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9. Education - or not?

Education might be a better reaction of society: sexual education of children and education of their teachers. 

But then: why and how? Id it only because pedophiles were targeting younger children, and thus mainly a message of warning against the evil and danger of sexuality? Thus, teaching them what is wrong touching? Or, might it be better to educate children aiming a healthy sexual life? 

There are and where initiatives to develop teaching materials for young children, but always there are parents and others who angrily protest against it: "We are feeding them this information when they still should be playing with dolls and toy cars." In other words: when they should be, and should keep to be, non-sexual beings. 

Teach the teachers: they are quite unsure how to label behavior of children: normal and healthy, or abnormal and abusive? In the latter case, they have to report the incident to the Ministry of the state. 

Teach the children: even the pleasures of gay activity, say some. But 'Oh No! Never!' others say. Fear and anger rules the world of the latter. 

Can children be happy in such a world? Supposedly not. Or do they grow better in a world that informs them without fear and anger? Supposedly yes. Thus, let the teachers and other educators be, or be learned to be, people without fear for sexuality, neither for their own sexuality, nor for that of the children. 

'Start sex ed in pre-schools'; Adele Horin, Brisbane Times, April 2, 2007 
Sex education should start in preschools and child-care centres because pedophiles were targeting younger children, an expert in child abuse prevention said yesterday. [...]
She said children should be taught early that they owned their bodies, and how to identify "wrong" touching. This would put them be in a better position to reject abuse or report it later on.

Now schools introduce a sex guide for your six-year-olds; Laura Clark, Daily Mail, UK, 18th September 2008 
The FPA [*Family Planning Association] is producing 50,000 copies of the pamphlet and will promote them in primary schools. [... The comic [...] includes illustrations of a naked girl and boy and invites youngsters to label the genitals. [...]
But angry parents condemned it as 'too much too young' and warned against robbing children of their innocence. [...]
"We are feeding them this information when they still should be playing with dolls and toy cars."

Children 'to be given compulsory sex education from age four'; Sarah Harris, Daily Mail, UK, 05th July 2008 
Nursery Charities have said children should be taught sex education from age four. Children as young as four are set to be given compulsory sex education in primary school. They will be taught the names of body parts and basic ideas about different relationships. [...] 
But the recommendations caused a storm of protest yesterday, with family campaigners claiming that the views of parents and teachers are being ignored.

Kindergarten sex lesson anger; Philippa Duncan, news.com.au, January 18, 2008 
A parent has complained her five-year-old daughter was taught sex education at a school in Hobart and revealed she was assaulted by two boys in her class just after the visit from Family Planning.

Child carers ban book; Daryl Passmore, news.com.au, April 01, 2007 
Australia's largest childcare chain has banned a frank new children's storybook that talks about genitalia. Everyone's Got A Bottom, to be launched by Family Planning Queensland on Tuesday, is aimed at children as young as two.
Family Planning says the picture book is a ground-breaking initiative that will help protect youngsters against sexual abuse. [...]
Research since the 1970s had shown that talking openly and plainly and referring to body parts by their correct anatomical names was important in giving children the ability and confidence to disclose if anything was happening to them. [...]
"I do think our children need our protection more than ever before, but it's a great shame that in doing that, many adults want to impart so much knowledge that children lose their innocence."

When to teach, when to tell? Sexual exploration among pre-schoolers is normal, but some activities cross the line. Becky Johnson, smokymountainnews.com, May 9, 2007 
[...] Childcare workers often [...] don't know whether to dismiss an incident as normal or be alarmed. Failing to make the right judgment call can land a childcare center in hot water with the state [...]. What's normal exploration and what's not is something childcare workers struggle with daily.

Teach 'the pleasure of gay sex' to children as young as five, say researchers; Steve Doughty, Daily Mail, UK, 16th September 2008 
Children as young as five should be taught to understand the pleasures of gay sex, according to leaders of a taxpayer-funded education project. [...] 
The discussions provoked a furious reaction from critics of the homosexual rights agenda.

Unhealthy sexual behaviour in children; Glenda Simms, The Jamaica Gleaner, June 17, 2007 
All those who have gained the credentials to try to develop the cognitive, social, emotional and spiritual potential of the nation's children must be persons who have an in-depth understanding of the developmental path and different stages of human sexuality.
They, of necessity, must be those who not only understand their own sexuality, but are comfortable with and positive about the essential sexual aspect of all human beings.

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