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Ipce Statement: About identity 

Über Identität 

De Identidad

A course: Terror & Sexuality - The announcement of a course given by Anarchist U in Toronto, Canada. The announcement gives some thoughts and relevant questions, as well a list of literature.

Hekma, Gert, The drive for sexual equality; 2007 - in Ipce Newsletter E 24, March 2008. 
The great enigmatic change, according to me, is the transformation from theories
and practices of sexual desire that stress the absolute necessity of inequality to
those that reject such ideas and put an emphasis on egalitarian, even pure erotic relations. 
For most of human history, sexual bonds were inherently unequal. [...]
Since Romanticism an ideology of sexual equality has come into play. [...]
It is amazing to witness the radical change of a theory and practice of desire that is founded in social inequalities of gender, age and class to a new ideology in which love mainly arises between equal partners. This development continues with always growing force, parallel to a transformation from a homo social to a hetero-social organization of society. [...]
The most surprising part of this revolution is its radicalism. 

Hekma, Gert, Sexual democracy and the exclusion of boy lovers; Gert Hekma, in KOINOS # 52, Winter 2006 [Short version of the article here above] 
Until recently, we were living in a sexual system in which the satisfaction of lust mainly took place among people in unequal social positions: man and woman, old and young, rich and poor, rich man’s son and housemaid, butch and femme, queen and trade (feminine homosexual and masculine heterosexual). Now, the world is converting to a different system which stresses the aspect of equality. 

Sexualdemokratie und die Ausgrenzung der Jungenliebhaber; in KOINOS # 52, Winter 2006 
Bis vor kurzem lebten wir in einem Sexualsystem, in dem die Lustbefriedigung vor allem zwischen sozial ungleichen Personen erfolgte: Mann und Frau, Alt und Jung, Arm und Reich, Sohn reicher Eltern und Dienstmädchen, Hurenbock und Hure, Butch und Femme, Tunte und Tülle (femininer Homosexueller und maskuliner Heterosexueller). Jetzt wechselt man zu einem anderen System, in dem der Aspekt der Gleichheit betont wird. 

Muhaddith.org, Islam answers - Early marriage  (Part 1) 
Several attacks have been raised recently against early marriage in Islam, which clearly result from ignoring facts about pre-modern society and Islam, or intentionally concealing them.  
"In conclusion, Islam responsibly channels sexual instincts through marriage, with the prior condition of psychological maturity. And contrary to claims of improved morality, non-Islamic laws have alarmingly driven child sexual abuse and psychological harm to epidemic proportions.  
Therefore, when such attacks against Islam are analyzed impartially, they reveal the perfect applicability of Islam’s solution from the 7th century until today, and the utter failure of any other system to provide any protection whatsoever to society’s youth. At best, these attacks are also found to be irresponsibly superficial due to the seriousness of this issue."

Percy, William A., In memoriam: Vern Bullough - Quotes from: Vern Bullough, our greatest Sexologist, dies at 77; The Gay & Lesbian Review Worldwide, 1 November 2006
The GLBT community has lost its most effective advocate from outside the gay world. Sexologist, activist, nurse, and historian, Vern Bullough died from cancer on June 21st at 77. 
Facts are facts, and science is science, and no amount of wishing them away, no amount of
pressure or calumny, ever deflected Vern from his mission -- to learn the truth and communicate it to others.


Homosexuality, 2005 
It is the belief of Dr. Laura, that it is a biological error, not to engage in activities which produce children. If we are to accept this morbid description, of a possible meaning of life, and if we accept it to be true, that procreation is the only purpose, then we must also accept that a bond of love holds no purpose than this. When we see a lover touch the face of the person of their desires, seeing the gentle fingers caress the soft skin, we must turn away from what our heart tells us, we must believe that our eyes are lying to us, and we must reason, that since affection and kindness produce no children, they are "some kind of biological error." 

Prostitution, 2005 
There is no doubt that prostitution should be legalized. For some time, casual sex without commitment was a matter of law. It was illegal. But today, we are smart enough to understand and believe that what two consenting people do behind closed doors is their business and their business only.