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May I notice that I have placed a new Statement in Ipce's section "Statements"?
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Dear Ipce
My name is Samir,
I am not a paedophile, but I do support the rights of paedophiles. Throughout my childhood I had sex with men, and I have grown up like a normal human being, meaning men fucking me from a very young age did NOT destroy me. I have no mental issues etc.
There are many people like me, males & females who are psychologically sound [...]
My niece .... The plumber ...
Now I don't know what to do ...

Dear Samir Thanks for your open hearted letter. Pretty for you to remember your experiences as positive. Indeed, there exist 'Positive memories', scientifically proven; see ... [Links]
However, there is an 'However'.
There also exist negative memories, problems, harm, also scientifically proven. During acting sexually with a young child, one is not able to foresee the child's memories later, when the child is an adult in its twenties. There is a chance of harm. Thus, in my (and all or nearly all Ipce's members) opinion, do not take the risk. ...