Vorige Start Omhoog Volgende

5. Another law: Safe-Haven Law

Did the former rulings, thus laws, about spanking children already made us suspicious about how the Western Angelo-Saxic culture goes about with children, there is another law that introduces doubts about it.

The Safe-Haven Law permits parents to drop their unruly children in a hospital, infants and teeners, actally abandoning them.

Two boys left at Neb. hospitals under 'haven' law; Jean Ortiz, ap.google.com, September 15, 2008 
Two boys ages 15 and 11 were left at Nebraska hospitals over the weekend, the first youngsters surrendered under the state's new safe-haven law that allows caregivers to abandon children and teens as well as infants, officials said.
[... The law] allows any caregiver, not just a parent, to leave a child at any state-licensed hospital without fear of prosecution. 
[Senator] Stuthman's bill was signed into law as a way of protecting children from immediate danger or harm, said Landry, who didn't believe the two cases Saturday carried that sense of urgency.

Father drops off 9 kids under safe haven law; Associated Press, September 25, 2008 
Eleven children ranging in age from 1 to 17 were left at hospitals Wednesday under Nebraska's unique safe haven law, which allows caregivers to abandon youngsters up to age 19 without fear of prosecution. [...]
None of the kids dropped off so far have been in danger. 
[...] "Abandoning teenagers was not the original intent of the law", [Senator] Stuthman said Thursday.