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Rivas, T.; Friendship and love in positive memories of “pedophile” relationships
In my book Positive Memories, published this year, I present 132 cases of positive memories of erotic and platonic relationships and loose contacts between adults and minors, as recalled by the former minor. It is sometimes claimed that “pedophile” relationships are empty and meaningless and exclusively based on physical attraction. However, many of the memories of former children and teenagers involve friendship and love.
The terms friend(ship), friendly relationship, love, loving or tenderness are used explicitly in more than 50 of the cases included in my book (more than a third of all the cases presented), and affection is also implied in many other cases.
“Pedophilia” as an exclusively sexual phenomenon, is nothing short of a myth.
Here are fifteen examples.
Rivas, T.; Shattering three myths about positive voluntary and harmless “pedophile” relationships, Jul 03 2011
In my recent publication, Positive Memories, I have presented more than 130 cases of memories in former children and teenagers of so-called “ pedophile” relationships and loose contacts, including 4 platonic relationships.
First myth: Some boy lovers seem to believe that only gay or same-sex pedophile relationships can be positive, consensual and psychologically healthy. - Not true.
The second myth reads that a harmless and positive erotic relationship with a minor can only come about after the child has reached puberty. - Not true.
A third myth, that is usually seen as a major problem by critics doubtful of the legitimacy of any type of “pedophile” relationship, is that all such relationships are inevitably ended when the child grows older.