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Documentation List # E 27a - August 2009

[From Ipce Newsletter  # E 27, August 2009]

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08-088 @  12 kb

Delicate decision: To circumcise or not? 
As the practice grows less common in the U.S., parents weigh the medical, social and religious pros and cons. By Marnell Jameson, Special to The Times March 31, 2008

08-089 @ 4 kb  Fla. authorities say they can't prove Foley case; Brian Skoloff, AP, September 19, 2008
08-090 @ 24 kb Kidnapped - Shawn Hornbeck's Incredible Story, CBS News, Sept. 24, 2008. It was updated on June 16, 2009.
08-091 @ 6 kb 'Safeguards' that will ruin more innocent lives, Alasdair Palmer, Telegraph (UK), 16/11/2008. 
"The scenario is like something from a movie: you wake up one morning and find a letter from the Criminal Records Bureau (CRB) stating that you are a paedophile. You know you are not - but how do you convince your prospective employers, who asked the CRB for any information its holds on you? Can you even convince your friends and family?"
08-092 @ 4 kb UN claims boys being used for sex by Afghan soldiers; Bangladesh News.Net, 23 November, 2008
08-093 @  3kb Violence against Afghani children rising; From correspondents in Kabul, Reuters, November 24, 2008 
VIOLATIONS of children's rights are increasing in Afghanistan with more attacks against schools, more children killed and more evidence of child sexual abuse, the United Nations said today.
08-094 @ 5 kb Child sex abuse claims divide [Jewish] Orthodox community, November 23, 2008 NC Times, By Jennifer Peltz 
08-095 @ 6 kb NY lawmaker becomes confidant on child sex abuse; AP, November 24, 2008 
It started as a discussion about a taboo subject: child molestation among Orthodox Jews. 
08-096 @ 30 kb Romanian Sex Trade, CNN  February 15, 2004 - Transcript. 
"On the square, in the subways, the street children of Romania are being sold for sex to wealthy Westerners."
08-097 @ 6 kb Sex Case Focuses Concern on Domestic Paedophilia, Gemini/Pangea, 21 March 1997. 
Authorities in the Philippines have been trying to shed the national image of being a haven for foreigners who sexually abuse children. But now, a case involving a politician has highlighted a home-grown problem
08-098 @ 4 kb Great and good await child sex verdict. Prosecutor to conclude Portuguese trial involving state officials and celebrities. By Elizabeth Nash, The Independent (UK), 9 December 2008

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