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4. Spanking bottoms

If the parents do the same, slapping the bottoms of children, it is called spanking. Oh no, this is not a sexual act, it is good raising, good educating, it is a disciplinarian and socializing act. 

But go to Google, type "spanking", and have a look what you will see: The 'Top 100 of Spanking Sites" may be the first you see. And there you will see masses of mostly completely naked girls - the vulva and the breasts often visible - being spanked by powerful adults, mostly clothed men. A sexual connotation is inevitable.

Thus, where children slap each others bottoms as a funny game, adults label it as sexual harassment. But if an adult spanks the bottom of a child, there must be a sexual connotation, but the act is labeled as 'good raising'. Thus: hypocrisy.

Kids and their advocates who ask the court to declare the spanking act as an illegal act of maltreatment, will hear that the courts, thus the law, declares this act as legal.

Is thus true? Is spanking good? The grandma of a eight year young boy who shoot his father and his neighbor knows better as we see in the first of the next articles. By the way, is it 'good raising' to have a weapon at home, accessible for the child? 

Grandma says boy was capable of killings; She says father & step-mom were too hard on the 8-year-old child; The Associated Press, November 26, 2008 
The boy said he had been spanked five times the night before the shootings because he did not bring home some papers from school. The boy told a state Child Protective Services worker that his 1,000th spanking would be his last, according to the documents released Wednesday. 
In an affidavit for a search warrant, Sgt. Lucas Rodriguez writes that the boy tallied the spankings on a piece of paper.

Court reverses spanking ruling, ends family's nightmare. Judge: 'We are unwilling to prohibit corporal punishment'. WorldNetDaily, June 2, 2008 
The Minnesota Supreme Court ruled Friday that a father who spanked his 12-year-old son 36 times with a maple paddle did not commit physical abuse.

Court sides with mother in whipping case. Indiana justices overturn battery conviction in ruling woman was within her rights when she disciplined son. indistar.com, June 13, 2008

The Indiana Supreme Court ruled that a Marion County mother who whipped her 11-year-old had the legal privilege to do so, overturning her battery conviction. [...] The court said the punishment was reasonable. [...]
No states bar parents from spanking children.

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