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Über Identität Acerca de Identidad

About identity

Does sexual identity exist? Homo-, hetero-, bisexuals, pedophile identity: do these exist in reality, or are they only constructions of a limited mind? Is there a sense or a value in these concepts, or are these concepts only oppressing and upsetting people? Is there a way to climb out of these narrow ways of thinking?

Most of the delegates reject the concept of a pedophile identity. Only for a short time, at the start of the process of consciousness, this concept can maybe give a little help. Such a start is necessary, because the process of consciousness is necessary. If homophile or pedophile feelings are present, but stay unconscious, homophobia and pedophobia take root. However, it is not easy to develop oneself further than this stage.. One must broaden ones self’-identity, but the nature of identities is strong and difficult to change.

Psychological: one’s identity is just as one sees yourself. For mental health, one has to choose an identity; to change ones identity gives the feeling of a personal crisis.

Social: identities are not made in splendid isolation, but in a social process of communication. Society develops identities and communicates with the individual persons about their choice.

Political: identities are politically correct or incorrect. Politics is power and this influences people in their choices.

Thus, the way of thinking in sexual identities is a narrow way, but difficult to change. Maybe we can offer a new perspective or point of view.

For example, the research done by Hall and others is mentioned. Out of 80 men, 72 was sexually excited by little girls; 20 of them was more excited by nude children than by nude adult women. Well, should you keep thinking in concepts like a pedophile identity or a minority?

Source: Minutes of the Ipce Meeting, July 1997.

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Sandfort, Theo, Constructive Questions Regarding Paedophilia, [Found on the web, but source & date unknown]
In the literature concerning paedophilia, it is generally seen as a paraphilia or a perversion. [*1] Here I shall consider whether all sexual involvement between adults and children is appropriately labeled paedophilia, and whether it might not be useful to consider paedophilia as an identity.


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