Ipce writes:

N’Jai-An Elizabeth Patters has written an interesting dissertation:

  • Deviants and Dissidents: Children’s Sexuality and the Limits of Liberation.
    A Dissertation to the Faculty of the Graduate School of the University of Minnesota, 2010.

Quotes from this book are published here in Ipce's Library 4 at
< https://www.ipce.info/library/book/deviants-and-dissidents >.
The full text can be read in the attached PDF file, which includes the long list of References:
PDF File: deviants_and_dissidents.pdf

The Introcuction is given in full text. The first two chapters as a Summary.

Of special interest might be the chapters 3 and 4:

  • Chapter 4 describes the important transition around the year 1980 from NAMBLA's 'The child has to be liberated' onto Societal's 'The child as a victim'.
    The author describes this process. She concludes that the claim of NAMBLA (and others) that the boy as well as the man both are victims of society, and that the man, actually NAMBLA, also became the savior of the child, has opened the way to the claim that only the child was a victim, and only a victim, and that 'the man' was no more than a pepetrator.
    This chapter is given here in three files:

Then, the Conclusions are given in full text:
< https://www.ipce.info/library/book/deviants-and-dissidents/conclusions >.