Letter to the Ukrainian Parliament

Galaburda, Cyril E.
Type of WorkReport


I sent the letter.

“Kiev city, Gruschévsky st. 5, 01008Dnepropetrovsk region, Dnepropetrovsk city, Dzier?y?ski st. 24/22, 49027, Cyril Eugenovich Galaburdá
22 August 2014

Dear the Supreme Soviet of Ukrainian state.

  • Whereas children of any age are sexually attracted to people, even to adults,1 2 practise masturbation and sexual games with each other 3 4 5 6 7 and even try to get adults to take part in it 8 9;
  • whereas satisfaction of child's sexual requirements even by an adult do not lead either to psychological trauma 10 or to mental diseases 11 so such a satisfaction cannot be regarded as crime according to the definition given by the CC [Criminal Code] of Ukraine §11¶1;
  • whereas unsatisfied sexual requirements of a child make the child suffer and injure his/her development 12 13 so preventing children from sexual satisfaction is crime according to the definition given by the CC of Ukraine §11¶1;
  • whereas children have the legal right to private life and the right to information of any kind 14;
  • whereas children's right to have sexual life and right to get sexological information is systematically violated in Ukraine;
  • whereas the people who have sexual relations with children are legally discriminated in Ukraine, the people who are attracted to children are illegally hurt in Ukraine;
  • whereas criminal investigations of sexual relations between children and adults make children suffer and lead to psychological trauma for investigators and parents meddle into the child's private life 15

I ask the Supreme Soviet to legalize any forms of sexual relations between an adult and a minor on conditions that the minor wants to participate in the concrete relations, namely:

  • to abolish §155 and §156 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine totally;
  • to remove the phrase ‘control of observing the legal and ethical norms for children in gaming rooms, Internet-cafés, videotheques, discotheques, and the other entertaining/public places’ from the Childhood Protection Act of Ukraine §5;
  • to remove the phrase ‘according to his/her age’ from the Childhood Protection Act of Ukraine §9;
  • to remove the phrase ‘exploitation, including sexual one’ from the Childhood Protection Act of Ukraine §10;
  • to remove the phrase ‘It is forbidden to propagandize violence and cruelty cult, propagate porn and the information that debase and harm moral well-being’ from Childhood Protection Act of Ukraine §20;
  • to replace the phrase ‘is not injurious to morals and health of children and the other citizens’ with the phrase: ‘is not injurious to health of children and the other citizens’.

I hope to live in the free state that rights not only in favour of the sane but also in favour of paedophiles, that empowers not just adults' private life but also children's one.

Truly Yours__________C.E. Galaburda.
  1. ‘In 3–5 [of age] children are sexually attracted to their folks. They press their bodies to beloved adults. They like to watch and touch each other's bodies. This is one of the reasons why children like playing doctor. We should understand that early sexual interest is a normal phenomenon… Some little kids are very excited about the way their naked parents look like… watching the naked mother arouses a little boy very much… The little girl that regularly sees her father being naked can also feel unwarranted arousal’ (Benjamin Spock, Dytýna ee Dóglyad za Néju, Ukrainian translation from the Russian edition, Kiev, ‘Zdoróvja’, 1973).
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  13. ‘Precocious excitement contributes to perversion… when there has been too much stimulation and too little discharge or severe guilt. These will be sensed as traumatic and will need to be transformed via the magic of the perverse ritual into a successful venture’
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  14. The Convention on the Rights of the Child §§13, 16, 40¶2; the Constitution of Ukraine §32.
  15. ‘The procedures of criminal investigation and court examination of these cases as well as the reaction of the victims' parents and acquaintances cause intensive stress for the children, even more intensive then the sexual actions either voluntarily or compulsorily experienced by them’
    (Zbigniew Lew-Starowicz, Seksuologia S?dowa, translated from Polish into Russian, Moscow, ‘Yuridítcheskaya Literatúra’, 1991, ISBN 5-7260-0407-8).”


I've got a letter.

“The Machinery of the Supreme Soviet of Ukraine

The Departament of Citizens' Addresses

01008, Kiev city 8, Gruschévsky st. 5

Cyril Eugenovich Galaburda

We report to You that Your address to the Supreme Soviet of Ukraine is received and in accordance with the Citizens' Addresses Act of Ukraine part 3 §7 it was sent to the Cabinet Office of Ukraine on 08/29/2014 being numbered as 09-0756.04.14/01-08.14.

The Main Consultant__________S.G. Sótnyk”.


I've got another letter.

“The Departament of Justice of Ukraine

Gorodétsky st. 13, Kiev city, 01001, phone: +380442783723, fax: +380442711783, e-mail: themis@minjust.gov.ua, http://www.minjust.gov.ua,..
10/03/2014 ? ?-17102/11.0.1
to ?_____________________
concerning abolition of criminal liability for separate crimes

C.E. Galaburda

Dzier?y?ski st. 24/22, Dnepropetrovsk city, 49027

The Departament of Justice examined Your address of 22 August 2014 that we got from the Cabinet Office of Ukraine on September 1 of the year. Within the limits of our competence we report to You that all the world considers it necessary to protect children from any form of sexual exploitation and sexual corruption.

At the same time Ukraine is a party to the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child of 20 November 1989 and the Council of Europe Convention on the Protection of Children against Sexual Exploitation and Sexual Abuse of 25 October 2007 clauses of which demand criminalization of the actions. Hence abolition of criminal liability for sexual relations with and sexual corruption of minors would break the liability of Ukraine being a party of the international agreements.

The Vice-Minister__________Arslán Rjaboshápka”.


There was my mother's birthday. Somebody knocked at the door. I heard her talks through the closed door. That was militia. The mother was shocked, said I would be arrested. The visitors replied they wanted just my “explanations” and if we did not want we could sign a paper that we don't want any papers. I told my mother I was agree to talk. The visitors offered to meet me far from the door. After 15 minutes of negotiations the mother decided to open the door.

Two men came in. I asked for their documents. They were the senior operatives of the Criminal Militia of Minor Affairs. Captain Poshtarúk Michael Victorovich had not been communicating with me, just sitting in the corner. Major Tchaplýnsky Andrew Alexandrovich wanted to sit down to the table.

I asked about legal cause for them to enter my house, my mother cut in and asked why they did rush our appartement. Tchaplynsky replied that he hadn't rush but politely asked for entering, that for indecent behavior he wold be imprisoned “ahead of you.” So I didn't know what I wanted and asked again. Again my mother cut in. Finally Tchaplynsky said something about the Procedural Criminal Code, about the Militia Act of Ukraine, about the Criminal Code §§ 307–315 — “I don't remember for sure.”

According to Tchaplynsky's words, the laws state that the militia should prevent crimes. As far as I understood, that was the reason why he called me to his cabinet anytime to show exact formulas of the laws. Also he fulfilled the law with moralizing:

  • “As a normal heterosexual male I want to understand. There are a lot of girls, aren't there? You're 27-years-old”;
  • “Are you going to have children?.. Wait. Someday you will grow old and sick. Who will take care of you?”;
  • “All the mankind came to agreement about this law. There is no the Middle Ages with marriage in 11. The law forbids and I hope it will forbid for a thousand of years extra… Even in Saudi Arabia one married a child has not any right to touch the girl”;
  • “You've got the liberty of conscience but your views shouldn't turn into practice” or be “propagandized” either “at schools” or “in newspapers”;
  • “Why are you posing as an know-all? There is this law for rape of minors, there is that law for voilating in an unnatural way. I can tell what way is ‘unnatural’”.
  • “If there was a notation in the letter like: ‘I did this with the children’, there would be a criminal case. But there is no any compliant against him (i.e. me) yet”;
  • “You know the legal difinition of family? It's so and so. While yo eat with your mom from the same trough you should this and that”.

Mostly he'd been talking (and smoking!) but sometimes he wanted me to say something.

  • “Is it your letter?” — “Mine”.
  • “Are you a paedophile?” — “I don't know. According to the Act of Psychiatrical Care in Ukraine before being examined I am reckoned as a healthy person”.
  • “Have you ever practisized paedophilia?” — “No”.
  • “So do you approve a situation when a man has sexual relations with a nine-years-old boy?”
    “If it is happening with mutual attraction then I do.”
    “But there is not only boy. He've got parents...”
    “So what? If my mother doesn't want me to have sexual life, should I obey my mother?”
    “You're of the full age. Yes, there are situations when parents don't like a fiancee...”
    “So the same with children.”
Once I asked Tchaplynsky how could I struggle for legalization of paedophilia, he said it was useless.

He made me to write such a paper and shown me with a third finger where I had sign my name:

“To the Chief of the RCMMA MIA of Ukraine, Dnepropetrovsk region Department, Katchinska I.V. from Galaburda Cyril Eugenovich born on 12/13/1986 in Dnepropetrovsk city, higher education, unmarried, unemployed, no convictions, living at Dzier?y?ski st. 24/22. Passport: A-En 113507 given on 1/20/2003 by Zhoftnevy Regional Department of Dnepropetrovsk Municipal Government of MIA of Ukraine. (063)721-61-08.

Acquainted with §§10, 63 of the Constitution of Ukraine __________


In compliance with §63 of the Constitution of Ukraine I repudiate giving any explanations concerning myself.

During the interrogation my mother was interrupting. She said I had been in the psychoneurologic dispensary when being 13-years-old (for insomnia). The mother tried to make me out a loony, so I was treated as insane. She was examined by Poshtaruk and made by him to write this paper:

“To the Chief of the RCMMA MIA of Ukraine, D./r. Department, Katchinska I.V. from Stefan Alla Alexisovna born on 10/28/1965 in Dnepropetrovsk city, unemployed, living at Dzier?y?ski st. 24/22, phone 7456890.

Acquainted with §§10, 63 of the Constitution of Ukraine __________


On the merits of the questions I can explain that for about 13 years I have resided at this address and now I share it with my son Galaburda Cyril Eugenovich born in 1986.

Approximately in August 2014 it became known for me that my son had writ[ten] the proposition of paedophilia legalization to the Supreme Soviet of Ukraine. I don't know what the reason of this was because it's his private opinion.

I confirm that for the whole time of residing at the address there have not been any strangers here, especially children.

From about 2003 to reaching the age of 18 my son had been registered on the books of the psychoneurologic dispensary. Now he is registered nowhere.”

When the men were leaving us they confessed that Rjaboshapka made them to demand an explanation from me.

After this my mother had been had her ear on the door listening the voices in the porch (I live in the many-storeyed house). A male and a female voices were asking our neighbours about me, whether I looked crazy, who had been attending my apartment. May be children? Bums? The voices said my neighbors about my letter. The neighbours were telling that I was a nice guy, that I had always greet them, that they had seen nobody attending my home. My mother says some neighbors do not salute her anymore.


I've got a letter:

“The Ministry of Internal Affairs

The Main Investigatory Department

Bogomólets st. 10, Kiev city, 01601, phone 2560333, www.mvs.gov.ua.

October 21, 2014 ? 13/?-7711 to
______________ ? ________
Galaburda C.E.
Dzier?y?ski st. 24/22, Dnepropetrovsk city, 49027

We report to You that the Main Investigatory Department of the Ministry within its competence examined Your address of 08/22/2014 to the Supreme Soviet of Ukraine that is concerning legalization of sexual relations with minors and got by us from the Department of Justice of Ukraine.

We clarify that according to §34 of the Convention of the Child's Rights of 11/20/1989 that was ratified by the Supreme Soviet of the Ukrainian SSR on 02/27/1991 the state is obligated to protect a child from any form of sexual exploitation and sexual corruption. Toward this end the state structures completes the national, bilateral and multilateral agreements to undertake the measures of prevention

  • of persuading or concussing a child into any illegal sexual activity;
  • of using children with the purpose of exploitation in prostitution or the other illegal sexual practices;
  • of using children with the purpose of exploitation in porn and porn materials.

In such a way the matter of §§ 155, 156 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine as well as the norms of the Childhood Protection Act of Ukraine meet the international standards/practice in the field of the child's rights protection.

We have not any reason either to repeal §§ 155, 156 of the CC of Ukraine or to change the matter of §§ 5, 9, 10, 20, 23 of the Childhood Protection Act of Ukraine.

The Chief of the Department__________A.V. Kovtun”.

I came to RCMMA and consulted with Tchaplynsky about Ukrainian paedophilical law. I could not understand the difference between matter of §156 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine and allowed forms to show and describe sex. He directed me to drunk proletarians to explain me. I asked was producing of medical atlaces crime and he said that bisecting and making photos of my dick can be legal.


Tom O'Carroll once wrote to me that I should do something in my country. I tried and understood that he was wrong. The point is that genocide of paedophiles accomplished by my state can be justified with appealing to the international law. If Ukraine is so obedient to the Council of Europe I should write there.

Somebody wouldn't like me being disconsidered by police in my neighbors' opinion but from ethical point of view truth is always good. I have never been close to the neighbors and nothing is lost. As a came out paedophile I'm even glad to be known from this side.

For last years I have been importuned by totally different people trying to get into my confidence and telling some things about themselves that correlate with my life and my claims in the Internet. Commonly they ask me about my private life and I tell them all for having nothing dangerous to hide.

Sometimes the pretenders to friendship make mistakes (f.i. one person cannot have two different first names), sometimes they guess the facts about me I have never told them (that my parents divorced), sometimes they speak to me with my lexicon (taken from my writings?).

May be I grow paranoiac believing in a cospiracy against me but law machinery really acts this way (by setting videocameras in peoples' homes, settling intelligencers to the convicts). Also it can be amateur paedophile hunters (in Russian-speaking countries there are a lot of such groups that can denounce, bring to police, humiliate or beat paedophiles) of those who threatened me in the Internet.

Receiving militia at my home was not pleasant. How dared they ask me about my correspondence, my private life, my sexual orientation? Are they obligated to inquire this way or just wanted and had the right to? Stupid major Tchaplynsky taught me world traditions, “experience of the mankind”, theology though I'm sure he've never read something about it.

If major Tchaplynsky was right and propaganda of paedophilia is forbidden in Ukraine it seems that I don't have the right to struggle for my rights! The Council of Europe Convention on the Protection of Children against Sexual Exploitation and Sexual Abuse §8¶2 obliges the states to forbid propaganda of adult-child sex so even telling that sex with minors is not harmful turns into crime.

It's not only offence against freedom of speech. It's also the sign that Europe is afraid of truth, afraid to be persuaded. It means that even persecutors of paedophiles are not sure that they're right as well as the astronomers who really believe in the globular earth are not going to outlaw propaganda of the Flat Earth Society.

As one my American ex-friend said, “Justification of crime is crime.” Strange that justification of homicide (f.i., in the Bible, in military propaganda) is not considered as crime. But humble prayer to allow private life for children, to save paedophiles from legal discrimination, mob law and prisoners' persecution is said by Tchaplynsky to be the same as a proposal to “legalize murder”. Actually sex is not the same as murder. Paedophiles don't want to kill children (but everyone wants to kill paedophiles) and making love with somebody who wants you cannot be compared with murder at all.

When I was a schoolboy Rind et al. proved that sex wasn't harmful either for adults or for children. I have never understood why Western Civilization had idolized Freudian theory (that little children are mentally harmed by lack of sex in their lives) but still teaches something opposite to it (that little children are mentally harmed by sex in their lives). Even common sense makes it clear that sexual satisfaction can be just pleasant and sexual continence can be just harmful.

So I am ready to struggle for children's freedom and paedophile's rights.