Walter, Peter Fritz; The Commercial Exploitation of Abuse - A Study on Policy; Essays on Law, Policy and Psychiatry; 8,
‘The Commercial Exploitation of Abuse: A Study on Policy (Essays on Law, Policy and Psychiatry, Vol. 8)’ is an essay about what the author calls the ‘abuse-centered culture,’ which is obviously a culture that puts people behind bars for love, when only focusing on certain ways how bodies are touched, fondled or otherwise erotically stimulated, when those bodies belong to a group of people legally defined as ‘children.’
Intro to a book in a pdf edition and a printed edition.
Smit, Mark; The Secret of Bryn Estyn: The Making of a Modern Witch Hunt by R. Webster - Review; Extent unknown
Richard Webster sets out to tell the ‘story of the story’ of Bryn Estyn, the approved school at the centre of the North Wales child abuse scandal. It’s a story that has everything: personal animus, fantasy, intrigue, alleged Masonic conspiracy, bizarre sex acts and courtroom drama.
Webster leads us from the early investigations, which found no evidence of systematic abuse in children’s homes in North Wales, through the persistent rumours that led to the reopening of criminal and civil inquiries.
Rivas, T.; Book review Margaux Fragoso. Tiger, tiger: a memoir, Jul 02 2011
The succesful book Tiger, tiger is an autobiography about the author's, Margaux Fragoso, years as a child, adolescent and young adult. Fragoso focuses her narration on her relationship with Peter, an elderly “pedophile”.
It describes what may go wrong in a relationship with someone who has “pedophile” feelings, if the adult partner has serious psychological problems and there is no one in the child's immediate surroundings who makes sure that the relationship remains healthy.
Margaux increasingly feels exploited and used by Peter. She develops very ambivalent feelings for him, while she continues to long for his love and affection.