suspect is convicted. Eighteen 
years in prison.
08-086 @ 3 kb FBI: Child-prostitution roundup snares over 600; NATASHA T. METZLER - AP, Oct. 27, 2008 
Report about child prostitution in the USA
A University of Pennsylvania study estimated that nearly 300,000 children in the United States are at risk of being sexually exploited for commercial purposes.
08-087 @ 4 kb Street Boys Remain at Risk of Sexual Abuse; Pich Samnang, VOA Khmer
Original report from Phnom Penh [Cambodia]; Ki-media.blogspot, 29 October 2008. 
The organization World Vision estimates that 15 percent of boys living on the streets will be sexually abused before they are 10 years old.

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