Human Rights and the Denial of Sexual Freedom

Guyon, Rene
Type of Workpamphlet
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René Guyon had the following text privately printed in Bangkok in the form of a rather flimsy brochure. He then sent it to all European and American sexologists whose addresses he knew. Because of the poor quality of the paper, it must be assumed that only very few copies of this brochure are still in existence. One remains at the Kinsey Institute. As a public service, we are here providing the full text of our own copy. - Ipce.

René Guyon

Human Rights and the Denial of Sexual Freedom  (1951)

In my Studies in Sexual Ethics, I have proposed the liberation of the sexual activities of humanity, which today are curtailed and persecuted, and their government by a doctrine whose scientific and logical foundations are the legitimacy and the freedom of sexual acts. I shall not attempt to repeat that demonstration here. It has been fortunate enough to inspire laudations of which I am proud, and abusive criticisms of which I am not less proud when I consider the mental characteristics of those who have been responsible for them.

It will be sufficient to recall that the substance of that doctrine of liberation is that the sexual organs and sexual acts are just as amoral as any other physiological manifestations of living beings, and consequently are indisputably legitimate for those who exercise them; and that this amorality and legitimacy entail and justify, as an indispensable corollary. The fundamental freedom to use those organs and accomplish those acts at will, as long as this occurs without violence, constraint, or fraud against another person.

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