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3. Ipce decides about Ipce

Meeting 2002

 Financial Report

The meeting accepts the financial report and thanks the treasurer and the control commission.

The meeting appoints Frans as treasurer for the next year. He will send the money to a separate bank account he has. This will make it easier to control.

The membership fee will be 20 Euros for the next year. 

Secretarial report

The meeting accepts the report of the secretary, thanks the secretary and appoints Frans as  Ipce Secretary for the next year. 

The Ipce Newsletter

The meeting decided to maintain the paper version of the Ipce Newsletter. It is expensive, but for some people it is the only way to receive the Newsletter. Since the same people may not be able to pay more for it, we shall all pay the costs. A paper version is also good for historical reasons: one can keep a paper archive more easily and, in this quickly changing world, maybe longer than an electronic version.

The meeting also decided to maintain the public Newsletter on the public web site, the new one as well as the former ones.  

The public Ipce web

 Report of the web master

The meeting accepts the report, and therefore the policy, of the web master during the last year.

The meeting thanks the web master for his work and appoints Frans as the web master for the next year. 

More balance and new section

The meeting accepts the proposal to have more balance on the web site – this means: to give more room to overall views other than Ipce’s, as long as these articles  have a rational base. Finkelhor is the best example of this. We do not always agree with him, but he has done much research and has written thoughtful articles.

To give more room for reactions and opinions of our visitors, we will open a new section “Feedback”. Here, opinions sent to the web master can have their room, as long as the writer agrees with their being placed on the web, and as long as the opinion is politely written and has a rational base. Hate mails will not be placed. There were none, or, by the way, maybe just one with only one word,  “pedos”. The feedback will have its own section, to distinguish shared Ipce Statements from the feedback of others. 

Internal communication

As reported, there were problems: interception of e-mails, and illegal access to the internal bulletin-board-like web site IMO. Consequently the IMO archive     was suspended just before the meeting, and has now been removed from the web. The meeting has discussed several solutions and options.

With the help of a majority vote, the meeting decided

1)      not to use encryption;

2)      to start up a protected web site for “News” & “Background” with a new name and a new URL, new user names and pass words;

3)      to start up a protected web site for “Bar” and “Discussion” with a new name and a new URL, new user names and pass words;

4)      to send the URLs, the user names and pass words by encryption or post mail only; and

5)      to ask the members to subscribe again to one or both internal web sites. 

The Ipce Teams

For long-term policy and strategy, and for advice in  case of conflicts between members, Ted, Jim, Isabel, Ilja and Gerald were appointed to form a team.

For short-term help and for emergencies, Desire, Peter & Paul from Germany were appointed to form a team. They will receive the access data for the web sites and the data about the membership. 

About Interviews

 The English journalist

There has been communication between the Ipce web master and an English journalist.

The meeting said that the web master’s answers were good and wise – but that further communication should now be terminated, because others have been of the opinion that you had already reacted too often and too detailed.

The journalist had no interest in a discussion in an atmosphere of mutual respect, but declared himself  “an enemy” who wants to intercept, to infiltrate and to out people.

It’s up to the web master to decide if he replies to questions about Ipce – about Ipce only, not about personal matters. However he is advised to not provide more information on Ipce than is necessary to those who are likely to be hostile.

The WERC interview

A speaker took on this task for us. However, we don’t want a speaker. There is no single “ Ipce Opinion”. Ipce is a forum to exchange several opinions. So, whoever may speak in the future, will speak as a person only, not as a representative, and give only his or her opinion as a person: ŕ titre personnel.  

Next meeting

The meeting thanks its host for this year. The next meeting will be in Denmark, if possible somewhat earlier in the course of the year 2003, because a flight is cheaper before the holiday season starts.

Vorige Start Omhoog Volgende